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Tanya Huff’s THE FUTURE FALLS Out Today in the UK!


We’re very happy to report that THE FUTURE FALLS, the third novel in Tanya Huff‘s fan-favourite Enchantment Emporium urban fantasy series, is now available in the UK! The novel is published by Titan Books, who have also published Huff’s Confederation sci-fi series. Here’s the synopsis…

When Auntie Catherine warns the family of an approaching asteroid, the Gales scramble to keep humans from going the way of the dinosaurs. Fortunately for the world, they’re wielding a guitar and a dragon.

The Gale family can change the world with the charms they cast, which has caused some supernaturally complicated family shenanigans in the past. So when NASA and Doomsday Dan confirm Auntie Catherine’s dire prediction, Charlotte “Charlie” Gale turns to the family for help.

But Allie is unavailable because the universe seems determined to have her produce the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son of a Gale. And the Aunties can’t help because they’re tied to the earth – although they are happy to provide their delicious, trademark pies. And in the end, all Charlie has is a guitar…

…and Jack. The Dragon Prince, and a Sorcerer.

But Charlie might like Jack just a little too much, and Jack might like Charlie a little too much in return. Actually, between Allie’s hormones, the Aunties trying to force her and Jack into ritual, the Courts having way too much fun at the end of days, and Jack’s sudden desire to sacrifice himself for the good of the many, Charlie’s fairly certain that the asteroid is the least of her problems.

The Gales are going to need more than pie to save the world from an incoming asteroid. But together there isn’t anything they can’t deal with – except possibly each other.

The first two novels in the series – THE ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM and THE WILD WAYS, and also THE SILVERED are also out now.

Zeno represents Tanya Huff in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.


Gollancz Acquires Two New Aliette de Bodard Novels!

AlietteDeBodard-AuthorPicWe’re delighted to share the news that Gollancz have acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to two new novels by multi-award-winning author Aliette de Bodard! The deal was negotiated by Gollancz Publisher Gillian Redfearn, and encompasses HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS and an as-yet-untitled sequel, both set in Paris in the aftermath of the Great Magicians War.

Gillian Redfearn had the following to say about the deal and Aliette’s writing: ‘I’ve long admired Aliette’s writing from afar and it’s a dream to be able to publish HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS. It blew me away from the first paragraph, with a rich and wonderful new world, evocative writing and an utterly gripping story. De Bodard is an exceptional and tremendously original writer and we are so proud to be publishing her work.’

‘I’m deliriously excited to be joining the Gollancz list,’ Aliette de Bodard said. HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS is a book very dear to my heart – mingling my love of Paris, the Vietnamese tales I read as a child, and my fondness for dark magic with terrible prices – and it couldn’t be in better hands! I can’t wait to work with Gillian and the team.’

Here’s a preliminary synopsis for the first novel…

In HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS, Paris’s streets are lined with haunted ruins, Notre-Dame is a burnt-out shell and the Seine runs black with ashes and rubble. De Bodard’s rich storytelling brings three different voices together: a naive but powerful Fallen angel, an alchemist with a self-destructive addition, and a young man wielding spells from the Far East.

HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS is due to be published in hardback and eBook on the 20th August, 2015.

Aliette de Bodard is the winner of two Nebula Awards, a Locus Award and a BSFA Award — and has been nominated for many others, for her short and long fiction, often multiple years in a row. A writer by night, by day she is a qualified engineer, specialising in applied mathematics. Her most recent novels were the Obsidian & Blood trilogy, published by Angry Robot Books.

Brandon Sanderson’s MITOSIS Out Today in the UK!


Great news for those of you who loved Brandon Sanderson‘s epic superhero novel STEELHEART, but can’t wait for the upcoming sequel, FIREFIGHT: the novella MITOSIS is out tomorrow in the UK! Set in between the two novels, it is published by Gollancz. It will be available in hardcover, eBook and also audiobook.

Here’s the synopsis…

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of WORDS OF RADIANCE, co-author of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and creator of the internationally bestselling Mistborn Trilogy, Brandon Sanderson, comes MITOSIS, a short story set in the action-packed world of STEELHEART: the Reckoners series, exclusively available in a HB collector’s edition. Epics still plague Newcago, but David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back. Catch all the action before FIREFIGHT, the exciting sequel to STEELHEART, hits the shelves.

Zeno represents Brandon Sanderson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.


William Gibson Signing at London Forbidden Planet Next Week!

GibsonW-PeripheralUK-BlogNext Monday (24th), William Gibson will be stopping by Forbidden Planet in London to sign copies of his critically-acclaimed new novel, THE PERIPHERAL. The signing will take place between 1-2pm, and we expect it to be very popular – so make sure you arrive ASAP. Further details and directions on how to get to the store can be found on the store’s website.

The novel is published by Viking in the UK, and is out now. Here’s the synopsis…

Flynne Fisher lives down a country road, in a rural near-future America where jobs are scarce, unless you count illegal drug manufacture, which she’s keen to avoid. Flynne earns what she can by assembling product at the local 3D printshop. She used to make more as a combat scout in an online game, playing for a rich man, but she’s had to let the shooter games go.

Wilf Netherton lives in London, seventy-some years later, on the far side of decades of slow-motion apocalypse. Things are pretty good now, for the haves, and there aren’t many have-nots left. Wilf, a high-powered publicist and celebrity-minder, fancies himself as a romantic misfit in a society where reaching into the past is just another hobby.

Flynne and Wilf are about to meet one another. Her world will be altered utterly, irrevocably, and Wilf’s, for all its decadence and power, will learn that some of these third-world types from the past can be badass.

Here are just a small selection of reviews the book has received…

‘All of Gibson’s characters are intensely real, and Flynne is a clever, compelling, stereotype-defying, unhesitating protagonist who makes this novel a standout.’Publishers Weekly

‘In THE PERIPHERAL, William Gibson’s first futuristic novel since 1999’s ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES, we experience the fantastic synthesis of a 20th century writer — the Gibson of NEUROMANCER, eyeball-kicks of flash and noir; and the Gibson of PATTERN RECOGNITION, arch and sly and dry and keen.’Boing Boing

‘Dramatic, scary, creepy,violent, and finally satisfying…’Locus

THE PERIPHERAL is intellectual entertainment of the first order, a pop SF thriller that will make you think.’Toronto Star

You can read an excerpt of the novel over on TechCrunch, and an interview conducted by Ned Beauman over on the Guardian.

Zeno represents William Gibson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the Martha Millard Literary Agency.

Edward Cox Event this Wednesday


Just a quick post to inform you of an upcoming event with Edward Cox, author of the debut fantasy novel THE RELIC GUILD, which was published in the UK by Gollancz in September 2014. Here’s the synopsis…

In the sealed Labyrinth, a young woman must find a way to control her magic and escape her prison in this remarkable debut fantasy.

Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us.

It was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place, a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir. The Aelfir who had brought trade and riches, and a future full of promise. But when the Thaumaturgists, overlords of human and Aelfir alike, went to war, everything was ruined and the Labyrinth became an abandoned forbidden zone, where humans were trapped behind boundary walls 100 feet high.

Now the Aelfir are a distant memory and the Thaumaturgists have faded into myth. Young Clara struggles to survive in a dangerous and dysfunctional city, where eyes are keen, nights are long, and the use of magic is punishable by death. She hides in the shadows, fearful that someone will discover she is touched by magic. She knows her days are numbered. But when a strange man named Fabian Moor returns to the Labyrinth, Clara learns that magic serves a higher purpose and that some myths are much more deadly in the flesh.

The only people Clara can trust are the Relic Guild, a secret band of magickers sworn to protect the Labyrinth. But the Relic Guild are now too few. To truly defeat their old nemesis Moor, mightier help will be required. To save the Labyrinth – and the lives of one million humans – Clara and the Relic Guild must find a way to contact the worlds beyond their walls.

Here are just some of the great reviews that keep pouring in for the novel…

‘A terrific debut novel, with plenty of scope for expansion and some really good world-building. Most importantly, lots of fun.’ — Joanne M Harris

THE RELIC GUILD is an intriguing, original and enjoyable book, a daring mix of genres that initially feels like it shouldn’t work, but is ultimately greater than the sum of its parts.’ — Starburst

‘This is smart, energetic fantasy that grips you from page one and delivers a genuinely memorable experience.’ — Eloquent Page

‘This is a fantastic debut, and one that worked for me on pretty much every level… I really enjoyed this, and definitely think Cox is an author to watch. This is a great first installment, and a must-read of 2014.’Civilian Reader

THE RELIC GUILD, the debut novel from Edward Cox, is all kinds of magic: alchemy, illusion, lycanthropy, necromancy, sorcery and thaumaturgy; this book has magic in its DNA… it is very much a characteristic of the book that no figure lacks colour, no scene lacks substance and no twist lacks spice… Stylistically it is a rich brew… a high concept fantasy packed with ideas, weird and wonderful characters and a mix of styles, at times evoking noir, urban fantasy, flavours of steampunk (in the depiction of anachronistic technology) and grotesque body-horror David Cronenberg would be proud of. Thought you knew where modern fantasy was at? THE RELIC GUILD will challenge your assumptions.’  —  British Fantasy Society

Cover Reveal: GLORIOUS ANGELS by Justina Robson (Gollancz)


We are very happy to share with you today the cover for Justina Robson‘s upcoming new science fiction novel, THE GLORIOUS ANGELS! Due to be published by Gollancz in the UK, in March 2015, it is a major new novel from the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author, and a major event for next year’s sci-fi calendar. Here’s the synopsis, for what promises to be an exciting and philosophical novel…

The groundbreaking new novel from one of the genre’s most respected authors: a thrilling mix of science, magic and sexual politics.

On a world where science and magic are hard to tell apart, a stranger arrives in a remote town with news of political turmoil to come. And a young woman learns that she must free herself from the role she has accepted.

Here are just a selection of the reviews Justina’s past work has received…

‘It’s good. It’s really very good indeed. I loved it.’ — Peter F. Hamilton on the Quantum Gravity series

Robson’s supreme strength as a writer of science fiction has always been her ability to create characters whose point of view offers a new perspective on the world in which they exist and act.’  — Strange Horizons

A novelist of real vision.’ — Zadie Smith

SILVER SCREEN and MAPPA MUNDI showed intelligence, grace and a lively but humane imagination. Robson’s considerable sense of humour lay in ambush, backed up by a postfeminist tendency to look the problem straight in the eye. Combined with a clean, powerful narrative drive and a cosmological sensibility, this clarity of vision now demonstrates itself as her major asset, making her one of the very best of the new British hard SF writers. But it proves her identity too, moving her on, like the Forged themselves, into a space of her own choosing.’ — Guardian

‘Life is anything but real in this entertaining fusion of SF and fantasy spiced with sex, rockin’ elves and drunk faeries… Deft prose helps the reader accept what in lesser hands would be merely absurd.’ — Publishers Weekly on KEEPING IT REAL

‘What Robson has constructed with LIVING NEXT DOOR TO THE GOD OF LOVE is nothing short of a modern-day fairy tale, except she doesn’t need to hide behind predatory wolves and little girls in blood-red garments to convey what’s truly at stake. Her story could not be told without technology, but it is not a story about technology. It is a story about people, whose behavior cannot be so easily predicted, whose defects cannot be so easily repaired and whose functions and purposes in the universe have yet to be determined.’ — New York Times

THE IMITATION GAME Opens today in UK Cinemas!


THE IMITATION GAME, the movie inspired by Andrew Hodges‘s ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA – the definitive biography of the genius mathematician who helped crack the Enigma Code during the war – opens today in UK cinemas!

The book, released this week in tie-in editions, is published by Vintage Books in the UK and Princeton University Press in the US. Here’s just a small selection of praise that the book has enjoyed…

‘Andrew Hodges, in this fine biography… brings Turing the thinker and Turing the man alive for the reader and thus allows us all to share in the privilege of knowing him.’ Financial Times

‘Life and work are both made enthralling by Hodges, himself a scientist.’ Sunday Times

‘Andrew Hodge’s book is of exemplary scholarship and sympathy. Intimate, perceptive and insightful, it’s also the most readable biography I’ve picked up in some time.’ — Time Out

‘Save your money for the forthcoming new edition of Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, regarded by many as one of the greatest biographies of anyone, let alone Turing.’ — BBC Focus Magazine

‘This is not a book to be argued about. It is a book to be read.’ New Scientist

Ben Aaronovitch’s FOXGLOVE SUMMER is Out Tomorrow!


The wait is almost over! We’re delighted to report that Ben Aaronovitch‘s FOXGLOVE SUMMER is officially published in the UK tomorrow by Gollancz! (It has already been available at a few signings this past week.) The highly-anticipated fifth novel in Ben’s Peter Grant series, a lot of people have been very eager to get their hands on it! Here’s the synopsis…

In the fifth of his bestselling series Ben Aaronovitch takes Peter Grant out of whatever comfort zone he might have found and takes him out of London – to a small village in Herefordshire where the local police are reluctant to admit that there might be a supernatural element to the disappearance of some local children. But while you can take the London copper out of London you can’t take the London out of the copper.

Travelling west with Beverley Brook, Peter soon finds himself caught up in a deep mystery and having to tackle local cops and local gods. And what’s more all the shops are closed by 4pm…

We would also just like to mention again the great news that RIVERS OF LONDON, the first in the series, has been selected by Cityreads London for the April 2015 title! You can read more about that, here. All of the novels are published in the UK by Gollancz.

FOXGLOVE SUMMER is available in hardcover, eBook, and also unabridged audio – narrated by the very talented Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. The novel will be published in the US by DAW Books, on January 6th, 2015.

And, finally, Gollancz are running a limited special offer for people who pre-ordered FOXGLOVE SUMMER


Publication Day: Andrew Hodges’s THE ENIGMA in French!

HodgesA-AlanTuringTheEnigmaTIGFR-BlogWe reported yesterday on the release of the new, THE IMITATION GAME  US tie-in edition of Andrew Hodges‘s superb biography, ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA. Today, we are happy to mention that the book is out today in French, too! ALAN TURING, L’ÉNIGME is published by Michel Lafon, and is available in France and Quebec (the Canadian English language release is December 2nd).

Here’s the French-language synopsis…

Génie de l’informatique et héros de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Alan Turing est célèbre pour avoir décrypté les communications codées de l’armée allemande en venant à bout d’Enigma, la machine de chiffrement utilisée par les nazis, réputée inviolable.  

Il faut dire que lorsqu’il « casse » le code secret allemand, à moins de 30 ans, le mathématicien n’en est pas à son premier coup d’éclat. Déjà, en 1936, il a dessiné les contours d’une première machine programmable, ou « machine de Turing », capable d’effectuer n’importe quel calcul mathématique : c’est l’ancêtre de l’ordinateur.

Après la guerre, Alan Turing poursuit ses recherches et se consacre en pionnier aux possibilités offertes par l’intelligence artificielle. Mais l’ex-héros national est persécuté à cause de son homosexualité et condamné en 1952 à la castration chimique. Deux années plus tard, à l’âge de 41 ans, Alan Turing met fin à ses jours en croquant une pomme empoisonnée au cyanure.

Cette biographie, qui mêle histoire des sciences, politique et philosophie, nous dévoile la vie hors norme de l’inventeur, longtemps méconnu, qui a révolutionné nos vies.

And don’t forget, as we also mentioned yesterday, the film opens in British cinemas this Friday!

Publication Week: Andrew Hodges’s THE ENIGMA/THE IMITATION GAME


Today marks the US publication of THE IMITATION GAME tie-in edition of Andrew Hodges‘s ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA, and what turns out to be quite the Alan Turing week!

The US edition of the book is published by Princeton University Press. The UK edition, published by Vintage Books, follows this Thursday – the same day as the movie opens in British cinemas (it opens in the US on 28th November). Here’s the synopsis…

The official book behind the film, THE IMITATION GAME. This is a dramatic portrayal of the life and work of Alan Turing, Britain’s most extraordinary unsung heroes, and the world’s greatest innovators.

Alan Turing was the mathematician whose cipher-cracking transformed the Second World War. Taken on by British Intelligence in 1938, as a shy young Cambridge don, he combined brilliant logic with a flair for engineering. In 1940 his machines were breaking the Enigma-enciphered messages of Nazi Germany’s air force. He then headed the penetration of the super-secure U-boat communications. 

But his vision went far beyond this achievement. Before the war he had invented the concept of the universal machine, and in 1945 he turned this into the first design for a digital computer.

Turing’s far-sighted plans for the digital era forged ahead into a vision for Artificial Intelligence. However, in 1952 his homosexuality rendered him a criminal and he was subjected to humiliating treatment. In 1954, aged 41, Alan Turing took his own life.

You can find out more about the movie by following its UK and US Twitter accounts. Check back tomorrow for more on Andrew Hodges’s book that inspired THE IMITATION GAME

ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA Free with Tomorrow’s Telegraph!


To celebrate the highly-anticipated release next week of THE IMITATION GAME, the Sunday Telegraph has teamed up with Studio Canal to offer readers a free, abridged version of the book (above) that inspired the film: Andrew Hodges‘s masterful ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA, published by Vintage in the UK and Princeton University Press in the US. The newspaper will include a voucher and information for collecting the book from 1,200 bookshops nationwide.

Here are the covers for the three tie-in editions (UK, US, and French)…


THE IMITATION GAME opens in cinemas in the UK on November 14th, 2014.

Here are just a handful of the great reviews ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA has received…

‘This rather shadowy figure has now finally been lifted into the light of day… it has to be said that Andrew Hodges has put together an extraordinary story.’ — Sunday Telegraph

‘Hodges’s biography is sensitive, sympathetic and uncompromisingly intellectual. The maths is extremely hard work – but helps the lay reader to appreciate the scale of Turing’s achievements.’ — Independent on Sunday

‘Life and work are both made enthralling by Hodges, himself a scientist.’ — Sunday Times

‘Andrew Hodges, in this fine biography… brings Turing the thinker and Turing the man alive for the reader and thus allows us all to share in the privilege of knowing him.’ Financial Times

‘This is not a book to be argued about. It is a book to be read.’ — New Scientist

‘One of the finest scientific biographies ever written.’ — New Yorker

THE EDGE OF RUIN by Melinda Snodgrass out Tomorrow in the UK!


THE EDGE OF RUIN, the second novel in Melinda Snodgrass‘s acclaimed Edge Series will be published tomorrow by Titan Books in the UK!

The sequel to THE EDGE OF REASON, George R.R. Martin has described the series as a blend of H.P. Lovecraft and H. L. Mencken, which ‘will delight thinkers — and outrage true believers — of all stripes.’ Here’s the synopsis…

A contemporary fantasy that explores the tensions between science and rationality, religion and superstition. An intelligent blend of Dante’s Infernoand Urban Fantasy…

Richard Oort, now CEO of Lumina Enterprises, has learned that an interdimensional gate has given the terrifying and grotesquely gluttonous Old Ones access to our universe. Richard tries to get the U.S. government to intervene before a rising tide of irrationality abetted by religious leaders and spiritual hucksters reduces humanity to madness.

Here are a couple more reviews of the series…

‘Snodgrass has a thick, meaty writing style that will satisfy the hungriest reader… she deftly weaves [her characters’] stories together to bind the interest and excitement of the story. Events in this novel will challenge the beliefs and thought systems of many and leave readers questioning themselves – but in a highly satisfying manner.’ — RT Book Reviews on THE EDGE OF RUIN

‘Peopled with a richly drawn cast of characters… the story is a big, complex and ambitious tale that rarely rests and demands the reader’s full attention. Thee ideas are provocative, strongly so… Readers looking for a thoughtful, action-packed and fascinating story, this one is for you. Strongly recommended.’ — SF Revu on THE EDGE OF RUIN

‘[A] gritty narrative of a war between light and dark… Balanc[es] a harsh critique of organized religion with touches of humor and a good-hearted priest who grounds his faith in the Golden Rule…’ – Publishers Weekly on THE EDGE OF REASON

‘This riveting tale resonates on many levels. Snodgrass entertains while skillfully raising questions about the origins of religion and technology that may offend some readers. There are chills and thrills aplenty, as well as food for thought. The characters are good, especially the hero’s emotional upheaval. You’ll be hooked until the end.’ — RT Book Reviews on THE EDGE OF REASON

Zeno represents Melinda Snodgrass in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Kay McCauley of Aurous, Inc.

Hungarian Cover Reveal: BRASYL by Ian McDonald


Ian McDonald‘s critically-acclaimed BRASYL has conquered another territory, and is out now in Hungary! Published by Ad Astra, and Gollancz in the UK, here’s the (English) synopsis…

A story that begins in the favelas, the slums of Rio, and quickly expands to take in drugs, corruption, and a frightening new technology that allows access to all the multiple worlds that have slipped into existence in other planes everytime we make a decision.

This is rich, epic SF that opens our eyes to the world around us and posits mind-blowing alternative sciences. It is a landmark work in modern SF from one of its most respected practitioners.

Here’s just a small selection of the great reviews BRASYL has received…

BRASYL is classic McDonald: a deep thinking, high-paced adventure story, exploring the quantum universe, combining sassy, believable characters with a captivating delight in language and storytelling. McDonald inhabits the Brazil – or rather, the Brazils – of this world and sweeps you along as no other writer in the field could manage.’ — Guardian

‘A beautiful story, one that cries out to be read again and again. McDonald’s light is still shining brightly, and considering the consistent quality of his titles, we say long may it burn.’ — SciFi Now

‘… outstanding SF novel channels the vitality of South America’s largest country into an edgy, post-cyberpunk free-for-all… a leading writer of intelligent, multicultural SF, and here he captures Latin America’s mingled despair and hope. Chaotic, heartbreaking and joyous, this must-read teeters on the edge of melodrama, but somehow keeps its precarious balance.’ — Publishers Weekly

Ian McDonald is also the author of a number of other critically-acclaimed and multi-award-winning sci-fi novels, including RIVER OF GODS, CYBERABAD DAYS and THE DERVISH HOUSE — all available in the UK published by Gollancz. His YA sci-fi series, Everness, is also available in the UK published by Jo Fletcher Books.

Lauren Beukes helps launch Charlie Human’s KILL BAXTER!


Already available in the UK, Charlie Human‘s KILL BAXTER will be launched in the author’s native South Africa next week, on November 11th. Held at Cape Town’s Book Lounge, the event (poster above), will include Charlie in conversation with best-selling author Lauren Beukes. KILL BAXTER is the sequel to APOCALYPSE NOW NOW. Both novels are published in South Africa by Umuzi/Random Struik and in the UK by Century. Here’s the synopsis…

The world has been massively unappreciative of sixteen-year-old Baxter Zevcenko. His bloodline may be a combination of ancient Boer mystic and giant shape-shifting crow, and he may have won an inter-dimensional battle and saved the world, but does anyone care? Frankly, no.  

Instead he’s packed off to Hexpoort, a magical training school that’s part reformatory, part military school. It’s just like Hogwarts – except with sex, drugs, and much better internet access. The problem is that Baxter sucks at magic. He’s also desperately attempting to control his new ability to dreamwalk, all the while being singled out by the school’s resident bully, who just so happens to be the Chosen One.

But when Hexpoort comes under attack, Baxter needs to forget all that and step into action. The only way to do this is to join forces with his favourite recovering alcoholic of a supernatural bounty hunter, Ronin, to try to save the world from the apocalypse. Again.

Check out the great covers for KILL BAXTER, both by the ever-so-talented Joey Hi-Fi:


Next Year, the City Reads RIVERS OF LONDON!


Cityread London have selected their 2015 read, and we’re delighted to report that it is Ben Aaronovitch‘s RIVERS OF LONDON! The novel is the critically-acclaimed, best-selling first book in the Peter Grant Series. Cityread London is London’s biggest annual bookclub, a ‘celebration of literature that aims to bring reading to life for the whole capital’. Published in the UK by Gollancz, here’s the synopsis…

My name is Peter Grant and until January I was just probationary constable in that mighty army for justice known to all right-thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service (and as the Filth to everybody else). My only concerns in life were how to avoid a transfer to the Case Progression Unit – we do paperwork so real coppers don’t have to – and finding a way to climb into the panties of the outrageously perky WPC Leslie May. Then one night, in pursuance of a murder inquiry, I tried to take a witness statement from someone who was dead but disturbingly voluable, and that brought me to the attention of Inspector Nightingale, the last wizard in England.

Now I’m a Detective Constable and a trainee wizard, the first apprentice in fifty years, and my world has become somewhat more complicated: nests of vampires in Purley, negotiating a truce between the warring god and goddess of the Thames, and digging up graves in Covent Garden . . . and there’s something festering at the heart of the city I love, a malicious vengeful spirit that takes ordinary Londoners and twists them into grotesque mannequins to act out its drama of violence and despair.

The spirit of riot and rebellion has awakened in the city, and it’s falling to me to bring order out of chaos – or die trying.

You can follow Cityread London on Facebook, and find more information on their website.

The Peter Grant Series includes: RIVERS OF LONDON, MOON OVER SOHO, WHISPERS UNDERGROUND, BROKEN HOMES and FOXGLOVE SUMMER, which is published in the UK next Thursday! The series is published by Del Rey and DAW Books in the US, DTV in Germany, J’ai Lu in France, Hayakawa in Japan, and a number of other territories.