Out Now in the US: WORLD’S END by Will Elliott


The final volume in Will Elliott‘s Pendulum Trilogy is finally out in the US! WORLD’S END is published in North America by Tor Books. Here’s the synopsis…

When Eric Albright, a luckless London slacker, and his pal Stuart Casey went through a battered red door under a railway bridge, the last thing they expected to find was another world. There lay the strange, dark realm of Levaal, whose tyrant lord Vous has ascended to godhood. The great wall which has divided the land has been brought down, setting loose a horde of demonic Tormentors. In their sky prisons, the dragons are stirring, set to defy their slumbering creator and steal humanity’s world.

Shilen, a dragon cloaked in human form, has convinced Eric and Aziel, Vous’s daughter, to help free the dragons from their sky-prison, or Earth will be destroyed. She promises great power, and safety for all Eric’s favoured people, but Shilen has an ulterior motive, for the dragons wish to control humankind completely.

In Will Elliott’s World’s End, the third volume in The Pendulum Trilogy,Levaal is facing the final battle in this age-old war between worlds and forces more ancient than any human, god, or dragon.

The Pendulum Trilogy also includes THE PILGRIMS and SHADOW, both of which are also published by Tor Books in North America. The whole trilogy is published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books. It is also available in an omnibus edition in the UK. You can read an excerpt from WORLD’S END here.

‘The author’s not only a superb craftsman and character-builder, but a consummate storyteller, so that each good-against-evil clash appears fresh and engrossing.’ — Kirkus Reviews on THE PILGRIMS

‘Strong ideas and complex characters…’ — Starburst on WORLD’S END

‘Elliott’s prose is sharp and engaging.’The List


US Cover: WORLD’S END by Will Elliott


In March 2016, Tor Books are due to publish the final volume in Will Elliott‘s Pendulum Trilogy, WORLD’S END. Here’s the synopsis…

Vous has ascended to godhood and Eric and Aziel return to the castle to defeat the Arch Mage. The sky dragons offer Eric a throne, and objects of great power – but what do they want in return?

Meanwhile, at World’s End, the haiyens have made contact. They say they have come to help, but is it possible they have another agenda?

Tor Books also published the first two novels in the fantasy series, THE PILGRIMS and SHADOW.


The trilogy is published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books — individually and as an omnibus.


US Cover Reveal: SHADOW by Will Elliott


Above you can see the striking cover for Will Elliott’s SHADOW, which is due to be published in the US by Tor Books on February 24th, 2015. The second novel in the Pendulum Trilogy, here’s the synopsis…

Eric Albright was a luckless journalist living in London. He had a so-so life…until the day he opened a battered red door that appeared on the graffiti-covered wall of a local bridge, and entered Levaal, a magical world between worlds. A place populated by power damaged mages, stone giants, pit devils — and dragons, Levaal’s possible creators, who are imprisoned in a sky prison. It is also where the mad Lord Vous rules with an iron fist and is busy working on a scheme to turn himself into a god. Vous has been defeated so far because Levaal has been contained by the great Wall at World’s End.  

But the Wall at World’s End has been brought down, war is coming to the land, and Eric and his newfound friends are caught in the thick of it. They are forced to flee from the Tormentors, dreadful creatures that have poured through the breach, and there are rumors that one of the great dragons has escaped its sky prison.

Worse yet, Vous’s journey to godhood is almost complete, and a mysterious being called Shadow (who is not but looks remarkably like Eric) is wandering Levaal with great power but no purpose it yet understands.

The end might be coming faster than anyone thinks.

Tor Books published the first novel in the series, THE PILGRIMS, in March 2014 (cover below). The trilogy was originally published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books between 2012-13.


Here are the UK covers for the trilogy, including the third volume, WORLD’S END