Spotlight & Deal: CHAGA by Ian McDonald

CHAGA, the first novel in the eponymous series by Ian McDonald is a Kindle Monthly Deal in the US! First published in 1995, it is now published by JAbberwocky. Here’s the synopsis…

On the trail of the mystery of Saturn’s disappearing moons, network journalist Gaby McAslan finds herself in Africa researching the Kilimanjaro Event: a meteor-strike in Kenya which caused the stunning African landscape to give way to something equally beautiful – and indescribably alien. Dubbed the ‘Chaga’, the alien flora destroys all man-made materials, and moulds human flesh, bone and spirit to its own designs. But when Gaby finds the first man to survive the Chaga’s changes, she realizes it has its own plans for humankind… Against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, McDonald weaves a staggering tale of keen human observation and speculation, as the Kilimanjaro Event changes the course of the human race by exposure to something beyond its imagination.

Here are some of the reviews the novel has received…

‘McDonald… consistently explores new territory with his breathtaking images and incisive language. Both form and substance blend fortuitously in a work that features strong characters, a suspenseful story, and a profound message of hope and transformation. A priority purchase for SF collections.’ — Library Journal

‘One of the finest writers of his generation, who chooses to write science fiction because that is how he can best illuminate the world.’ — New Statesman

‘Optimistic near-future alien-contact yarn… McDonald’s tale is also inventive and challenging… a dense, complex, rather weighty, often fascinating piece of speculation.’  Kirkus

The other two novels in the trilogy — and — are also published by JABberwocky.

All three of the novels are also available as audiobooks, published by Audible.

‘This is a huge and ambitious novel, the work of a supremely talented writer approaching the top of his game.’ — SFX on KIRINYA

‘So outstanding a writer that he deserves reading beyond the science-fantasy market … He has such marvellous talent, so vivid an imagination. His prose sings and zings – simultaneously.’ — The Times on KIRINYA

‘[An] excellent original novella… gazes boldly into the heart of darkness, and finds there a great and galvanising hope.’ — Infinity Plus on TENDELEO’S STORY

‘… the Chaga sequence [is] Ian McDonald’s marvellous panorama of Third World plights and possibilities.’ — SF Site on TENDELEO’S STORY

Ian’s latest series is Luna — which includes the prequel novella THE MENACE FROM FARSIDE (, and the novels NEW MOON, WOLF MOON, and MOON RISING (Tor Books).

SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD is a Kindle Deal in the US and UK!

This month, Aliette de Bodard‘s critically-acclaimed debut novel is a Kindle Monthly Deal in the US! SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD, the first novel in the Obsidian & Black trilogy, is only 99c! The novel is also on sale in the UK for Kindle. Published through the JABberwocky eBook Program, here’s the synopsis…

Year One-Knife, Tenochtitlan the capital of the Aztecs. Human sacrifice and the magic of the living blood are the only things keeping the sun in the sky and the earth fertile.

A Priestess disappears from an empty room drenched in blood. It should be a usual investigation for Acatl, High Priest of the Dead–except that his estranged brother is involved, and the the more he digs, the deeper he is drawn into the political and magical intrigues of noblemen, soldiers, and priests-and of the gods themselves…

The other two novels in the trilogy are also available in eBook: HARBINGER OF THE STORM and MASTER OF THE HOUSE OF DARTS.

Aliette’s latest book is THE TEA MASTER AND THE DETECTIVE, the critically-acclaimed novella set in the author’s Xuya science fiction universe. Published in the US by Subterranean Press, it is also available in the rest of the world as an eBook, published through the JABberwocky eBook Program.

Aliette’s latest series is the award-winning Dominion of the Fallen, published in the UK by Gollancz and in North America by Roc Books: THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS and THE HOUSE OF BINDING THORNS.

Ben Aaronovitch’s THE FURTHEST STATION is a US Kindle Monthly Deal!

Ben Aaronovitch‘s first Peter Grant novella, THE FURTHEST STATION is a Kindle Monthly Deal in the US! For the whole month of December, the eBook is only $1.20 on Amazon! Published in North America by Subterranean Press, here’s the synopsis…

There have been ghosts on the London Underground, sad, harmless spectres whose presence does little more than give a frisson to travelling and boost tourism. But now there’s a rash of sightings on the Metropolitan Line and these ghosts are frightening, aggressive and seem to be looking for something.

Enter PC Peter Grant junior member of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Assessment unit a.k.a. The Folly a.k.a. the only police officers whose official duties include ghost hunting. Together with Jaget Kumar, his counterpart at the British Transport Police, he must brave the terrifying the crush of London’s rush hour to find the source of the ghosts.

Joined by Peter’s wannabe wizard cousin, a preschool river god and Toby the ghost hunting dog their investigation takes a darker tone as they realise that a real person’s life might just be on the line.

And time is running out to save them.

With this new novella, bestselling author Ben Aaronovitch has crafted yet another wickedly funny and surprisingly affecting chapter in his beloved Rivers of London series.

In other news, at the time of writing, RIVERS OF LONDON is also only $1.32 for Kindle in the US.

The novella is also published in the UK, by Gollancz. (Check back soon for a new international edition… #Sekrit for now.) The Peter Grant novels are published in the US by Del Rey (1-3) and DAW Books (4-6), and in the UK by Gollancz.

Myke Cole’s CONTROL POINT is a February 2014 Kindle Deal!

Cole-SO1-ControlPointUK-BlogThere’s no better time to check out Myke Cole‘s Shadow Ops – his critically-acclaimed, fan-favourite guns-n-sorcery series! Not only was the final volume in the trilogy, BREACH ZONE, published in January, but Amazon UK have included the first novel, CONTROL POINT, in their February Kindle Deals!

Here is the synopsis…

All over the world people are ‘coming up latent’ – developing new and terrifying abilities. Untrained and panicked, they are summoning storms, raising the dead, and setting every?thing they touch ablaze.

US Army Lieutenant Oscar Britton has always done his duty, even when it means working alongside the feared Supernatural Operations Corps, hunting down and taking out those with newfound magical talents. But when he manifests a rare, startling power of his own and finds himself a marked man, all bets are off.

On the run from his former colleagues, Britton is driven into an underground shadow world, where he is about to learn that magic has changed all the rules he’s ever known… and that his life isn’t the only thing he’s fighting for.

Cole’s Shadow OpsCONTROL POINT, FORTRESS FRONTIER, and BREACH ZONE – are published in the UK by Headline. Here’s just a sample of the praise that has been heaped onto the series…

‘Cole’s definitely got a hit on his hands. He’s found that perfect recipe, incorporating magic, military, and mayhem without sacrificing either realism or the sense of wonder. I can’t wait to see what comes next.’ — on CONTROL POINT

‘A furious ride on the front line … a non-stop thrill ride that’s almost impossible to put down … one of 2012’s most exciting debuts.’ — Fantasy Faction on CONTROL POINT

‘A compelling story connected to well-conceived world building … an absolute blast to read … I predict Myke Cole’s debut is going to be a monster success.’ — Staffer’s Book Review on CONTROL POINT

‘A solid improvement from CONTROL POINT, with a fantastic set of new characters… [FORTRESS FRONTIER is] a superb sequel.’ — SF Signal

‘Cole wraps up the Shadow Ops trilogy with a magical battle royale… This action-filled, adrenalin-powered adventure, which enthusiastically embraces the tropes of tales about meta-powered minorities and the distrusting majorities who oppress them, provides a fitting end for the trilogy.’ — Publishers Weekly on BREACH ZONE

‘The author has really pulled out all the stops for this one, and written a really fantastic novel… BREACH ZONE is like a perfect blend of Marvel’s Avengers and the [Lord of the Rings’] Battle for Helms Deep. Only, better… Myke Cole is a fantastic new talent, and if each of his novels improves on the last, it won’t be long before we see him climbing ever-higher on the bestseller list. Highly recommended.’ — Civilian Reader

Zeno represents Myke Cole in the UK and Commonwealth on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.