Three more Lafferty Classics available in the UK!

Today, Gollancz’s SF Gateway releases three more of R.A. Lafferty‘s classic novels in eBook! Joining a huge backlist, here are the details for the three new editions…

THE FALL OF ROME (pictured above), was first published in 1971…

The fall of the Roman Empire was the denouement of a long and dramatic confrontation between powerful ideological forces and legendary men. R. A. Lafferty captures the true meaning of both, and examines the people, places, ideas and feelings that led to this epic struggle.

Rome’s demise was not a simple case of fierce barbarians sacking and subduing a decadent, crumbling city. The author has skillfully balanced the turmoil and illusions of a mighty, dying Empire against the vitality of the aggressive Huns, Vandals, and above all, the Goths. The result is one of the most perceptive and stimulating historical accounts ever written.

This is history told and read for sheer pleasure: exciting, splendid and complex. The Fall of Rome is a story of the men and women who made things happen, who were as awesome, poignant, and in some cases, as savage as the era itself.

THE FLAME IS GREEN, first published in 1971, is book one of the Coscuin Chronicles

Let us say that we have a green thing growing forever. Everything that is done is done by it. And on it we also have the red parasite crunching forever; and everything that is undone by that. It is required of each man that he rule over himself in justice, and that he rule over the world in justice. This has gone on forever, though it is hard to trace through garbled history. And it must still is hard to trace through garbled history. And it must still go on forever. For all your own life and for the life of all your children, you will carry on the green battle.

HALF A SKY, first published in 1984 and long-listed for the Locus 1985 Best Novel Award, is the second novel in the Coscuin Chronicles

A constellation of persons or events will have precedent. It will not appear out of nothing; it’s a converging of previous trails and persons. Before one set of adventures, there was always another set; and before those, still another set, back to the beginning of the world.

We pass from one set to another now, from the Green-Flame adventure to the Half-Sky adventure. We are still in the middle of the nineteenth century, that most unreal of centuries, looking for reality under stodgy and ridiculous surface.

Zeno represents R.A. Lafferty in the UK, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Two New R.A. Lafferty Titles Now Available


Gollancz’s SF Gateway has released two more books from R.A. Lafferty‘s extensive, classic backlist: AURELIA and LAFFERTY IN ORBIT. Here are the details…


Aurelia was a fifteen-year-old girl from a very advanced world. She’d passed Starship building easily enough, but she’d slept through most of celestial navigation. That was how she ended up on a little back-water dump like Earth, where her advanced powers seemed like miracles.

Some thought she was the Messiah.

Some thought she was the Devil.

No one was prepared for the truth.


The stories contained in this volume demonstrate the unique and unpredictable imagination, style and vision that earned R.A. Lafferty the 1990 World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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R.A. Lafferty Backlist Out this Friday!


This Friday (29th), Gollancz‘s SF Gateway will publish a considerable, varied portion of R.A. Lafferty‘s backlist — fourteen books, to be exact. Lafferty, who passed away in 2002, has been described in the Guardian as ‘the most important science-fiction writer you’ve never heard of’. With these eBook reissues, hopefully this can be addressed. Here are some details…

Science Fiction…


Fantasy and Horror…


Zeno represents R.A. Lafferty’s Estate in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.