Ian McDonald’s EVERNESS Series Available in Audio!


We are very happy to report that Ian McDonald‘s critically-acclaimed Everness series of YA science fiction is now available in audio format! The three novels – PLANESRUNNERBE MY ENEMY, and EMPRESS OF THE SUN – have been recently released by Audible in both the UK and US. The audiobooks are narrated by Tom Lawrence.

Here’s the synopsis for PLANESRUNNER, in case you have inexplicably managed to miss it…

There is not just one you, there are many yous. We’re part of a multiplicity of universes in parallel dimensions – and Everett Singh’s dad has found a way in.

But he’s been kidnapped, and now it is as though Everett’s dad never existed. Yet there is one clue for his son to follow, a mysterious app: the Infundibulum.

The app is a map, not just to the Ten Known Worlds, but to the entire multiverse – and there are those who want to get their hands on it very badly. If Everett’s going to keep it safe and rescue his dad, he’s going to need friends: like Captain Anastasia Sixmith, her adopted daughter and the crew of the airship Everness.

The three novels are published by Jo Fletcher Books in the UK and Pyr Books in the US. Here’s just a small selection of the praise that has been heaped on the novels…

‘This is vintage McDonald, with beautifully drawn settings, complex characters and deft plotting. When Everett Singh’s scientist father is kidnapped, Everett’s investigations lead him to discover that his father was working to open portals between multiple worlds. Everett finds a map linking the worlds, which various sinister organisations desire – and the thrilling chase is on.’  —  Guardian on PLANESRUNNER

‘… nonstop action, eccentric characters, and expert universe building… this first volume of the Everness series is a winner.’  —  Publishers Weekly on PLANESRUNNER

Ian McDonald is one of the greats of science fiction and his young adult debut is everything you could hope for: romantic, action-packed, wildly imaginative and full of heart.’  —  BoingBoing on PLANESRUNNER

Smart, clever and abundantly original, with suspense that grabs your eyeballs, this is real science fiction for all ages. More! More!’  —  Kirkus on BE MY ENEMY

‘… a blast from start to finish. As far as I’m concerned, Ian McDonald could write another dozen or so of these Everness novels, and I’d happily read them all.’  —  Tor.com on BE MY ENEMY

‘The marvelous Everness series… [is] Endlessly fascinating and fun.’  —  Kirkus (Starred Review) on EMPRESS OF THE SUN

YA or not, the Everness series may be the most enjoyable ongoing series that SF currently has to offer.’  —  Locus (Jan.2014) on EMPRESS OF THE SUN