William Gibson’s PATTERN RECOGNITION out now in UK Audio!

Today, W.F. Howes publishes the UK audiobook edition of William Gibson‘s classic novel PATTERN RECOGNITION. Released through the publisher’s Quest imprint, here’s the synopsis…

Cayce Pollard owes her living to her pathological sensitivity to logos. In London to consult for the world’s coolest ad agency, she finds herself catapulted, via her addiction to a mysterious body of fragmentary film footage, uploaded to the web by a shadowy auteur, into a global quest for this unknown ‘garage Kubrick’.

Cayce becomes involved with an eccentric hacker, a vengeful ad executive, a defrocked mathematician, a Tokyo Otaku-coven known as Eye of the Dragon and, eventually, the elusive ‘Kubrick’ himself.

William Gibson’s audiobook is about the eternal mystery of London, the coolest sneakers in the world and life in (the former) USSR.

W.F. Howes also publishes DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR, and is due to publish NEUROMANCER later this month. More audiobook editions are on the way, too! We’ll keep you posted as and when we have details.

PATTERN RECOGNITION is published in print and eBook in the UK by Penguin. Gibson’s latest novels are THE PERIPHERAL and AGENCY, both published in the UK by Penguin.

Zeno represents William Gibson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of  Nell Pierce at Sterling Lord Literistic.