Zeno Clients at Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2014

NineWorlds2014-LogoToday marks the start of the 2014 Nine Worlds Geek Fest, and we’re happy to share with you our clients’ schedules. So, in alphabetical order, here is where you can find some of our great authors. Information is presented thusly: day, date – time – subject (venue). After each client name, we have linked to the digital schedule, for your convenience.

Aliette de Bodard (schedule)

Author of the Obsidian & Blood trilogy – SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD, HARBINGER OF THE STORM and MASTER OF THE HOUSE OF DARTS (Angry Robot), and multiple multi-award winning short stories and novellas

  • Sunday, August 10 – 11:45am – ‘Writing Historical Fiction and Fanfic: is RPF okay when the person is dead?’ (County B)
  • Sunday, August 10 – 1:30pm – ‘Food in Science Fiction’ (Room 32)

Edward Cox (schedule)

Author of the upcoming debut fantasy THE RELIC GUILD (Gollancz)

  1. Friday, August 8 – 10:00am – ‘Urban Fantasy: Cities of Angels & Demons & Bug-Monsters’ (County C&D)
  2. Friday, August 8 – 11:15am – ‘Ed Cox & Benedict Jacka’ (Comm West)
  3. Saturday, August 9 – 1:30pm – ‘Food In Fantasy: A panel discussion with Esther Saxey, Ed Cox, Mark Newton and Gail Carriger’ (Room 32)
  4. Saturday, August 9 – 8:00pm – ‘#PROMNADO: The Gollancz Prom Party!’ (County C&D)

Kari Sperring (schedule)


  1. Friday, August 8 – 5:00pm – ‘Nine Fanwork Recs: nine people tell us about their favourite fanwork’ (County B)
  2. Saturday, August 9 – 3:15pm – ‘Slash And Feminism: how can slash be a feminist activity?’ (County B)
  3. Saturday, August 9 – 5:00pm – ‘How To Be A Better Beta: beta-reading, and teaching writing, in fandom’ (County B)

E.J. Swift (schedule)

Author of critically-acclaimed OSIRIS and CATAVEIRO (Del ReyUK)

  1. Friday, August 8 – 10:00am – ‘Urban Fantasy: Cities of Angels & Demons & Bug-Monsters’ (County C&D)

David Tallerman (schedule)

Author of the Tales of Easie Damasco trilogy – GIANT THIEF, CROWN THIEF, and PRINCE THIEF (Angry Robot)

  1. Friday, August 8 – 6:45pm – ‘Writing for Transmedia: ideas that cross formats and boundaries’ (County A)
  2. Saturday, August 9 – 6:45pm – ‘Blurred Lines: boycotting & buying in’ (Royal A)
  3. Sunday, August 10 – 3:15pm – ‘More-Than-Mild Peril: beyond sidekicks’ (Royal A)

You can find the full programme for the convention here. Are you attending? If you take photos with our authors, be sure to tag out Twitter feed, and we’ll share the best ones.