Coming Soon: THE HIDDEN QUEEN by Peter V. Brett

In case you missed the recent news, the second novel in Peter V. Brett‘s Nightfall Saga is on the way! THE HIDDEN QUEEN is due to be published in the UK by Harper Voyager, on March 28th, 2024! The sequel to acclaimed and best-selling THE DESERT PRINCE, here’s the synopsis…

Humanity thought the war with demonkind was over. Now, after humanity has had less than a generation to rebuild, the demon corelings have returned with a vengeance. The Spear of Ala — the fortress that stands at the gates of the demon’s hive — is the last bastion against the horde, and reports say it may already have fallen.

Olive Paper is expected to take the vanguard in the fight. Only an heir of Kaji can wield the artifact that opens the gates of the Spear of Ala, and as Ahmann Jardir’s child, Olive seems destined for a role as leader and savior. But Olive does not wish to follow in her father’s footsteps any more than she did her mother’s.

Darin Bales was born with supernatural senses that he struggles to process, but even those who love him believe he can barely take care of himself. Yet to save his mother from the clutches of Alagai Ka, the demon king, Darin will brave anything to mount a rescue.

Darin and Olive each strive to walk their own path but find themselves inextricably tied to the legacies of their parents and to a fated confrontation with the demon king and his new hatchling queen. If they fail, humanity may not survive.

THE DESERT PRINCE and the Demon Cycle novels and novellas are all published in the UK by Harper Voyager, in paperback, eBook, and audiobook editions.

Zeno represents Peter V. Brett in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Anniki Sommerville’s HOW TO BE A BOSS AT AGEING Snapped up by Thread

We’re very happy to report that Anniki Sommerville‘s latest book, HOW TO BE A BOSS AT AGEING has been bought by Claire Bord at Thread, in a World English Language deal! The deal was announced in the Bookseller on Tuesday morning.

Sommerville hosts a podcast of the same name, and the book is currently scheduled for a March 8th, 2021, release (coinciding with International Women’s Day).

‘Anniki talks candidly about all aspects of ageing, covering everything from cosmetic surgery, parenthood, relationships and work in such a refreshing and inclusive way,’ said Claire Bord. ‘Funny, honest and packed with advice including interviews with experts, I want to press this book into the hands of all the incredible women I know and say, “read immediately!”‘

Here’s what Anniki has to say about the deal:

‘I’m super excited to be signing with Thread and am confident that the book is going to speak to so many women who are currently dealing with a ‘perfect storm’ of ageing, managing the changing work climate, piles of domestic admin, relationships in flux, corona — the whole caboodle. I’m hoping it’ll be a helpful tool and convince women that there is definitely a future and it’s not all slankets and early nights post 40 (or actually it can be if you want it to be). I can’t wait to get it out there!’ 

Anniki Sommerville is the author of MOTHERWELMED, published by One More Chapter. The author’s next novel, HANG ON, is due to be published by One More Chapter in February 2021.

She is also the co-founder of The Hotbed – a podcast that focuses on sex and relationships after kids and has featured Rose McGowan, Meg Matthews, and Jess Philips.

On her podcast, How To Be A Boss At Ageing, she tackles a different aspect of growing older. Anniki also has her own monthly radio show on Soho Radio, and regularly speaks on panels on topics such as motherhood, the changing nature of work, relationships and ageing. She has also written for the Telegraph and Independent.

Peter V. Brett’s THE SKULL THRONE out tomorrow in paperback!


Tomorrow, Peter V. Brett‘s THE SKULL THRONE is released in paperback in the UK. The fourth novel in Brett’s critically-acclaimed and Sunday Times-bestselling Demon Cycle fantasy series, it is published by Voyager. Here’s the synopsis…

In the grand tradition of George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, Sunday Times bestselling author Peter V. Brett continues his critically acclaimed Demon Cycle with the next dramatic instalment: THE SKULL THRONE.

Built from the skulls of fallen generals and demon princes, the Skull Throne of Krasia is a seat of honour and powerful magic that keeps the demon corelings at bay.

From atop it, Ahmann Jardir was meant to conquer the known world, forging a unified army to end the demon war once and for all.

Arlen Bales, the Painted Man, stood against this course, challenging Jardir to a duel to the death. Rather than risk defeat, Arlen cast Jardir and himself from a precipice, opening a struggle for succession that threatens to tear the Free Cities of Thesa apart.

Renna Bales may know the fate of Arlen and Jadir, but she, too, has disappeared. Now Jardir’s sons clash to claim the throne, and risk a civil war among their people. Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn struggle to unite the duchies of Angiers and Miln against the Krasians.

Caught in the crossfire, the rich and unprotected duchy of Lakton sits ripe for conquest. All the while, the corelings have grown stronger — and without Arlen and Jardir, none may be able to stop them.

You can read the start of the novel, here (in case you still need convincing).

Voyager also publishes the other novels in the series, as well as some novellas set in the same world: THE PAINTED MAN, THE DESERT SPEAR and THE DAYLIGHT WAR (novels), and THE GREAT BAZAAR AND BRAYAN’S GOLD and MESSENGER’S LEGACY.

‘Brett knows exactly what he’s doing…The book is very steadily paced – this a slow burn and much of it focuses on the interpersonal relationships between various characters. There are plenty of action-packed key scenes peppered throughout the book. The demons are mostly added as a spice here; Brett is setting up his world and the characters in order to tell his epic fantasy tale in a way that is both personal and global. It’s a page-turner, and quite possibly the best so far.’Starburst

‘Complex and engaging… all I can do is recommend this book to readers. I tore through this volume, and many nights I would stay up late to read just another chapter… or four. I can’t wait to see how this diverse cast of characters takes on the demons once and for all.’Fantasy Faction

‘Peter V. Brett expands and deepens his endlessly fascinating and increasingly complex world.’Buzzfeed (a Best Fantasy of 2015)

Zeno represents Peter V. Brett in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.