WHO’s available in France?

Algis Budrys‘s Hugo Award-nominated WHO? is available in eBook in France. Published by Milady as QUI?, here’s the synopsis…

Lucas Martino est un savant américain de premier choix, un atout de poids, donc, dans un contexte de guerre froide qui fait toujours rage en 1985.

Sauf que les choses ne se passent pas comme prévues pour ce grand physicien.

Alors qu’il travaille à un projet top secret, il est victime d’un accident dans son laboratoire et se fait enlever par les services secrets soviétiques pour réapparaître quelques mois plus tard… en chair et en métal.

Mais est-ce encore vraiment lui?

Originally published in 1958, WHO? is available now in eBook published by Open Road Media. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

Written at the height of the Cold War — and the resulting global paranoia — this futuristic novel raises provocative questions about identity, technology, and what makes us human

East and West have fused into separate superstates known as the Allied National Government (ANG) and the Soviet International Bloc (SIB). As the Cold War rages, brilliant scientist Lucas Martino works on a top-secret project known only as K-Eighty-eight that could alter the balance of world power. The project goes horribly awry at an Allied research facility near the Soviet border, and Martino is abducted. After several months of tense negotiations, he returns severely injured from the lab explosion, and under pressure from America, undergoes extensive reconstructive surgery. He has a mechanical arm. His polished metal skull — a kind of craniofacial prosthesis — contains few discernible features. Several of his internal organs are artificial. While his fingerprints are identified as belonging to Lucas Martino, they could be the result of transplant. Is he the real Martino? Or a technologically altered imposter sent by America’s enemies for the purpose of spying and infiltration? Tasked with uncovering the truth, ANG Security Chief Shawn Rogers makes some shocking discoveries.

Narrated in chapters alternating between Rogers and Martino, Who? poses existential questions about the human condition.

Milady have also published Budyrs’s MICHAELMAS, PROJECT LUNA (LUNE FOURBE) and THE FALLING TORCH (S.O.S. TERRE).