Randall Garrett’s Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi Out Tomorrow in the UK


Tomorrow, the seven novels in Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron‘s Gandalara Cycle is published in eBook by Gollancz’s SF Gateway.


Here’s the synopsis for THE STEEL OF RAITHSKAR

When the fireball hit the cruise ship, Richard Carillo was already on his way out – a terminally ill language professor. He regained consciousness as a well man in the desert… only it wasn’t a desert on Earth, and he was a man only because he was still male. More surprises awaited him in the exotic city of Raithskar – he was called Markasset, a master swordsman, son of a powerful leader, and a man on the run, accused of murder and the theft of a precious, sacred jewel. With the aid of Keeshah, a great war-cat with which he shared a telepathic link, he set out to clear his newfound name…


Tomorrow, the SF Gateway also publishes two science fiction novels Randall Garrett wrote with Robert Silverberg: THE SHROUDED PLANET (first published in 1959) and THE DAWNING LIGHT (first published in 1964). Here’s the synopsis for THE SHROUDED PLANET

Shrouded — perpetually shrouded — by a blanket of clouds, the planet of Nidor made its slow way through space. A year on Nidor was equal to 3000 Earth-years. To the Nidorians change was unthinkable. Until the Earthmen arrived. And then a change cataclysmic, and the first for many a millennium, hit Nidor. A change that was to split the planet against itself.

And the synopsis for THE DAWNING LIGHT

The Earthmen came to Nidor and the most important thing they brought with them was — change.

Change in old-age ways of living. Change in a culture that had been static for centuries. But they were not unopposed for there was a strong underground reactionary movement which believed that the planet was destined to disappear completely into violent chaos — unless something was done about it.

Zeno represents Randall Garrett in the UK an Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

* THE RETURN TO EDDARTA has been delayed until December 2015.

Out today: EARTH INVADER by Randall Garrett & New Covers


Today, Gollancz‘s SF Gateway release Randall Garrett‘s stand-alone novel EARTH INVADER. First published in 1963 as ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, here is the synopsis…

The world was gripped in terror when the Nipe, a lethal, alien fighting machine, crashlanded on Earth from outer space and began a nightmarish rampage of slaughter and destruction.

Unable to stop the deadly, intelligent creature, scientists quickly developed a plan to turn an ordinary Earthman into a super-human with powers enough to conquer the monster. As the man chosen for the dangerous mission, Bart Stanton was not sure he wanted to give up his humanity.

The Nipe seized the Earth’s most vital defense secrets and Bart felt he had no choice but to go through with the plan. Then the Nipe mysteriously disappeared — and the only man who could locate the thing was also the only man who could destroy Bart.

The world tottered as the three came face to face…


We can also share with you the new covers (above) for Garrett’s Gandalara Cycle, which Garrett co-wrote with Vicki Ann Heydron, and is due to be published in December 2015 by SF Gateway. Here’s the synopsis for the first novel in the series, THE STEEL OF RAITHSKAR

The last thing terminally ill language professor Ricardo Carillo remembers is standing on the deck of a Mediterranean cruise ship, watching a giant fireball hurtle toward him. He awakens in the body of a young Gandalaran named Markasset, sharing a telepathic bond with a giant, intelligent feline named Keeshah.

Ricardo faces two challenges: navigating this unfamiliar desert world, and learning about his new identity and mission. Markasset turns out to be a talented swordsman with a powerful father, Thanasset, who’s a Supervisor in the city of Raithskar. But Markasset’s own reputation is more dubious. He has gambling debts and a shadowy past—and he’s suspected of stealing a sacred gem, the Ra’ira, that was under his father’s protection.

With few allies except a beautiful fiancée and the loyal Keeshah, Ricardo is determined to piece together what really happened to the Ra’ira. The truth will either prove his innocence — or endanger the new life he has only just begun.

The Gandalara Cycle also includes THE GLASS OF DYSKORNIS, THE BRONZE OF EDDARTA, THE WELL OF DARKNESS, THE SEARCH FOR KA, THE RETURN TO EDDARTA and THE RIVER WELL. The series was first published between 1981-86.

SF Gateway will publish a few more of Garrett’s novels, soon. We’ll share details here as soon as we have them. Last year, Gollancz published Garrett’s LORD DARCY as part of their Fantasy Masterworks series.

Zeno represents Randall Garrett in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.