Aliette de Bodard‘s debut trilogy of Aztec fantasy, Obsidian & Blood, is now available as eBooks! The trilogy includes SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD, HARBINGER OF THE STORM and MASTER OF THE HOUSE OF DARTS.

Released through the JABberwocky eBook Program, here’s the synopsis for the first novel…

Year One-Knife, Tenochtitlan the capital of the Aztecs. Human sacrifice and the magic of the living blood are the only things keeping the sun in the sky and the earth fertile.

A Priestess disappears from an empty room drenched in blood. It should be a usual investigation for Acatl, High Priest of the Dead — except that his estranged brother is involved, and the the more he digs, the deeper he is drawn into the political and magical intrigues of noblemen, soldiers, and priests-and of the gods themselves…

SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD was also selected as one of ‘6 Historical Fantasy Novels that Don’t Skimp on the Details’ by Barnes & Noble. Here’s what they had to say…

‘The world  is fascinating, with a richly developed culture, and it’s clear de Bodard has done her research, creating a deeply involving story of court intrigue, demons, the realm of the dead, and shifting court politics. Even the magic system, wherein every spell involves either some kind of sacrifice or bloodletting, is presented in a way that rings true with what we known of these ancient cultures.’

Here’s just a small selection of the great reviews the Obsidian & Blood series has received…

‘Part murder mystery, part well-researched historical novel and part fantasy… The fantasy element blends neatly with the other parts. 4*’ — SFX Magazine on SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD

‘An Aztec priest of the dead tries to solve a murder mystery, and finds that politics may be even more powerful than magic. A vivid portrayal of an interesting culture in a truly fresh fantasy novel.’ — Kevin J. Anderson (New York Times bestselling author) on SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD

‘Political intrigue and rivalry among a complex pantheon of divinities drive this well-paced murder mystery set at the height of the Aztec Empire in the late 15th century… incorporates historical fact with great ease and manages the rare feat of explaining complex culture and political system without lecturing or boring the reader.’ — Publishers Weekly on HARBINGER OF THE STORM

‘Very impressive, the plot is both mature and seductive, twisting and turning like a weather vane in a force 9 gale while the action is both bloodthirsty and imaginative. The world building is fantastic and we get to learn even more of this rich culture and the many gods and creatures of the dark. I really can’t fault this book at all and recommend it to one and all but if you haven’t yet read Servant of the Underworld I suggest that you get them both and read them in order, you won’t be disappointed.’ SF Book Reviews on HARBINGER OF THE STORM

‘The final volume features an easily imaginable yet utterly horrific threat. Knowledge of the Aztecs’ historical defenselessness against smallpox heightens the sense of peril, as does the postwar political dissatisfaction that de Bodard adroitly weaves into the background… reflective, bittersweet… MASTER OF THE HOUSE OF DARTS is an accomplished novel, featuring sharply-observed characters negotiating a world where magic does not negate unpleasant consequences, but rather amplifies ethical dilemmas… the trilogy goes out on a high note.’ — Strange Horizons

THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS, Aliette de Bodard’s latest critically-acclaimed novel, is out now published in the UK by Gollancz and in the US by Roc Books.


Harbinger of the Storm Book Trailer

Remember this?

Well, now there’s this…

Aliette De Bodard‘s new novel, HARBINGER OF THE STORM – sequel to SERVANTS OF THE UNDERWORLD, will be published by Angry Robot in Jan 2011.

The world-building is exquisite and we *believe* we are transported to the 15th century Tenotichtlan and together with the superb voice they formed the main reason I enjoyed this book so much… Highly recommended… Ms. de Bodard is a writer to watch.’ — Fantasy Book Critic

Servant of the Underworld is an incredibly strong and promising debut, showing her talents at full effect – she can create amazing, believable worlds; her characters are solid and relatable, and she knows how to do interesting magic, great action and creepiness in spades.’ — Fantasy and SciFi Weblog