E.J. Swift at Latitude Festival This Weekend…

As part of Ebury Publishing‘s 2013 Latitude Festival schedule, Zeno client E.J. Swift will be taking part in the “Ebury Does… Science Fiction and Fantasy” event, at 2-2:30pm on Friday 19th July.

Emma will talk about how she came to write in the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy, how she got published, and also discuss the inspiration for the Osiris Project, her trilogy of dystopian science fiction novels. The first book in the series, OSIRIS, is out now (Del Rey UK and Night Shade Books in the US). The sequel, CATAVEIRO, follows in February 2014.


Here’s what some critics have had to say about OSIRIS

‘Marvelously well done. A glittering first novel: a kind of flooded Gormenghast treated with the alienated polish of DeLillo’s Cosmopolis. The result is a gripping novel, beautiful, politically engaged and wholly accomplished. Swift is a ridiculously talented writer… the fact that it’s her first novel is belied by how accomplished and well-written it is.’  —  Adam Roberts

‘At a time when writing the far future novels is harder and harder Swift does it with style, brains and heart. OSIRIS is a fine mix of mystery and apocalyptic intrigue on a human scale.’  —  Richard Kadrey (author of Sandman Slim)

‘With a plot as slick and tangled as drifted seaweed and phrases like ‘an empty foyer that smelled of decomposing ideas,’ this is a terrific debut. Grade A  —  Cleveland Plain Dealer

‘Swift’s first novel, with its brilliant near-future vision of an ecologically and socially devastated world and characters who resonate with life and passion, marks her as an author to watch.’  —  Library Journal

‘… Swift’s writing is exceptional, vivid and compelling… I found OSIRIS to be a novel that deserves to be read. Swift’s talent as a writer can’t be questioned, and it’s clear to me that there exists an intent behind her work. It lends a depth that helped me persevere, not only to finish, but to anticipate the sequel. I’m hopeful that other patient readers will take the time to find the beauty in it that I ultimately did.’  —  Staffer’s Book Review