Convention Appearances: Aliette de Bodard in Oct/Nov

AlietteDeBodard-AuthorPicAliette de Bodard is hitting the convention circuit over the next couple of months, and we wanted to share with you some details.

  • Guest of Honour at Stranimondi in Milan, on October 10-11th
  • Guest at Utopiales, in Nantes, from October 31st-November 1st
  • Eschacon, Amsterdam, American Book Centre, from November 5th-November 7th (no website yet)

Aliette will also be participating in this year’s Gollancz Festival.

Looking further ahead, Aliette is a Guest of Honour at Eastercon (in Manchester, March 25th-28th, 2016) and also Eurocon (in Barcelona, November 4th-6th, 2016).

In the meantime, Aliette’s latest novel, THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS, was published last month by Gollancz in the UK and Roc Books in the US. Here’s the novel’s synopsis…

Paris in the aftermath of the Great Magicians War. Its streets are lined with haunted ruins, Notre-Dame is a burnt-out shell, and the Seine runs black, thick with ashes and rubble. Yet life continues among the wreckage. The citizens retain their irrepressible appetite for novelty and distraction, and The Great Houses still vie for dominion over France’s once grand capital.

House Silverspires, previously the leader of those power games, now lies in disarray. Its magic is ailing; its founder, Morningstar, has been missing for decades; and now something from the shadows stalks its people inside their very own walls.

Within the House, three very different people must come together: a naive but powerful Fallen, an alchemist with a self-destructive addiction, and a resentful young man wielding spells from the Far East. They may be Silverspires’ salvation; or the architects of its last, irreversible fall…


The author’s most recent novella, THE CITADEL OF WEEPING PEARLS is the cover-story in the Oct/Nov 2015 issue of Asimov’s.