New Algis Budrys Ansible Edition!

We’re very happy to report that Ansible Editions has published a new collection of essays by Algis Budrys! Including essays written between 1955-96, BEYOND THE OUTPOSTS is out now. Here’s the synopsis…

Beyond the Outposts: Essays on SF and Fantasy 1955-1996 brings together a great many of Algis Budrys’s standalone essays, reviews, appreciations, state-of-the-art reports, personal memoirs and thoughts on the mechanics of writing.

Beyond the Outposts includes the introduction and five essays published in the long-out-of-print and now very scarce Budrys collection Outposts: Literatures of Milieux (Borgo Press, dated 1996, released 1997). Those items form only a small part of this very substantial compilation of the author’s writings on sf and fantasy, most of the rest never having been previously collected. Except for part of one Galaxy magazine article that Budrys chose to reprint – in edited form with a new commentary – there is no overlap with the two long series of review columns for Galaxy and F&SF collected in Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf (1985), and the three-volume Ansible Editions set Benchmarks Continued (2012), Benchmarks Revisited (2013) and Benchmarks Concluded (2013).

Among the major pieces here are “Paradise Charted”, a tour-de-force potted history of the science fiction genre that filled some seventy pages of the special SF issue of TriQuarterly magazine; “Literatures of Milieux”, a highly individual attack on the problem of defining our genre; the long series of “On Writing” columns written for Locus magazine; “Non-Literary Influences on Science Fiction”, exploring in disquieting depth how magazine stories were routinely cut, padded or rearranged for production reasons beyond the control of author or editor; and “Obstacles and Ironies in Science-Fiction Criticism”, casting a cold eye on the very thing that Budrys did best. Lighter notes are struck by mordant book and film reviews plus touches of sheer personal fun.

This is the fourth collection of Budrys’s essays published by Ansible Editions. The other three make up Algis’s BENCHMARKS series: CONTINUED, REVISITED, and CONCLUDED.

Zeno represents Algis Budrys on behalf of the Budrys Estate.

Upcoming New Anthology by Ian R. MacLeod

IanRMacLeodWe’re very happy to share with you the details of Ian R. MacLeod‘s upcoming new collection, FROST ON GLASS. The book is due to be published by PS Publishing in spring 2015.

Alongside ten of Ian’s best recent stories (each bookended by afterwords by the author) and a selection of his non-fiction, the collection includes a brand new eponymous story – ‘a dystopian novella set on a writers’ commune’ – and also a new essay about ‘that perennial subject of where writers get their ideas from’. This substantial volume, Ian writes, is ‘a big, fat Christmas pudding of a book.’ The title, he continues, ‘reflects the delights and frustrations of writing fiction, which is a theme which runs through much of the rest of FROST ON GLASS. Here’s the provisional table of contents (which may change, slightly)…

  • Introduction:  Don’t Look Back.
  • THE DISCOVERED COUNTRY  —  Afterword: Silver Machines
  • HECTOR DOUGLAS MAKES A SALE  —  Afterword: A Cul-de-Sac in Los Angeles
  • Foreword: Different Warts and All  —  A Truncated Life in Books
  • THE COLD STEP BEYOND  —  Afterword: The Future isn’t Real
  • A Concise and Ready Guide  —  Afterword: Bloody Dragons
  • An Empty Grey Cell of One’s Own
  • RE-CROSSING THE STYX  —  Afterword: On Being Dark
  • THE TRAVELLER AND THE BOOK  —  Afterword: On Writing Rubbish
  • I’ve Got This Idea For A Story…
  • THE CRANE METHOD  —  Afterword: Rejection
  • The Decline of the English Ghost story
  • LETTER TO WILL  — Afterword: Those Who Can’t…
  • Me and the Mushroom Cloud
  • TUMBLING NANCY  —  Afterword: Other Writers
  • FROST ON GLASS  —  Afterword: Writer’s Block
  • ENTANGLED  —  Afterword: Volcanoes and Dinosaurs

An exact publication date hasn’t yet been set, but we’ll be sure to share it with you as soon as we know. The same goes for the cover art, which is still in production.