Zeno Clients at Loncon 3…


The SFF extravaganza that is Loncon 3 will be rolling into town this weekend. Certain events have already kicked off, of course – some of which we’ve mentioned here before. From Thursday 14th to Monday 18th, a great number of Zeno clients will be participating in the festivities, events and signings.

So, below are all of the Zeno-related events, organised by day and time. If you’d rather search by author, however, here’s an alphabetical list of our clients attending, complete with links to their Loncon 3 schedule pages: Peter V. Brett, Jack Campbell, Michael CobleyMyke Cole, Edward Cox, Aliette de Bodard, Simon R. GreenDaryl Gregory, Matthew HughesTanya Huff, Anne Lyle, Ian R. MacLeod, Ian McDonald, Justina Robson, Melinda Snodgrass, Kari Sperring, E.J. Swift, Lavie Tidhar, Freda Warrington. Continue reading “Zeno Clients at Loncon 3…”