Above is the new cover for the third book in the acclaimed Fault Lines Sequence by Tim Powers. Now available as part of Gollancz‘s Fantasy Masterworks series, here’s the synopsis…

A young woman possessed by a ghost has slain the Fisher King of the West, Scott Crane. Now, temporarily freed from that malevolent spirit, she seeks to restore the King to life.

But Crane’s body has been taken to the magically protected home of Pete and Angelica Sullivan, and their adopted son, Koot Hoomie. Kootie is destined to be the next Fisher King, but he is only 13 years old — too young, his mother thinks, to perform the rituals to assume the Kingship.

But not too young, perhaps, to assist in reuniting Scott Crane’s body and spirit, and restoring him to life…

EARTHQUAKE WEATHER is due to be published on November 12th, 2015. The other two novels in the Fault Lines SequenceLAST CALL and EXPIRATION DATE — are also published by Gollancz as Fantasy Masterworks.


Zeno represents Tim Powers in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Russell Galen at the Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency.

Out Today: New Books by Charlie Human & Tim Powers


The paperback edition of Charlie Human‘s second novel, KILL BAXTER, is released today. Published in the UK by Arrow Books, it is the sequel to the tremendously well-reviewed APOCALYPSE NOW NOW. Here’s the synopsis…


The world has been massively unappreciative of sixteen-year-old Baxter Zevcenko. His bloodline may be a combination of ancient Boer mystic and giant shape-shifting crow, and he may have won an inter-dimensional battle and saved the world, but does anyone care? No.

Instead he’s packed off to Hexpoort, a magical training school that’s part reformatory, part military school, and just like Hogwarts (except with sex, drugs, and better internet access). The problem is that Baxter sucks at magic. He’s also desperately attempting to control his new ability to dreamwalk, all the while being singled out by the school’s resident bully, who just so happens to be the Chosen One.

But when the school comes under attack, Baxter needs to forget all that and step into action. The only way is joining forces with his favourite recovering alcoholic of a supernatural bounty hunter, Ronin, to try and save the world from the apocalypse. Again.

Here are just a couple of reviews KILL BAXTER has received…

‘This detailed world is one all fans of urban fantasy or comedy will enjoy.’ — Sun

‘A hilarious, imaginative and gloriously insane treat…laugh out loud funny and fiendishly creative…Dark, mad, imaginative, and hilarious; Kill Baxter is a joy.’ — SciFi Now


Gollancz also publishes today the latest novel in the Fantasy Masterworks series: Tim Powers‘s EXPIRATION DATE. The second novel in the author’s Fault Lines sequence, here’s the synopsis…

Growing up in the L.A. of the 1990s, all young Koot Parganas wants is to be normal, but his weird parents won’t allow it. They venerate the spirits of dead Mahatmas. Feeling he has no alternative, Koot disobeys his parents and breaks into a bust of Dante and steals a small glass vial that was concealed inside the bust. The vial contains the preserved ghost of Thomas Edison. Now, aided by allies as strange as his enemies, Koot is pursued through the dark underside of the city.

Tim Powers is the award-winning author of many great fantasy and science fiction novels, including THE ANUBIS GATESLAST CALL, ON STRANGER TIDES (an inspiration for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie), and most recently HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES.

Zeno represents Tim Powers in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Russell Galen at the Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency.

Cover Reveal: EXPIRATION DATE by Tim Powers


Above is the cover for the Fantasy Masterwork edition of Tim Powers‘s EXPIRATION DATE. Due to be published by Gollancz on April 9th, 2015, it is the second book in the author’s Fault Lines sequence.

Here is the synopsis…

Twelve-year-old Koot Hoomie Parganas’s parents prepared him for a career as a metaphysical holy man – but after they’re brutally murdered one night he finds himself a fugitive in the darkest corners of Los Angeles, pursued by denizens of a dark underworld who want what Kootie’s parents have been hiding for forty years – the ghost of Thomas Edison contained in a bust of Dante.

But Kootie has broken the bust and inhaled the ghost, and now has in his head the lively personality of Edison himself – and together Kootie and Edison must learn the harsh rules of the occult world existing behind the glitter of modern Los Angeles, and find a way to save Kootie’s life and free Edison’s ghost from its earthly Purgatory.

The first novel in the Fault Lines sequence, LAST CALL, was published as part of the Fantasy Masterwork series in 2013.

Zeno represents Tim Powers in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Russel Galen at the Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency.