Cover Reveal & Details: THE PERIPHERAL by William Gibson


We are delighted to be able to share with you today the cover and details for William Gibson‘s highly-anticipated new novel, THE PERIPHERAL. The novel, which blends near- and far-future storylines is nevertheless a powerful commentary on contemporary issues of war and society.

THE PERIPHERAL is due to be published in the UK by Viking/Penguin in November 2014. Here’s the synopsis…

Some time around the year 2020, in a trailer park in the Deep South, a young woman witnesses a murder. She is in a video game, and watches with horror as a drone strike kills a child. At precisely the same moment, one hundred years in the future, a boy is remotely killed on the streets of London’s great skyscrapers. The perpetrator remains anonymous. Interweaving two strange futures, from a ramshackle community of US army veterans, to the teeming masses of a mega city, The Peripheral tells the story of a brave new world of drones, outsourcing and kleptocracy, and of a crime that can only be solved across time.

William Gibson is one of the modern master of science fiction, and is the author of NEUROMANCER, SPOOK COUNTRY, ZERO HISTORY and co-author of THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE.

Zeno represents William Gibson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Martha Millard.