Lavie Tidhar & Nir Yaniv Tackle A.I. & Creativity

Lavie Tidhar has teamed up with Nir Yaniv have teamed up to work on a new project that examines the ways in which A.I. could affect creativity and creative industries. 

What do you do when artificial intelligence starts taking over your life? Should you fear these new technologies, or should you embrace them? With the rise of ChatGPT, MidJourney and their cousins, it can feel like A.I. is taking over the world. What place is there still for the human creative spark? And can we learn to live with, or must we fight against these new creations?

With more questions than answers, the creative team of award-winning writer Lavie Tidhar (Central Station, Neom) and animator Nir Yaniv (LiftOff, The Voice Remains) decided to tackle the question by making a movie about A.I. while using it. Because what if the new machines just want to help? What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to your A.I. future!

The project has recently been featured in New Scientist. More information on the project can be found here. You can also watch the short film below.

Here’s what Lavie had to say about the project:

‘We’ve been very focused on a human-centric, do-it-yourself creation process. So we were intrigued by the A.I., but also very conscious of the discourse around it right now. We wondered how we could play with these new toys while addressing what they represent. Nir was inspired by the classic French film La Jetée, and called me up to ask if we could do something like that with MidJourney. I immediately said we could only do it if the film we made was about the A.I. – and something sparked. The result, I think, is quite unsettling. The rabbits really freak me out, and I’m the one who wrote them in!’

Lavie’s latest novels are MAROR (Head of Zeus) and NEOM (Tachyon). His next novel is THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD, due to be published by Tachyon Publications, in September 2023.