Publication Day – John Meaney’s RESONANCE

Meaney-R3-Resonance-BlogThe third novel in John Meaney‘s Ragnarok sci-fi series is finally here! RESONANCE, which follows ABSORPTION and TRANSMISSION, is published by Gollancz in the UK.

Here’s the synopsis…

From the leader of a Norse raiding party in 7th-century England to a young symbiotically bonded Pilot-and-Ship in the far future. From a female German scientist during the Second World War to a member of an alien race who communicates by smell. From the past to the future, war is coming. And only a few can see the darkness.

Hidden at the centre of the Universe, the darkness spreads its tendrils throughout space and time. Those it touches become puppets, dedicated to slowing down the improvement of the human race and preventing it from reaching its true potential. For the darkness knows that when it makes its final invasion of our space, humanity will stand against it.

And in the far far future, knowing that they are the last hope for the galaxy, the Ragnarok council is forming…

Here’s what critics have said about the first two novels in the series…

ABSORPTION is the best hard science fiction I’ve read this year, well written, exciting, mysterious, full of interesting characters and ideas…’  —  The Times

‘… an ambitious start to what promises to be a fabulous space opera. Fans of Peter F. Hamilton among others should enjoy these novels. I only wish the book had been longer…’  —  SF Site

‘This is a great volume of space opera and the plot builds up to such an extent that by the end I was thoroughly engrossed in the world that John Meaney has created. I look forward to the rest of the trilogy.’  —  SF Crowsnest

‘John Meaney is a clever and complex writer weaving seemingly unrelated stories together to make a greater whole.’  —  British Fantasy Society

‘… a lot of action, but that’s not all there is to this book. TRANSMISSION is brimming with ideas on topics as diverse as trance states, the psychology of word use, martial arts, how aliens might communicate with each other, and Norse myth. The historical sections are full of satisfying nuggets of detail that enrich the story. It’s thoroughly well researched.’  —  Warpcore SF

‘I love [Meaney’s] writing, the hard combat, the speed of thought and the idea’s that seem to keep flying around and hitting you like neutrino’s. It’s cleverly plotted and of course it has a pace that few authors can manage to keep up with let alone emulate… All in this is a cracking piece of fiction and a pure joy to read…’  —  Falcata Times


The full Ragnarok set, on our shelves.