Select A. Bertram Chandler Backlist Out Now


Today, Gollancz‘s SF Gateway releases the first wave of of novels from A. Bertram Chandler‘s extensive backlist. A prolific master of science fiction, here are the novels published in eBook today…

John Grimes Series (pictured above):


Stand Alone Novels (plus original publication date):

The second, larger wave of Chandler releases (20 novels) will by published by the SF Gateway on December 17th, 2015. Next Wednesday, we’ll share all the covers, as well as put them in reading and series order.

Zeno represents A. Bertram Chandler in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Out today: EARTH INVADER by Randall Garrett & New Covers


Today, Gollancz‘s SF Gateway release Randall Garrett‘s stand-alone novel EARTH INVADER. First published in 1963 as ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, here is the synopsis…

The world was gripped in terror when the Nipe, a lethal, alien fighting machine, crashlanded on Earth from outer space and began a nightmarish rampage of slaughter and destruction.

Unable to stop the deadly, intelligent creature, scientists quickly developed a plan to turn an ordinary Earthman into a super-human with powers enough to conquer the monster. As the man chosen for the dangerous mission, Bart Stanton was not sure he wanted to give up his humanity.

The Nipe seized the Earth’s most vital defense secrets and Bart felt he had no choice but to go through with the plan. Then the Nipe mysteriously disappeared — and the only man who could locate the thing was also the only man who could destroy Bart.

The world tottered as the three came face to face…


We can also share with you the new covers (above) for Garrett’s Gandalara Cycle, which Garrett co-wrote with Vicki Ann Heydron, and is due to be published in December 2015 by SF Gateway. Here’s the synopsis for the first novel in the series, THE STEEL OF RAITHSKAR

The last thing terminally ill language professor Ricardo Carillo remembers is standing on the deck of a Mediterranean cruise ship, watching a giant fireball hurtle toward him. He awakens in the body of a young Gandalaran named Markasset, sharing a telepathic bond with a giant, intelligent feline named Keeshah.

Ricardo faces two challenges: navigating this unfamiliar desert world, and learning about his new identity and mission. Markasset turns out to be a talented swordsman with a powerful father, Thanasset, who’s a Supervisor in the city of Raithskar. But Markasset’s own reputation is more dubious. He has gambling debts and a shadowy past—and he’s suspected of stealing a sacred gem, the Ra’ira, that was under his father’s protection.

With few allies except a beautiful fiancée and the loyal Keeshah, Ricardo is determined to piece together what really happened to the Ra’ira. The truth will either prove his innocence — or endanger the new life he has only just begun.

The Gandalara Cycle also includes THE GLASS OF DYSKORNIS, THE BRONZE OF EDDARTA, THE WELL OF DARKNESS, THE SEARCH FOR KA, THE RETURN TO EDDARTA and THE RIVER WELL. The series was first published between 1981-86.

SF Gateway will publish a few more of Garrett’s novels, soon. We’ll share details here as soon as we have them. Last year, Gollancz published Garrett’s LORD DARCY as part of their Fantasy Masterworks series.

Zeno represents Randall Garrett in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Three New James P. Blaylock Audiobooks!


Three more novels from James P. Blaylock‘s excellent backlist are now available as audiobooks! Published by Audible, we have a mixture of suspense, thriller, and also the first in Jim’s beloved Balumnia fantasy trilogy…

All three of these titles are also available as eBooks from the JABberwocky eBook Program (US) and the Gollancz SF Gateway (UK). Here’s a just a small selection of praise for these three novels…

‘Blaylock’s contemporary fantasy thriller features an intriguing and convincing reluctant hero, amiable cartoonist Calvin Bryson… The plot line begins to sound familiar when Bryson falls for a childhood friend, but as the Knights and their enemies battle for control of the veil, Blaylock… bolsters the predictable climax with solid prose, summing to an enjoyable read.’ — Publishers Weekly on THE KNIGHTS OF THE CORNERSTONE

‘This story of good and evil siblings examines how we all learn to live with who we are, and does so through supple writing and a tense and carefully executed plot… Blaylock combines the supernatural with a deep understanding of contemporary California and human nature, producing a book with appeal for both fantasy fans and readers of realistic fiction.’ — Publishers Weekly on WINTER TIDES

‘A magical world, magically presented… having journeyed there, you will not wish to leave, nor ever to forget.’Philip K. Dick on THE ELFIN SHIP

Publication Day – Algis Budrys Gateway Omnibus!

BudrysA-GatewayOmnibus2014-BlogToday marks the publication of the first omnibus of the late, great Algis Budrys re-issues from Gollancz‘s SF Gateway project. The omnibus collects three of Budrys’s novels: THE IRON THORN, MICHAELMAS, and HARD LANDING.

Algis Budrys (1931-2008) is one of the golden age Grand Masters of Science Fiction. Between 1954 and 1993, he published eight novels, and multiple collections of short stories and essays. For a short period in the middle of his writing career, he stepped back to focus on a career in advertising and also mentoring – he developed an excellent reputation as one of the best manuscript doctors of the time. His work ranged from science fiction of all stripes – from hard science-fiction, to dystopian future novels. Perhaps his best-known novels are ROGUE MOON (1960) and MICHAELMAS (1977). His writing is widely available as eBooks, and ROGUE MOON is available in print as part of Gollancz’s SF Masterworks series.

Here are the synopses for the novels contained within the omnibus. First, THE IRON THORN (sometimes also known as THE AMSIRS AND THE IRON THORN)…

Honor White Jackson was a human being. But his planet was not Earth, nor his time Now. His world was dominated by a giant Iron Thorn. Beyond the reach of this tower there was supposedly nothing – except a frozen, airless desert where huge winged beasts called Amsirs roamed.


Michaelmas and Domino, man and computer, were linked to each other, and to the complete database of Earth. There they virtually ruled the world. For by making the right subtle manipulations, they had the power to change the course of human destiny.

And last, but by no means least, HARD LANDING

The body was found dead on the tracks, electrocuted. The autopsy confirmed what some had always feared, that we are not alone in the universe – and that even now, some visitors are still at large.

Here’s what critics have said about MICHAELMAS in the past (reviews of his other novels are a little hard to come by online)…

‘Budrys is incapable of writing anything less than a deeply thoughtful book. This one is sometimes a bit aridly written, sometimes fiercely charged, always full of fine invention. One of the season’s more important offerings.’  —  Kirkus on MICHAELMAS (Starred Review)

‘… his three major novels [including] MICHAELMAS — are an achievement of central importance to the SF field, all the more because each tries to do something different, with an approach and structure reshaped each time.’  —  Locus

‘… a tight, taught thriller packed full with wonderful ideas and it’s beautifully written… a great plot and a sense of wonder…’  —  SF Reviews on MICHAELMAS