Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch was born and raised in London and all his work has reflected his abiding fascination and love for what he modestly likes to refer to as the ‘Capital of the World’. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed, internationally bestselling Peter Grant/Rivers of London urban fantasy series. The last two novels in the series, FALSE VALUE and AMONGST OUR WEAPONS, entered the Sunday Times Bestseller list at #1. The latest novellas in the series are WINTER’S GIFTS and THE MASQUERADES OF SPRING.

In his youth he wrote for Doctor Who (his ‘Remembrance of the Daleks‘ is regarded as a classic by many) Casualty and the late lamented space soap Jupiter Moon – a show so low budget that you were only allowed seven of the regular cast in any given episode!

He also wrote a series of well regarded tie-in novels for Virgin Books and Big Finish which turned out to be excellent practice for his fiendish plan to inflict his prose upon an unsuspecting world.

In 2019, in conjunction with Gollancz, Ben launched a new BAME SFF Award.

In 2023, Ben was nominated for the CWA’s Dagger in the Library Award.

Ben’s blog, Temporarily Significant, can be found here. And here is Ben’s Wikipedia page. Ben is also on Twitter.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne

Author Photo Credit: Michael Coker


Rivers of London/Peter Grant Series

Gollancz controls Translation Rights – excluding North America, Germany and France – for this series.

  1. RIVERS OF LONDON (2011)
  2. MOON OVER SOHO (2011)
  4. BROKEN HOMES (2013)
  6. THE HANGING TREE (2016)
  7. LIES SLEEPING (2018)
  8. FALSE VALUE (2020)
  • A RARE BOOK OF CUNNING DEVICE (Audio Short Story, 2017)
  • THE FURTHEST STATION (Novella, 2017)
  • THE OCTOBER MAN (Novella, 2019)
  • TALES FROM THE FOLLY (Short Story Collection, 2020)
  • WINTER’S GIFTS (Novella, 2023)


  1. BODY WORK (2016)
  2. NIGHT WITCH (2016)
  3. BLACK MOULD (2017)
  5. CRY FOX (2018)
  6. WATER WEED (2018)
  9. MONDAY MONDAY (2021)
  10. DEADLY EVER AFTER (2022)
  11. HERE BE DRAGONS (2023)


Awards & Commendations


Peter Grant/Rivers of London Series
- CWA Dagger in the Library Award (2023)
- Hugo Award, Best Series Nominee (2017)

- Waterstones Best of 2023
- #7 Sunday Times Bestseller (UK, 2023)

- Listening Books Members' Choice Award, Winner (2022)
- #1 Sunday Times Bestseller (UK, 2022)
- #3 Spiegel Bestseller (Germany, 2022)
- BSFA Awards, Best Novel Longlist (2022)

- #4 Sunday Times Bestseller (UK, 2021)

- #1 Sunday Times Bestseller (UK, 2020)
- #2 Spiegel Bestseller (Germany, 2020)
- #2 Börsenblatt Bestseller (Germany, 2020)
- Leserpreis, Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel Shortlist (Germany, 2020)

- #3 Sunday Times Bestseller (UK, 2019)
- #3 Spiegel Bestseller (Germany, 2019)

- Locus Award, Best Fantasy Novel Nominee (2019)
- #5 Sunday Times Bestseller (UK, 2019)

- Leserpreis, Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel Shortlist (Germany, 2017)

- CrimeFest Award Nominee (2015)
- Audible Bestseller (2014)

- Leserpreis, Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel Winner (Germany, 2014)
- Audible All-Time Bestseller (2014)
- CrimeFest Award Nominee, Best Audiobook Nominee (2015)

- Phantastik Preis Award, Best Foreign Novel Nominee (Germany, 2014)
- Leserpreis, Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel Nominee (Germany, 2014)
- Locus Award, Best Fantasy Novel Nominee (2013)

- Nielsen Bestseller Award - Silver (2019)
- Czech Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Best Fantasy/Horror Novel (2016)
- Czech Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Best Artistic Achievement (2016)
- Audible All-Time Bestseller (2014)
- Kitschies Inky Award, Best Cover Art Nominee (2012)



  • RIVERS OF LONDON, Gollancz Translations
  • MOON OVER SOHO, Gollancz Translations
  • WHISPERS UNDERGROUND, Gollancz Translations
  • BROKEN HOMES, Gollancz Translations
  • FOXGLOVE SUMMER, Gollancz Translations
  • THE HANGING TREE, Gollancz Translations
  • LIES SLEEPING, Gollancz Translations
  • FALSE VALUE, Gollancz Translations
  • THE OCTOBER MAN (Tobias Wolf Novella)
  • TALES FROM THE FOLLY (Short Story Collection)
  • WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER (Abigail Kamara Novella)
  • Peter Grant Series (English-language Audio Editions)
  • Peter Grant Series (German Audio Editions)
  • Peter Grant Series (German Cast Audio Editions)
  • RIVERS OF LONDON Series Collected Editions
  • RIVERS OF LONDON Series Translation Editions



Peter Grant/Rivers of London Series (Novels & Novellas)
- WHISPERS UNDERGROUND - JABberwocky North America, 2024)
- MOON OVER SOHO - JABberwocky (North America, 2024)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - JABberwocky (North America, 2024)
- MOON OVER SOHO - Epsilon Yayınları (Turkey, 2023 - Soho Üzerinde Ay)
- WHISPERS UNDERGROUND - Fanzon/Эксмо (Russia, 2023 - Шепот под землей)
- MOON OVER SOHO - Fanzon/Эксмо (Russia, 2023 - Луна над Сохо)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - Fanzon/Эксмо (Russia, 2023 - Реки Лондона)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - Tänapäev (Estonia, 2023 - Londoni jõed)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - Fokus komunikacije (Croatia, 2023 - Rijeke Londona)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - Zysk I S-Ka Wydawnictwo (Poland, 2017 - Rzeki Londynu)
- WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER - Argo (Czech, 2023 - Co dělala Abigail v létě)
- WINTER'S GIFTS - Orion (UK, 2023)
- WINTER'S GIFTS - DTV (Germany, 2023 - Die schlafenden Geister des Lake Superior)
- MOON OVER SOHO - Slovart (Slovakia, 2023 - Mesiac nad Soho)
- MOON OVER SOHO - JABberwocky (US, 2022)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - JABberwocky (US, 2022)
- FOXGLOVE SUMMER - DTV/Audible (Germany, Audio Dramatization, 2022 - Fingerhut-Sommer)
- TALES FROM THE FOLLY - Argo (Czech, 2022 - Historky z Rozmaru)
- AMONGST OUR WEAPONS - DTV (Germany, 2022 - Die Silberkammer in der Chancery Lane)
- AMONGST OUR WEAPONS - Orion (UK, 2022)
- BROKEN HOMES - 馬可孛羅 (Taiwan, 12/2021 - 天空塔黑巫再現)
- WHISPERS UNDERGROUND - 馬可孛羅 (Taiwan, 12/2021 - 地底城魔法暗湧)
- MOON OVER SOHO - 馬可孛羅 (Taiwan, 12/2021 - 蘇活月爵士魅影)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - 馬可孛羅 (Taiwan, 12/2021 - 倫敦河惡靈騷動)
- WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER - DTV (Germany, 2021 - Die Füchse von Hampstead Heath)
- FALSE VALUE - Argo (Czech, 2021 - Falešná hodnota)
- WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER - Subterranean Press (US, 2021)
- TALES FROM THE FOLLY - Subterranean Press (US, 2021)
- RIVERS OF LONDON - Slovart (Slovak, 2021 - Rieky Londýna)
- THE HANGING TREE - Oz Editorial (Spain, 2021 - El árbol del ahorcado)
- TALES FROM THE FOLLY - DTV (Germany, 2021 - Der Geist in der British Library und andere Geschichten aus dem Folly)
- FALSE VALUE - GoyaLiT (Audio, Germany, 2020 - Ein weißer Schwan in Tabernacle Street)
- FALSE VALUE - DTV (Germany, 2020 - Ein weißer Schwan in Tabernacle Street)
- TALES FROM THE FOLLY - Tantor (Audio, US, 2020)
- TALES FROM THE FOLLY - Orion (Audio, UK, 2020)
- TALES FROM THE FOLLY - JABberwocky (UK & US, 2020)
- FOXGLOVE SUMMER - Oz Editorial (Spain, 2020 - Verano Venenoso)
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- FALSE VALUE - Orion (UK, 2020)
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Rivers of London Series (Comics)
- HERE BE DRAGONS - Panini (Germany, 2024 - Wer glaubt schon an Drachen?)
- MONDAY, MONDAY - Panini (Germany, 2022 - Ein mieser Montag)
- THE FEY AND THE FURIOUS - Panini (Germany, 2021 - Motoren, Magie und Märchen)
- ACTION AT A DISTANCE - Panini (Germany, 2021 - Mit Abstand!)
- WATER WEED - Panini (Germany, 2020 - Wassergras)
- CRY FOX - Panini (Germany, 2020 - Fuchsgeschrei)
- DETECTIVE STORIES - Panini (Germany, 2020 - Detektivgeschicten)
- BLACK MOULD - Argo (Czech, 2020 - Černá plíseň)
- THE FEY AND THE FURIOUS - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2019-20)
- BLACK MOULD - Panini (Germany, 2019 - Die Flüsse von London: Schwarzschimmel)
- NIGHT WITCH - Panini (Germany, 2018 - Die Flüsse von London: Die Nachthexe)
- NIGHT WITCH - Argo (Czech, 2018 - Řeky Londýna: Noční kouzelnice)
- ACTION AT A DISTANCE - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2018-19)
- BODY WORK - Panini (Germany, 2018 - Die Flüsse von London: Autowahn)
- WATER WEED - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2018)
- CRY FOX - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2017-18)
- BODY WORK - Argo (Czech, 2017 - Řeky Londýna: Čarojízda)
- DETECTIVE STORIES - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2017)
- BLACK MOULD - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2016-17)
- NIGHT WITCH - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2016)
- BODY WORK - Titan Comics (UK & US, 2015-16)

- Bastei Lübbe (Germany, 2017 - Die Hand des Omega)
- BBC Books (UK/US, 2013)

Doctor Who, Seventh Doctor: OPERATION VOLCANO
- Panini (Germany, 2019 - Der Siebte Doctor: Tanz auf dem Vulkan)
- Titan Comics (UK/US, 2019)




      ‘It is smart, funny and filled with oddness.’ Terry Brooks

      ‘It turns out that the series hits so many of my favorite things that I read the extant three novels… in three days, one a day. It was like I fell into the world and couldn’t (and didn’t want to) climb out… I love this series because it works for me on every level.’ Kate Elliott

      ‘… fresh and original and a wonderful read. I loved it.’ Charlaine Harris

      ‘1. It’s witty. 2. It’s not cliché. 3. It’s smart. 4. It’s set in London, and written by someone who obviously knows London. 5. The main character has a great voice. 6. The language is great…  I don’t think I’ve ever read anything else published in the US that has as much legitimate British slang in it. It was lovely… For the rest of you who realize that one of the main joys of reading (if not life itself) is learning and broadening your experience of the world… well… this book is for you. Congrats. You win.’ Patrick Rothfuss

      ‘A hilarious, keenly imagined caper.’ Diana Gabaldon

      ‘Filled with detail and imagination, the quality of this achievement stands out…’ Peter F. Hamilton

      ‘A witty and inventive twist to urban fantasy… Wouldn’t let go until the last page.’ Mario Acevedo

      ‘In this fast-paced paranormal police procedural, Aaronovitch introduces Peter Grant, a rookie cop who can see ghosts. This unusual talent saves him from a potential life of office work when Chief Insp. Thomas Nightingale sends him for wizard training. Britain’s police force has long known of the supernatural, and Grant is to assist Nightingale in solving many of London’s magical problems—most notably, the mysterious string of violent attacks that tend to end with the perpetrator’s face falling off. As the brutal epidemic spreads, Grant must race to finish his magic lessons and solve an ages-long dispute between the rivers of Britain. Though the novel sometimes feels just a little too jam-packed with plot points and adventures, it’s witty, fun, and full of vivid characters, and the plot twists will keep even seasoned mystery fans guessing.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘… thoroughly entertaining… An engaging (if occasionally violent) mix of magic and police procedural, this is a great kick-off to a very promising series, as well as the most satisfying fantasy thriller to hit bookshelves in quite some time.’ SFX

      ‘… sweet relief for readers allergic to cliché.’ Locus

      RIVERS OF LONDON is a classic British police procedural blended with a unique twist of urban fantasy in so far as it replaces the expected testosterone with intelligence and the angst with wit… Deep down, amidst the murder and the mayhem, the anarchy and the supernatural, Aaronovitch has written a love letter to the wonder of London, reminding us of the magic that lives there, all the while warning us to keep an eye out for its nasty side.’ Fantasy Faction

      ‘Highly recommended… Very nicely done. The books are police procedurals set in a London where magical creatures exist and are known to the police but hidden from the public, with a wisecracking, apprentice magician police officer as the hero. But, of course, the trick in all these things is in the execution, and I found these to have been executed very well… I gave it a try, and I’m glad I did.’ Washington Post (Prof. Eugene Volokh)

      ‘The quality of the prose is incredible and there is a very light, dry humour running throughout with makes the novel a joy to read, it’s delightfully clever and leaves the reader in a “feel good” mood, even in the darker moments of the story. The characters are also just spot on, from the enigmatic Nightingale to the imprudent Beverley everyone lives and breathes within the pages.’ SF Book Reviews

      ‘… we can’t fault the pace, ingenuity and creativity of RIVERS OF LONDON.Londonist

      ‘… a wealth of interesting and refreshing ideas… The characterisation is interesting and has depth. People don’t always act the way you expect, and their motivations appear to ring true.’ BookGeeks

      ‘… an impressive book… If you have not read MIDNIGHT RIOT, I recommend you do. Great characters, pacing and mystery. Even if you were to take the fantasy out of the book it would make for a great read. Highly recommended.’ Speculative Book Review

      MIDNIGHT RIOT is urban fantasy done right with a great lead and a realistic world it makes for reading that goes down silky smooth… a fantastic start to a new urban fantasy series that readers shouldn’t hesitate to pick up.’ King of the Nerds

      ‘From the very first page, Aaronovitch captures your imagination… This is one of the few books I have ever read that gripped me in the first two pages and would not let me go… MIDNIGHT RIOT is a superb paranormal fantasy that will charm both genre fans and mystery readers alike… He will be the next great paranormal urban fantasist, standing alongside such greats as Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn or Harry Connolly and superb British mystery writers like Elizabeth George or Caroline Graham.’ Grasping for the Wind

      ‘[Aaronovitch] can really write, with a light touch to his humour and characters that really stand out. This novel is a pure delight and I can’t wait for the next in the series.’ Morning Star

      ‘What makes this tale so engaging is that he’s taken a London that many are familiar with, added a secretive branch of the London Met and backed it up with a cracking paced, action packed story arc with some magic, some ghosts and of course a villain of huge proportions. Back that up with a fairly unique voice as well as some great characters that you can’t help but care about and its going to be interesting to see what arrives from Ben’s imagination… All in a great start to a very promising series and one that will be popular with fans of Mike Carey’s Felix Castor alongside Suzanne McLeod’s Spellcracker series which makes this a British Institution in the making.’ Falcata Times

      ‘This fast-paced debut has elements of urban fantasy overlaid on the more pedestrian police procedural. Peter is a likable protagonist and a somewhat unreliable narrator, and his slow, magical progress is a refreshing change from the usual mastery seen in books like this. It’s a tremendously fun read, in part due to its undeniably British flavor and also thanks to the unique narrative voice.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘… a highly original British urban fantasy novel. It is as British as mugs of hot tea and bacon rolls from greasy spoon cafes, or drunken beer and curry fuelled Friday nights. The story is built on a firm foundation of London geography and history; Brits and London residents(the two are not necessarily mutually inclusive) will enjoy this refreshingly unvarnished, yet affectionately drawn, version of our crowded, smelly capital city with its piss and vomit strewn streets. Non-Brit readers, perhaps with a more idealised view of the world, may not understand the British way of mocking the things we love and our great affection for things and places that we’ll freely admit are just a bit crap… The story is narrated in first person by PC Peter Grant. He is a likeable protagonist and an inspired mixture of cluelessness and base cunning. His self-effacement goes a long way to make him appear harmless, yet he isn’t stupid and comes up with more than one cunning plan during the course of the story. In comic writing there is a fine line between having a protagonist who is inexperienced and a little bit clueless (leading to situations where hilarious hijinks ensue) and a character that is too stupid, and annoying, to live. Peter Grant is never in any danger of crossing over the wrong side of the line and this is what makes RIVERS OF LONDON a joy to read… In addition to great characterisation and imaginative mythology, the story keeps up a good action- and mystery-packed pace and its lightly comic style is sustained from start to finish without becoming tedious. This, to me, makes RIVERS OF LONDON something approaching a work of genius… uniquely doing its own thing… highly recommended for anyone looking for some urban fantasy fun with a real life spin, the sights and smells of London just ooze out from between the pages. This book should be essential reading for anyone who has ever seen anything inexplicable or strange on the streets of London – which would be just about everybody who’s ever been there, really.’ LoveVampires

      ‘Enthusiastic recommendations led me to Ben Aaronovitch’s RIVERS OF LONDON and I echo them. I am not a Harry Potter addict but was captivated by what could almost be a grown-up Harry who has enlisted in the London Metropolitan Police Service… The divinities who control the various London rivers are actors in the drama and provide very entertaining moments in what is a delightful read. It will be difficult to resist the sequel.’ Geneva Lunch

      ‘The best stories about magic are those that skim close enough to the truth to be plausible, and this is very much the case in Ben Aaronovitch’s hugely inventive and darkly comedic series of creative crime capers—which is why it’s one of our best fantasy books… A gloriously fun read in any format, but the audio (voiced by The Split’s Kobna Holdbrook-Smith) is particularly excellent, so it’s one of the best audiobooks to read too.’Woman & Home


      ‘… enormous storytelling gusto… exhilarating and emotionally affecting…’ SF Reviews

      ‘The excitement and entertainment hasn’t stopped in the slightest… this book once again blew my mind, and kept me reading well into the late night/early morning. You needn’t pick up RIVERS OF LONDON, Aaronovitch’s first in this series, but you’d regret it by the time you got to the end of MOON OVER SOHO and found out how good it was.’ Fantasy Book Review

      ‘… as funny as it is fantastic… [The plot] hops along happily to a toe-tapping time signature, with a sweet solo here and an awesome cacophony of noise there… vast amounts of fun…’ Speculative Scotsman

      ‘… abundant humor, action, and adventure. But readers seeking something more will also find Aaronovitch’s attention to history, popular culture, geography, and science rewarding… MOON OVER SOHO cements the Peter Grant series as my favorite urban fantasy series. The humor, the world-building, the action, the magic, the mystery, the procedural—all are top-notch.’ Ranting Dragon

      ‘… a relentlessly entertaining, fast-moving and enjoyable urban fantasy with intriguing hints of greater depth waiting to be explored.’ 4.5*s — Wertzone

      MOON OVER SOHO is a gripping continuation of RIVER OF LONDON’s well executed blend of police-procedural and fantasy with a good splash of horror thrown in. This is urban fantasy done with a loving attention to detail and enlivened by an ever present wit making this series a must-read for anyone who likes their fantasy with a strong edge of realism.’ SF Book Reviews

      ‘A fantastic follow-up to MIDNIGHT RIOT. Aaronovitch does a great job of bringing even minor characters to life. One of Grant’s fellow cops, Leslie, plays a minor role throughout the story – but her involvement is an emotional cornerstone that brings a surprisingly bittersweet element into play… MOON OVER SOHO is an excellent addition to the paranormal police genre.’ Examiner

      MOON OVER SOHO is very good. Ben Aaronovitch continues the successful formula of RIVERS OF LONDON in bringing to the surface the endearing minutae of a city that he clearly adores. He also demonstrates the “real world” problems of a ritual magician trying to have some sort of ‘normal’ life… Grant continues to observe his world(s) in a detached way – a narrative voice that lends itself well to dry humor (and fits less neatly with the book’s few over-the-top action scenes). Mr. Aaronovitch is, in short, writing the best contemporary occult detective series on the shelf today, and that’s by a substantial margin.’ Pornokitsch

      ‘Unexpectedly and truly fun, RIVERS OF LONDON promised many great things for the further adventures of Peter Grant. MOON OVER SOHO… [is] just as entertaining and just exciting as the first, with added depth to boot… an excellent, and in my opinion better, continuation to Peter Grant’s story. Aaronovitch in no way disappoints, so readers of the first book should have no fear of that digging in to the second one. The authenticity and accuracy of the London described by Aaronovitch still amazes me, in fact his books are almost worth reading just for that and the cultural references.’ 5/5 — LEC Book Reviews

      ‘As with the original, the sheer scope of this book is amazing, the characters are refreshingly believable and when you add into it quirky twists on already familiar area’s of London which will leave the readers clamouring for more. The prose is light and manageable, the characters outstanding and all in the overall arc is one that will lead the readers to demanding a new title sooner rather than later as Peter and Nightingales own Sith seem to be emerging from the background. All in, this book has been very cleverly done which when added to a wonderful reading experience made this a title that was very hard to put down. If there’s only one new author you try this year in the Urban Fantasy genre, make it Aaronovitch, the skills and pace will leave you wondering exactly what spell he’s woven within these pages.’ Falcata Times

      MOON OVER SOHO is good combination of mystery, police investigation and the supernatural wrapped up in some great writing. The Peter’s narration gives the story a lightly humorous yet completely credible voice. The descriptions of the magic and supernatural elements of the story are perhaps more subtle than the usual flashy magic on offer in most urban fantasy novels today but this is perhaps a reflection of the novel’s uniquely British style and identity. Above all MOON OVER SOHO is highly readable and hugely enjoyable. Definitely a book not to miss!’ LoveVampires


      ‘One of the most refreshing things about former Doctor Who writer Aaronvitch’s Rivers of London series of magical procedurals is that they are blessedly free of manufactured rivalries. Instead, Police Constable (and freshly minted wizard) Peter Grant works for a supernatural branch of the London police department that is more interested in solving crimes than creating drama. In Grant’s third outing (after Moon over Soho), he gets called in to help with a magic-linked murder at an Underground station. The victim turns out to be the son of a U.S. senator, with a sketchy, not-quite-human roommate. To solve the murder, Grant and his associates, including disfigured fellow magician Lesley May and trigger-happy FBI agent Kimberley Reynolds, plumb the city’s depths as well as its secret history. This fast, engrossing novel is enjoyable, cheerful, and accessible to new readers.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘… the Peter Grant novels by Ben Aaronovitch are a great way to feel like you’re actually visiting the city by the Thames… Ben Aaronovitch writes some of the funniest prose in current fantasy. These books are extremely entertaining, mainly because narrator Peter Grant has a hilarious voice and a sly sense of humor… quirkily effective prose and dry humor, making it a pure pleasure to read… I’m usually not a big fan of urban fantasy, but this series is so much fun that I always look forward to the next installment. If you’re looking for a fast-moving, entertaining urban fantasy that’ll make you feel like you’re visiting London vicariously this summer, pick up series opener MIDNIGHT RIOT / RIVERS OF LONDON. And if you’ve already read the first two books, you’ll probably be glad to hear that the newest installment WHISPERS UNDER GROUND is just as good.’

      ‘The quality of the writing is superb with an instantly engaging style and subtle humour that makes reading the novel a real joy and almost impossible to resist… The ending is pretty dramatic and very much a seat-of-your-pants cliff hanger that really does leave you wanting more, I can’t wait to read more in the life of Peter Grant.’ 5/5 — SF Book Reviews

      ‘… another great installment…’ NethSpace

      ‘The prose is witty, the plot clever and the characters incredibly likeable…’ Time Out

      ‘The voice is persuasive and funny as all get-out, and the reader is engaged with the narrative from the very first page. Aaronovitch has written a diverse cast of characters who all feel like real people with their own specific motivations. This book is simply wonderful.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Aaronovitch has really pulled out all of the stops to make WHISPERS UNDER GROUND as good as it can be, and for me – it’s the best novel in the series so far – I really enjoyed it – and is a worthy place on my best of 2012 list.’ Founding Fields

      ‘… another great addition to the Rivers of London series… If you haven’t read any books in this series yet, you are missing out.’ BookSpot Central

      ‘Aaronovitch… improves with each novel he does; this is the best so far, and the previous books were a lot of fun as well.’ Starburst

      ‘Aaronovitch certainly has the gift for writing consistently excellent plots with characters you love and observations about life in London that are spot on. The Peter Grant series really is a series that are ‘fantasy-lite’ and would appeal to anyone who likes a good solid ‘who dunnit’. For me the appeal for these books keeps growing and I love learning more about the background of each of the main characters which is fairly rare as usually all is exposed in the first book of a series…’ Book Chick City

      WHISPERS UNDER GROUND is an intriguing and exciting murder mystery. While not the most fantastical of urban fantasies, it does still contain many of Ben Aaronovitch’s signature additions to the paranormal crime-fighting genre. The central mystery is strong and well-plotted, with the danger and intrigue being matched by the humour and warmth that Aaronovitch delivers through his characters. Peter Grant is a great hero and following his adventures offers excellent escapism. Here’s to hoping there isn’t too  long of a wait until book four.’ BookGeeks

      ‘There is a decent mystery to be solved and in the process readers are taken on a richly detailed voyage through the both the real and the imagined hidden parts of London. The author’s love of London just shines through the narrative and Peter, the story’s protagonist and narrator, uses his keen observations to tell the tale with humour and wit. WHISPERS UNDER GROUND delivers all this and more – in terms of characterisation, pacing and mystery investigation this is the best written book in the series do far – and for the most part it leaves fans with little cause for complaint… Perfect for crime fiction and fantasy fans both.’ LoveVampires

      ‘If you’re looking for a series that is set in the UK, has a wonderful Urban Fantasy feeling and is set around a Police Unit then you really have to look no further than Ben Aaronovitch’s wonderful Rivers of London. It’s inventive, the characters are rounded and when you add what feels like solid police work into the mix alongside magicka, it’s a series that has kept me not only glued but carefully watching for the next instalment. Add to this a wonderful sense of pace, a deliciously dark villain and of course a number of plots that interweave to keep the reader guessing what’s happening right up to the end and all in it’s a fantastic read. Finally throw in a series thread that will keep you hooked and a villain that is going to become the Peter’s Moriarty and all in its going to be a long wait for the next book. Damn it.’ Falcata Times

      ‘The best book in the series so far! I continue to the sing the praises the British Apprentice Wizard… a refreshing and original take to magic in Urban Fantasy. Magic is simply an extension of science and as usual, intellect rules the day. Peter’s magic skills slowly grow, the magic serves as a secondary player in his investigations.’ The Literary Lawyer (5* Review)


      ‘PC Peter Grant and his co-worker Lesley, two of the few policemen in London who can practice magic, are still working under Nightingale, who must be the oldest police officer in England… not that he looks it. A low-income housing tower gone awry, an old enemy with a bone to pick… and a shocker of an ending – BROKEN HOMES is a delight.’ Charlaine Harris

      ‘… a totally convincing Sorcerer’s Modern Apprenticeship. Focusing on the career of magically-gifted Constable Peter Grant of the Metropolitan Police, Aaronovitch breathes vivid life into a London where old-fashioned hocus-pocus happens, but where wizard cops may also require the very real firepower of the Tactical Support Unit… [the] conjunction of local government planning departments, shady security firms, and willowy tree spirits that makes the Peter Grant concept so enjoyable. One minute Aaronovitch is describing the deployment of Major Incident Procedure, the next describing how the gods and goddesses of London’s rivers have divided up their territory… Peter Grant as a hero nicely represents modern London – his father a white jazz player, his mum a serial over-doer of food preparation from Sierra Leone – and the books deliver a charming, witty and exciting romp through a magical world not all that far from our own, offering a delightfully escapist sidetrack for summer holiday reading.’ The Independent (Emma Townsend)

      ‘Aaronovitch has involved his squad with the theatres of Covent Garden, the clubs of Soho and the Underground; now, he takes us south of the River. Here, it’s all about architecture. Those who are sceptical about the massive Modernist housing estates of the Fifties and Sixties as liveable environments will be made to think again – what if some of those architects had entirely other agendas? As always, Aaronovitch is intellectually witty and often delightful in his sparky dialogue. He knows that his characters have to be put in serious jeopardy: this book includes a particularly devastating twist whose emotional logic is overwhelming. Aaronovitch is never less than entertaining, and here he proves he can break our hearts as well.’ The Independent (Roz Kaveney)

      ‘Smart, edgy and dramatic, BROKEN HOMES is a fine addition to a fascinating series.’ Locus (Feb.2014, p.19)

      ‘Aaronovitch’s writing is often laugh out loud funny, filled with gripping action, well thought out magical theory and fascinating tidbits about London, the jazz music scene, or even the Sierra Leone expats (which includes PC Grant’s family) living in London… a gripping, humorous series of books that are compelling reading and well worth picking up…’ British Fantasy Society

      ‘Aaronovitch has a very witty, casual voice, with a tendency toward sarcasm and humor, which is threaded throughout BROKEN HOMES. And a few crazy plot twists will devastate and delight fans in equal measure.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘A gripping and shocking fourth novel that keeps the reader glued to the page with oddly interesting trivia, cynical and irreverent humour, and a good number of powerful magical displays, and caps it all off with a fantastic ending that I never saw coming. A must-read for fans of urban fantasy, Peter Grant is fast becoming one of my favourites alongside Harry Dresden and Skulduggery Pleasant.’ Founding Fields

      ‘… Aaronovitch’s knowledge of London’s history, London’s finest and London’s architecture builds a solid, believable world in this urban fantasy… I would love to have a tour of London from Aaronovitch; he makes architecture and history so interesting while creating an incredible sense of place… I’ve enjoyed them all but Broken Homes is definitely the best or equal best of the series with its fast-moving serious plot, comedic narrative voice and encyclopaedic pop- and geek- culture references.’ Dark Matter

      BROKEN HOMES, continues in the same rich vein of his brilliant supernatural crime series. Writing about his native London, Aaronovitch has crafted a novel that renders the city in a very different light.’ BSFA

      ‘… this book was truly excellent – and an excellent continuation of this series. The meta plot has moved forwards, the world continues to be developed, the story drew me in and completely immersed me. I love this book, it’s brilliantly written has an incredible world, has characters I love – it drew me in and didn’t let go of me until I’d reached the last page and it’s only through firm determination that I didn’t flip back to page 1 and start reading again.’ Fangs for Fantasy (5/5)

      ‘Much of the books’ success comes from Aaronovitch’s meticulous handling of tone; these are police procedurals which pay attention to real policing, not some Luther-style pantomime, and the demands of bureaucracy are a perfect counterpoint for the uncanny elements. But the magic itself, as gradually becomes clear, also works to very precise rules, which one ignores at grave peril. Such a set-up could easily become constricting, particularly when the nature of the genre means mayhem and murder are mainstays. But the Peter Grant stories are fun reading, simply through his wry, long-suffering line in narration. Wonderful as the world-building and characterisation have always been, the first two books had one weakness: the plotting. An alert reader of the first two books will work out what’s going on hundreds of pages before Grant and Nightingale; which given their training, strains plausibility. Matters have since improved, and rather than jumping ahead, we’re along for the ride here, as the team try to join the dots between an unidentifiable corpse, a stolen grimoire, and a profoundly peculiar south 
London housing estate whose architect may have practised magic. The climax does leave some threads of the plot hanging, presumably to be picked up in the next book – but it also provides enough of a resolution to satisfy.’ Edinburgh (Evening) News

      ‘This series has been utterly immersive, right from the start. After reading RIVERS OF LONDON, I walked past a famous landmark featured in the book and thought, Wow, they fixed that up well after the fire… This touch has not been lost. Some of the locations in BROKEN HOMES are fictional. Unless you know the area they’ve been put in, you would never guess. Architectural and social history, place in relation to existing landmarks and tube stations…all they’re missing is a postcode… This book is fascinating. Not only the real stuff and the stuff which is real enough to blend in, but the obvious and considerable thought that’s been given to how magic works, what the supernatural is and how it can fit into the modern world. The characters are becoming people I know. Not only in the sense that a good author can manage, where you grieve them or sympathise with them, but in the sense that only an amazing author can manage, where you find yourself disappointed in them if the make a certain choice… Plenty of mysteries have been left as cliffhangers of various depths and I’m taking that as a hopeful sign that there’s more to come (I’m watching you, Ben). Those of you who’ve read the others, you won’t be disappointed in the latest and those of you who haven’t, I recommend you do so.’ The Bookbag

      ‘… carries on the narrative flow smoothly from the previous novels. The new addition brings new detail about familiar characters and wends its way through a beautifully shaped plot to a rather surprising end. I was carried through on a wave of excitement, and really didn’t want to set the book down until the final page had been turned- and even then rather excessively enjoyed the Author’s note (‘mine, mine I tell you!’)… Personable, unpretentiously intelligent and humorous in a particularly British/Londoner style, this book is as magical and intricate as London itself.’ Peek Over the Edge

      BROKEN HOMES is definitely the best written and best plotted of the Peter Grant books so far and, without a doubt, has the most exciting climax… It’s a bit slow to get started at first, with Peter being given case after seemingly unconnected case and the links between them forming quite slowly. For the first few chapters, I actually quite enjoyed that, it’s part of the ‘realism’ of the series and I really like the way Peter describes crime scenes and police procedure… the last half of the book is absolutely brilliant. I just love this series… The characters are great… the magic system is unique, and it’s just full of oddball but wonderful ideas. The narration, a first person account from Peter, is really well done, and London is portrayed as the diverse city it really is rather than peopled (and policed) by exclusively straight white dudes. The series keeps adding to the rich world-building with each book and there’s lots of new stuff to learn here without it ever really feeling particularly info-dumpy… despite Peter’s boss Nightingale insisting that [the Faceless Man’s] “no Moriarty”, this book showed him to be a calculating and very credible threat that I look forward to seeing more of… Also, this book finally let Nightingale show off just how badass he is is and it was AWESOME. A really really great book with an absolutely brilliant ending.’ Lulu’s Bookshelf

      ‘Its fun, it has some moments of levity and when added to some darker elements, cracking twists alongside high octane action all round makes this a wonderful read. Yet whilst most would think that these elements alone enough to read the book, the author has also worked in to it a set of characters that not only work well together but created a community that the reader just cannot wait to return to in future outings. All round, for me, this is one of my top UK Urban Fantasy series and will continue to be so for quite some time. I really can’t wait to see what awaits around the corner for PC Grant and friends.’ Falcata Times

      ‘… opens with Aaronovitch’s trademark rapidity and subversive joy with the acronyms and minutiae of modern policing… an enormously fun, fast-paced, witty novel…’

      ‘… delivers the same humour and mischief of the previous books… Its creative juxtapositions of the supernatural and magical and real grit London echoes books such as Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and China Mieville’s Kraken. Fans of those authors should check out Aaronovitch straight away.’ Culture Fly

      ‘… witty, fun and the perfect blend of supernatural, police procedural, humor and, well, the best of being British.’ Book Thingo

      ‘An excellent addition to the series and I will definitely re-read this one, along with the others, whilst waiting feverishly for the next.’ Sleepy Book Dragon

      BROKEN HOMES is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Highly recommended.’ Buzzy Mag

      BROKEN HOMES continues a winning formula, and builds well on events which took place in the previous three titles.’ SF Site

      ‘[A]n entertaining blend of the secret history and the up-to-date human geography of London… this is Harry Potter with hard-boiled wisecracks. There are a number of twists and turns (and reminders of earlier twists in previous novels) which make this much more than a light read. One character, in fact, ends up dead not long after being introduced, despite being apparently set up for significant development. Tricks like this make BROKEN HOMES more than a light comedy: the reader always needs to be on their toes. If “urban” in “urban fantasy” means anything, it is the repartee and cynicism of urban life which drives the tone and here Aaronovitch delivers the goods. He seems to have walked the streets and observed the characters. There is a lot more here than just the neat idea to combine police thrillers with fantasy magic: this is, of course, London, a city whose name goes back to an almost-forgotten god and whose rivers (as the sequence will remind us) include more than the Thames. It is a city where over a hundred languages are spoken and where world-famous landmarks mingle with virtually unknown villages. It is the city where Holmes and Moriarty (both referenced here) fought out their rivalry. All big cities are cities of mystery, but London’s mysteries seem to get turned into literature more than most, and Peter Grant, learning the magic underlying the city, is every-Londoner… There is also a massive plot turn right at the end which will kick-start readers who have been with the sequence from the start into anticipating the next installment, but whose emotional impact may be far less for those who have simply picked up this book to try it out. As noted, not a stand-alone: but very much a series to be read and enjoyed.’ Strange Horizons

      BROKEN HOMES is the fourth novel in Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series and each one gets better and better – this one though has a completely unexpected twist at the end that I guarantee will leave you breathless and have you clambering through the book looking for the clues along the way. One of the great things about this series is how the author manages to portray the protagonists in such a convincing fashion. While I’ve never worked as a copper I have had the fortune to work alongside them on the odd occasion and you could be quite forgiven for thinking the author had spent the last twenty years in the force… a refreshing unpredictability… There is a wonderfully warm and comforting quality to the writing that if I had to offer comparison too would liken with Jim Butcher – who shares that same quality that appeals directly to the reader and makes them feel a distinct part of the adventure. Even though we are now four books into Rivers of London it still feels like a young, fresh series that we have only begun to explore and has a huge amount yet to offer… Ben Aaronovitch gets better with each book and BROKEN HOMES is no exception, it’s witty, friendly and fast paced with some fantastic characters, a great story and one of the most shocking, unpredictable endings I’ve read in some time.’ SF Book Reviews

      ‘When RIVERS OF LONDON came out in 2011 it was in my opinion ground breaking, each book in the series has built upon the last in a unique, witty and captivating style (BROKEN HOMES takes it to a new height)… What I love about the series is the total unpredictable nature of the story/Series, the topsy-turvy contrary nature of the River spirits/Gods and other magical beings. The twists and turns and machinations of the faceless man leave you guessing constantly as to where things will go next, what risks Peter will take next and powers he will try and use. BROKEN HOMES introduces a new form of magic and takes us further into the political/ magical landscape of London and the Rivers. It throws up some serious surprises for the established characters, and delves deeper into the past, with more hints at the geo-political/Magical landscape of Europe during WW2 and before. In this series there are always some fantastic side plots, the boy meets girl plot lines, the boy runs from crazy girl, or  girl from boy who does magic. Always the story arc and the small incidentals will leave you smiling or laughing out loud. This truly is the most interesting, uniquely funny series being written. It’s a must read, no matter what genre you like. Highly recommended.’ Parmenion Books

      ‘One of the things I love most about this book – and of the series as a whole – are the characters. Peter Grant is a comfortable and fun constant, especially because of his humor, and Peter is in top sarcastic, snarky best in this novel. He peppers his humor with current pop culture references, thus grounding the novel in a proper time and place… As for the plot, it is a good ride, more so than it was in the last two books… New characters are fascinating, and old characters are as enjoyable as ever… there is a massive twist at the end that will hit the reader like a ton of bricks if he or she did not see it coming, and it promises some very exciting – and scary – things for the books to come, which, I think, can only be a good thing for readers who are excited to see what happens next in Aaronovitch’s strange, magical version of London. Once again, I am on tenterhooks for the next novel, which I think cannot come out soon enough.’ Occasionally Random Book Reviews

      ‘… you’ve got to like a book where the city itself is the main character—literally. And there are plenty of surprises for alert readers…’ Kirkus

      ‘This investigation runs broadly parallel with the search for Varvara Sidorovna, a Russian Nochnye Koldunyi or Night Witch. Sidorovna was first seen in Whispers Under Ground as an undercover nurse but it’s only here that she reveals the extent of her magic. And it’s pretty formidable! … There is an incredible assurance in Aaronovitch’s writing and characters and I love Grant’s mixture of self-assurance, police procedure and human frailty. I think I have said before that there is some very convincing and authoritative in Aaronovitch’s depiction of the workings of the police: the close relationship, the tensions, the rivalries, the occasionally ridiculous procedures and acronyms. Small details, such as the distance behind which officers follow each other through a door just in case the first one trips over a skateboard… Personally, I think this was the most successful in a hugely enjoyable series! Can’t wait for the next one!’ Book Lovers’ Sanctuary

      ‘… the fourth in the brilliant Peter Grant series: Police procedural novels with a twist. Peter Grant works with the Met to police the magical community of london: fairies, minor gods, wizards and more… if you do enjoy fiction which leans towards the weird, you’re likely to love these. In this book attention switches south of the river where we get involved with some seriously uncanny architecture, the gods of the Thames hold a fair and, as ever, some innocent bystanders wind up dead. A fantastic escapist read.’ Norfolk Libraries Book Reviews

      ‘… Ben Aaronovitch is going from strength to strength…’ No Cloaks Allowed

      BROKEN HOMES is another entertaining novel which takes a while to get going but once it does it delivers one of the best stories in the series so far.’

      ‘… the second half of the book — which includes the subsequent build-up to the climax — and ending is simply phenomenal. As the main protagonist and narrator, I thought Peter would always be my favorite character in these books, but Nightingale may have just given him a run for his money. His anachronisms and total fail with modern technologies notwithstanding, the guy is awesome. You might think you know wizarding duels, but you don’t — not until you read about the one near the end of this book, with Nightingale versus the Russian Night Witch. I think I may have a crush…  the excitement and snappy pace in these final chapters will make you ache for more, and leave you desperate to find out what happens next. Sigh, which leads me back to this familiar place, of pining for the next book. The waiting does not get easier!’ Bibliosanctum


      ‘When it comes to the genre of urban fantasy, connoisseurs tend to rate Ben Aaronovitch’s RIVERS OF LONDON and its sequels quite highly. The adventures of Metropolitan policeman and apprentice wizard Peter Grant have thus far all been based around the city of London (it is, after all, where he works), and the author has drawn from the capital’s rich geography and occult history to create a profound and engaging world filled with the grit and stench of the city, though at the same time celebrating its warmth and wealth of choice.  The very setup of the books is both urban and fantastic… The main story functions as an interesting thriller, and the additional commentary on the way the UK handles major incidents like the disappearance of children is both thought-provoking and carefully handled… FOXGLOVE SUMMER is evocative, mysterious, engaging, and, mostly, enormous amounts of fun. Fans of the Peter Grant series will not be disappointed, and those new to the books should start with Rivers in London, safe in the knowledge that the sequels are just as good.’ Starburst

      ‘Ben Aaronovitch is in top form in this fifth Peter Grant novel, as his beloved police constable ventures into the wilds of the English countryside. As ever, the realistic police procedural details ground the plot, but the wonderful and unexpected fantasy world that lurks just below the surface of reality makes this tale the rousing success that it is. The tension is high from the opening of this unpredictable story, but the gravity of Grant’s newest case doesn’t keep his snarky humor or his wry insight from shining through, making this a book that new readers and fans alike will relish.’ RT Book Reviews (January 2015 Top Pick)

      ‘[Aaronovitch’s] ability to construct a fast, tense, readable police procedural (with magic) is inarguable. The combination—and frequently, the clash—of modern policing methods with magic and folklore remains a compelling juxtaposition, one that’s funny more often than not… Peter’s voice remains compelling. It’s one of the most appealing things about this series. In removing him from his usual stomping grounds to the countryside, Aaronovitch takes the opportunity to cast a minor side-eye at the white uniformity and unthinking assumptions of part of Britain: as a mixed-race lad from London, Peter sticks out in Leominster… It’s amusing. It’s diverting. It’s fun…’

      ‘A bloody good page turner… This is a book that I can’t recommend enough… a great jump on point for new readers, but it also keeps up the greatness of the previous four novels. 10/10’ Cult Den

      ‘There are only a few urban fantasy series I would drop everything for, and this is one of them. So when FOXGLOVE SUMMER arrived on my doorstep, I did exactly that – every other book that was on my plate got put on hold while I set forth to devour this one. Move over, “The Boy Who Lived”, for when it comes to my favorite British wizard, his name is Peter Grant… Out of all the books so far, I feel this one reads the most like a police procedural and also has the strongest self-contained and cohesive mystery plot yet. A lot of urban fantasies sell themselves as mysteries, but this one actually feels like a mystery, with subtle clues dropped along the course of the investigation that the attentive reader might pick up and use later on to put together the pieces… Peter’s most hilarious lines are often laced with strong undertones of sarcasm and self-deprecation, and delivered with the kind of subtlety that contrasts greatly with the in-your-face type of snark that I’m so used to in my mostly American UF heroes and heroines. Oh, but how Peter Grant makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Reading these books in public is a risk, because I never know when something Aaronovitch writes will make me guffaw out loud, drawing stares from strangers around me who all then think I’ve gone nuts… this book is a great example of how a series and its main character can grow while still retaining everything that makes the previous novels so great. An extraordinary fun ride that’s not to be missed.’ Bibliosanctum (5* Review)

      ‘This is the fifth in a series of wonderful tales blending richly detailed fantasy with equally well researched crime fiction… Although this is the fifth novel in this terrific series, if you’re just joining the series then this is actually a good place to start. While there are references to what has gone before – which I won’t spoil here – FOXGLOVE SUMMER offers a funny, hugely entertaining jump on point for new readers, as police officer and apprentice magician Peter Grant is taken out of his comfort zone and plonked right down in the middle of the countryside… Throughout this enjoyable series, Ben Aaronovitch has developed a richly-textured alternate Britain… While never forgetting this is a crime novel, with a meticulous eye kept on police procedure (unlike most TV police dramas), Ben’s further developed his Rivers of London universe in this new novel, with plenty of twists and turns along the way as a mystery is solved (but not without a twist) and others are left hanging for future tales… broadens the saga with gusto. With plenty of dark humour and action, great characters – human and otherwise! – this latest novel more than delivers everything fans will expect from a new story in this brilliant series. Thoroughly recommended.’ Down The Tubes

      ‘Urban fantasy the way it should be. The kind of book that keeps you up way past 3.00 am because you really need to ‘read to the end of this chapter’ and then the next … and the next… Aaronovitch’s laconic humour is skilfully left inside the head and lips of his viewpoint character and adds yet another level of entertainment – though this is not ‘comic’ fantasy. FOXGLOVE SUMMER is well paced and engrossing. You do not have to have read the previous four volumes as it stands on its own well enough, though having the history at hand is always going to help. A fun read and thoroughly recommended.’ Piper at the Gates of Fantasy

      ‘I’m a big fan of this series, ever since the very first book its been utterly original, witty, clever and a riveting read. FOXGLOVE SUMMER was the same and yet a different experience for me to a certain degree, the usual wit was there, and moving the story out of London added a new element, a different edge to the plot, and for much of the book i was utterly riveted… incredible characters, the totally original plot line and depth of imagination… A series I will always recommend.’ Parmenion Books

      ‘Aaronovitch does the right thing for this series. He takes the main character out of the city, puts some of the ongoing and unanswered questions on the shelf and make Peter Grant shine on his own. The story structure is a marked departure from the first four books but, in my opinion, is one of the best in the series… The main character of Peter Grant really comes into his own in this installment. He seems to shake off the idea he is simply an apprentice as he uses only his learned skills to solve the crimes and deal with the paranormal elements… Peter Grant may be my favorite wizard in the Urban Fantasy realm and that is in large part due to Aaronovitch’s writing style. He is always aware of his surroundings and ensures you get to know the city and places you are visiting with his characters. If you haven’t started this series, grab book one and give it a go. Highly Recommended.’ The Literary Lawyer (5* Review)

      FOXGLOVE SUMMER is a bold and exciting new beginning for Peter Grant and I can’t wait to find out where will Ben Aaronovitch take him next.’ Upcoming4Me


      ‘Aaronvitch guarantees a thrilling read; his style and approach to world building are simply too tight and too accomplished not to. THE FURTHEST STATION is a strong example of compact and intense storytelling… We get some nice character development, especially via Peter’s cousin. She’s beginning to dabble in magic herself, which is a little like learning to juggle hand live hand grenades, and this provides a decent B-plot. THE FURTHEST STATION is short, but perfectly formed.’ Starburst

      ‘An excellent entry point to the Peter Grant series for newcomers who like their urban fantasies rendered with a light touch… The story is intriguing enough to pull readers along, and Peter’s dry humor will linger in the memory.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘Though it be but little, this newest adventures of PC Peter Grant (technically book 5.7 in the Peter Grant/Rivers of London series) is fiercely entertaining; the endlessly imaginative Aaronovitch is in top form. Perhaps because there is so much intrigue, ghostly action and unique characterization packed into such a comparatively small space, the deft blend of supernatural adventure and police procedural is particularly impressive here, as Grant is called upon to use all the tools at his disposal, both the magical and the mundane.’ RT Book Reviews (Top Pick)

      ‘So entertaining that I’d readily recommend it to newcomers and old fans alike… perfect for someone who just wants to dip their toes into the world before deciding to take the plunge into the novels… a wonderful book.’ Bibliosanctum

      ‘Thoroughly enjoyable, and thoroughly recommended.’ SF&F Reviews

      THE FURTHEST STATION apart from being a great and (please, please ) filmable story offers a very atmospheric visit to London. It’s a place of hidden history most of us fail to see the magic of when visiting for business reasons. This novel opens up the mythology and, alongside the comedy-drama, I got a strong desire to see all the locations. The sense of place along with the likeable and relatable cast of characters go a long way to imprinting these stories and I can’t wait to read the next.’ SF Crowsnest

      ‘Ben Aaronovitch’s series of PC Grant novels are urban fantasies that somehow manage to combine the jaunty ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello of a traditional British police procedural with the rich mythology and history of the city of London… Aaronovitch has created a wonderfully witty story that pays cheeky homage to its source material… For fans of the series, this novella is a delightful little nugget that sees the return of well-loved characters (including my favourite: the mute, almost certainly vampiric housekeeper, Molly, whose culinary expertise has only improved off the back of her obsession with The Great British Bakeoff). For newcomers, THE FURTHEST STATION is a bite-sized treat that will leave you wanting more.’ Readings (Australia)

      ‘If you like your police procedurals with added ghosts and sorcery, this novella is highly readable fun – a great commuting read, perhaps.’ The BookBag


      ‘Fans of Ben Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant series will be delighted to discover that this latest instalment is just as good a the previous five. Those new to the books (and who for some reason decide to jump in at this point) will also be pleased to learn that this clean and well thought out novel  doesn’t require prior knowledge to be fun… The pace is constant, strong and relentless throughout. Ben Aaronovitch is a master of metropolitan magical mayhem and the action is delightful. This is a tight thriller which is compelling and buckets of fun. If you already know the series, it’s high time you got re-acquainted.’ Starburst

      THE HANGING TREE is definitely one of the best in the Grant/Aaronovitch pantheon. There again, so have most of the previous books in the series and the odds are the next one probably will be too.’ The Bookbag

      ‘Aaronovitch deftly balances urban fantasy with the police procedural. As for Grant, he’s a wonderful blend of laconic copper and, methodically researching how magic works, full-on nerd.’ Crime Scene

      ‘The Peter Grant series has always been a series for people who like their fantasy with a heavy dose of reality – it appeals to me in a similar way that the Harry Potter books did but it does come with rather more in the way of cynicism. That being said, Aaronovitch can also be applauded for the way in which he has managed to build such an enjoyable series which manages to promote diversity without ever seeming effortful or didactic… Peter is also a very good-natured hero, trying his best to be a good copper in trying circumstances and fighting against the tide to keep all stakeholders happy… As always, THE HANGING TREE is a treat for fans of London, this time taking in a visit to Harrods where Peter naturally finds himself in a fireball fight.’ Girl With Her Head in a Book

      ‘As always when i read a Ben Aaronovitch i’m left with a feeling that the writer is just that bit smarter than the rest of us, he is Nightingale, the one who knows and see’s more than the rest of us, but can only impart what we are ready to see and learn. Giving us a brilliantly complex and yet startling simple story of Good-v.-Evil, Copper-v.-Criminal… but if you scratch away the veneer of civilization and look behind the scenes at the world of magic the author has created the complexities grow, the shades of grey expand and the series leaves you stunned at the hugely complex world that Ben Aaronovitch has devised…’ Parmenion Books

      ‘A real game-changer… the next book should be very interesting indeed.’ Speculative Herald 

      ‘… get the audiobooks. For me, for always, Peter Grant will sound exactly like Kobna Holdbrook-Smith and this series demonstrates what happens when the match between book and reader is perfect.’ Locus (on series in general)

      ‘The opening mystery, however, is a new one and twists in interesting ways. Aaronovitch makes channeling Grant look easy – and the result never feels overwrought even when it gets serious.’ Locus

      ‘[H]ijinks, explosions, property destruction on the million-pound scale, a rival tradition of British wizardry (or rather witchery) that isn’t too happy with Nightingale’s old boys’ club tradition, and interfering American military contractors. And yes, the Faceless Man. Narrated with Aaronovitch’s trademark blend of wit, sarcasm, and police acronyms, THE HANGING TREE is a breeze of a supernatural detective thriller.’

      THE HANGING TREE is easy, joyful reading that builds the suspends as the book progresses, culminating in an effective, if somewhat nail-biting ending that leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended Urban Fantasy.’ SF Book Reviews

      ‘Ben’s expertise in character development ensures we don’t get bored. The characters aren’t just multi-faceted, they all feel authentically linked to our world and experience despite the urban fantasy scenarios… wonderful Harrods fight scene… THE HANGING TREE is definitely one of the best in the Grant/Aaronovitch pantheon. There again, so have most of the previous books in the series and the odds are the next one probably will be too.’ The Book Bag

      ‘Very much worth the wait… If you’ve been following along all this time, then this book is definitely not to be missed, especially in light of the significant revelations dropped on us in the latter half of the story… a real game-changer. While it did end rather abruptly, it’s clear that Peter and the gang will have to tread even more carefully going forward, and the next book should be very interesting indeed. Now if I can only survive the wait…’ Bibliosanctum

      ‘The brand new Peter Grant instalment is action-packed and fun, with a refreshing return to the main series story and interesting new characters.’ Crime Review

      ‘The best thing about this series is Ben Aaronovitch’s ability to keep the tension bubbling throughout. You know you’re going to be on tenterhooks by the time you reach the final showdown, as the rest of the book isn’t without incident. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to find yourself anywhere underground with a supernatural being… someone’s definitely going to get hurt… This is a series that really needs to be read in sequence, if you want to do it justice, but be warned, it’s habit forming. Once you’ve read one book you’ll definitely be clamouring for the next. If you’re already a Rivers addict, then you certainly won’t be disappointed by Ben Aaronovitch’s latest offering.’ Crime Fiction Lover


      ‘… funny… laugh-out-loud prose… fans will delight in this outing.’Publishers Weekly

      ‘… recounted with deadpan British wit and irony… packed with fascinating historical detail… Lively and amusing and different.’ Kirkus

      ‘Peter Grant’s London has depth, breadth, and a complex array of recurring characters, and every one of the novels can be relied on to start with a bang… Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant has a distinctive voice, one that makes even the bureaucracy of regular police work engaging and compelling… Aaronovitch writes a tense, compelling police procedural with magic. As usual, Grant’s voice is striking, and the action gripping and intense.’

      ‘[S]till as fresh as ever… Aaronovitch melds the magical and mundane extremely well. There’s a good mix of ‘London practicality’ and ‘unimaginable terror’ here; this isn’t a world where everyone can take the idea that magic is a real thing in their stride. Fear of the unknown keeps things in the margins, which provides a backdrop for the main characters’ struggles… The plot dives straight into strands from the previous titles, tying up plots going all the way back to book one whilst fraying new threads to keep the intrigue going. The pace is solid and steady, the action is as thrilling as ever and the whole thing ticks along like an old yet exciting friend… A must for fans of the series so far and, as always, we can’t wait to read the next one.’Starburst

      ‘I have sung the praises of this series in many a review, and its strengths are so consistent that my posts about it are repetitive. Peter is one of the most appealing heroes I’ve come across, in his humanity, his humility, and his desire for both justice and compassion… Quick-witted… often laugh-out-loud funny… Readers familiar with the series will not want to skip this book.’Dear Author

      ‘[T]hose wondering if we’ll ever get to see the end of this Faceless Man’s saga will be pleased to know, LIES SLEEPING has the final showdown and answers you’re looking for. After seven books, this resolution was a long time coming, and it was awesome… those who have always appreciated this series’ attention to the history and mythology associated with London will find lots of like about this book…’Bibliosanctum

      ‘As with the previous titles, what makes the series work so well is Aaronovitch’s voice. From the chapter titles – “I am Curious (Batman)” is my favorite – to Grant’s sardonic narration, the story capers along amusingly. Aaronovitch’s clear love of the city’s history gives even the scene-setting bits their own life. Plus, Grant continues to grow, as does the passel of people around him.’Locus (Adrienne Martini)

      ‘Things build to a peak with thrilling confrontations, an impressively weird final battle, and a big surprise at the end… Aaronovitch has a way with surprising developments, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.’Locus (Carolyn Cushman)


      ‘In this enjoyable spin-off from the Rivers of London urban fantasy series, Aaronovitch successfully transfers his blend of the supernatural and humor from England to the Continent as he introduces Tobias Winter, a German police officer who practices magic… Supernatural mystery fans who enjoy more whimsical takes on the paranormal will hope for more of Winter and Sommer.’Publishers Weekly

      ‘Aaronovitch expands the universe of his Rivers of London series (Broken Homes, 2014) to include new characters operating in different countries with ties to supernatural crimes and detective work. THE OCTOBER MAN introduces Tobias Winter, a sanctioned magic practitioner who investigates the supernatural angles of crimes for the Abteilung KDA (which fans will recognize as the German extension of the British Folly)… Aaronovitch delivers yet another classic detective novel rich with the magical world building accomplished in his previous work.’Booklist

      ‘Winter’s stolidness is a feature rather than a bug. While there are moments of adventure and daring, the story of this crime is both a satisfying whodunit and a primer on how magic works in Deutschland. THE OCTOBER MAN would be an interesting place to enter the Rivers of London world. Rather than fae, a new reader would anticipate werewolves, perhaps — and still greatly enjoy Aaronovitch’s work. Those who know the Folly will appreciate this outsider’s view of Grant and Nightingale, as well as learn a bit about how the latter spent the war, while still greatly enjoying Aaronovitch’s work, even if it is set someplace new.’Locus (Adrienne Martini)

      THE OCTOBER MAN is a very well-constructed detective story, simple enough to be told in the span of a novella (granted, at more than two hundred pages, this one’s on the longer side) while still containing plenty of complexity to hold the reader’s attention. In addition, its pacing allows for plenty of fast-paced action and police work, but moments of downtime also provide opportunities to get to know our characters better. Despite being in a new setting and following a new protagonist, I was delighted to feel all the familiar attributes and the fine balance of Ben Aaronovitch’s writing style… Aaronovitch has delivered another fun and captivating Rivers of London mystery… I loved getting to meet Tobias and Vanessa, and it would thrill me greatly to see this corner of the series expanded with more stories in the future.’Bibliosanctum

      ‘Sommer and Winter are an interesting team, the latter especially being a fascinating take of the “ordinary copper” style trope that these books do so well… THE OCTOBER MAN is a must for any fan of the series so far and, unusually, a good introduction to the series. It only marginally connects to the big plot of the main books, but does introduce all the core ideas and distinctive style. More please, and soon.’Starburst

      ‘Aaronovitch is well on his way to becoming this country’s standout voice of urban fantasy, with a sprinkling of humour… a tasty little mystery… Set in Germany, with all the usual murder and mayhem the author is famed for, it’s about as enjoyable as a tease can be from a writer on top form.’The Sun (UK)

      ‘There is a joyous familiarity to Aaronovitch’s writing, meaning that fans of the series will delight in seeing how unexplainable events are dealt with in the Rhineland, without ever feeling like they left Grant or London behind… Aaronovitch continues to develop his well-crafted magical alternate/fantasy history backdrop with his usual level of attention to detail. Familiar geographical and historical touchstones are cleverly rolled away, leaving you with a non-fiction reading list that will keep you curious long after you’ve closed the last page… The characters are at once likeable and engaging… an enjoyable jaunt to the Continent that leaves you hoping that the Rivers Of London series will be packing its bags to take us on another outing to a new destination around the globe soon.’SciFi Now


      ‘Aaronovitch showcases a superlative blend of whimsy and grit in the eighth Rivers of London urban fantasy… The suspenseful mystery at the novel’s core is laced with humor and charm. Jim Butcher meets Douglas Adams in this winning series installment.’Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

      ‘… sees Peter taking on new responsibilities both at work and at home and there’s a definite shift in tone towards the stranger side of magic and the broader implications of what a resurgence of strangeness means to the world at large. Aaronovitch is clearly having a blast building on the world he’s already created… The main character is a delight as always… The tone is light, witty, and action packed as always. Cinematic where has to be and detective chic in other places. And, as always, the description of London is so solid and real that you can practically feel the familiar layer of grime the city has… As always, Ben Aaronovitch takes the reader on an unforgettable ride into the fantastic.’ — Starburst (9/10)

      ‘… my favorite current series… delightful, compulsive and fresh — with a love of multicultural London evident on every page, wonderfully diverse characters, magic, mystery, and mayhem. Once you start, you will literally not be able to put them down.’Lavie Tidhar in Washington Post

      ‘Wonderfully blending technology and magic… Aaronovitch creates a fantastic blend of real-world London, harbouring a secret magical underground, delicately interwoven with an alternative history that touches on the origins of computer programming and the work of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage… a solid crime/detective novel that provides fans of the series with another entertaining adventure for Peter Grant complete with dark humour and explosive action.’SciFi Now

      ‘Written with Ben Aaronovitch’s trademark humor and intelligence, FALSE VALUE looks into the places where technology and magic meet, delving into the history of computing and numbers in order to contemplate ancient mysteries and how they may still affect our present day. We’re also introduced to magical practitioners of other traditions, who are this time competing with The Folly for control of a potentially dangerous magical item. The culture clash is hilarious, while also highlighting significant societal differences and attitudes towards knowledge and authority. Given Mr. Aaronovitch’s unflinching commitment to showing off the realistic diversity of modern metropolitan society, this razor sharp commentary will come as no surprise to loyal readers, who will also be pleased at the ongoing developments in Peter’s personal life as he and his goddess girlfriend prepare for parenthood… I envy anyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing these magical police procedurals: you’re in for such a treat, with every book to date being smart, hilarious and wildly entertaining.’Criminal Element

      FALSE VALUE is a rousing episode in the Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series’ Canberra Times

      ‘[A] great read… I enjoyed the new direction and dynamics introduced here. Big things are clearly coming for Peter Grant and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next book will take us.’Bibliosanctum

      ‘[A]nother unmissable instalment of the Rivers of London series’… FALSE VALUE is a welcome addition to the collection and long may they keep comingCrime Review

      ‘Packed with treasures and little bits of history and illusion this latest adventure from Ben Aaronovitch sends Peter deep into the ‘silicon roundabout’… What I love about these stories is the way they are told. You could be listening directly to the author, no filters and straightforward dialogue by real people. Peter is great and Nightingale as the much older generation is the comforting hand on the shoulder…’SF Crowsnest


      ‘Aaronovitch’s trademark humor is the highlight of his ninth Rivers of London urban fantasy (after FALSE VALUE). Here, he focuses on London teenager Abigail Kamara, a supporting character in previous books who’s occasionally assisted apprentice wizard Peter Grant, a member of a supernatural branch of the Metropolitan Police… Kamara is an endearing protagonist who is more than capable of carrying future books. Series fans are sure to enjoy this.’Publishers Weekly

      WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER focuses of Abigail Kamara, Peter’s precocious teenage cousin who has caught the scent of magic and wants to know more, despite all the dangers. Abigail is intelligent, curious and very much the trouble-maker… Aaronovitch quickly finds a voice for Abigail; she’s smart and nerdy, brave and wise enough to stay alive, but really not very cautious. One of the novella’s gags come in form of various footnotes explaining her youthful turn of phrase, which is actually quite handy for the older reader. Oh, and it has the most charming map of Hampstead Heath we’ve seen in a long while, and it’s almost worth it just for that. This is a nice change of style and pace for fans of the series and a great introduction for those looking for a fun fantasy read.’Starburst (5* Review!)

      ‘Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London uni­verse keeps sending new rivulets in unex­pected directions… Abigail is smart and curi­ous, a wonderful combination but one that also puts her in peril… Not only does Aaronovitch’s writing bring Abigail fully to life, it also builds a story that is worthy of her and delivers potent insights about being a teenage girl, which is doubly remarkable because it’s not a perspective you often see out­side YA fiction…’Locus

      ‘I doubt I really need to recommend WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER to people who have read other parts of the series, but for those that have not, it is a great place to start, with an entertaining mix of humour, suspense, and a perfectly crafted world.’Independent

      ‘Tremendous fun from start to finish’Grimdark Magazine

      ‘A total joy to read – there are moments of darkness, especially in Abigail’s backstory, but it had me laughing out loud throughout’Track of Words

      ‘An entertaining novella, and I had a blast. I’m also intrigued with the way it ended, leaving things wide open for possibly more adventures starring Abigail and her foxy friends. Hopefully, Aaronovitch will explore this avenue, because as much as I enjoy the Rivers of London novels, I’m also having a lot of fun with these “side jaunts” with other characters. They certainly add a bit of fascination and variety to the world of the Folly, and if you’re a fan of the main series, you’ll not want to miss this.’Bibliosanctum

      ‘Aaronovitch builds a genuinely creepy scenario with a possessed house and its strange inhabitants and the scenes when Abigail and Indigo are trying to escape are tense, with an unsettling horror film vibe that’s enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck, especially if you’re reading late at night… Abigail makes an excellent narrator… Aaronovitch succeeds in giving her a strong narrative voice and seeing both worlds through her eyes is a great addition to a series that has built up a very justifiable reputation as the most entertaining mix of urban fantasy and crime that the genre has to offer. The novellas (and the graphic novels) are a great way to get a much-needed fix of the world of the Folly in the gaps between the full-length novels, and I very much enjoyed the appearance of Peter’s friend, mentor and boss, Thomas Nightingale, whose interactions with Abigail are always a joy.’Crime Review


      ‘There are no signs of these books losing steam. And this might be Aaronovitch’s greatest success yet.’The Sun (Book of the Week)


      ‘Aaronovitch takes his signature blend of humor and horror across the pond in his gripping 10th Rivers of London urban fantasy… Aaronovitch creates suspense with the question of which locals, if any, his heroine can trust, and the truth is all-the-more satisfying for being revealed only gradually. This supernaturally tinged mystery keeps readers on their toes.’Publishers Weekly

      ‘[A]n enjoyable, entertaining, and well-crafted tale.’Bibliosanctum

      ‘With her gentle humour, sharp observation skills and amusing intolerance for bad language, agent Reynolds joins the ranks of Tobias and Abigail as thoroughly entertaining viewpoint characters who offer an interesting new perspective on this world, adding depth and variety to a series which continues to entertain and satisfy.’Track of Words

      ‘[A]n exciting, humorous and well-designed adventure… an excellent addition to this series.’Blue Book Balloon


      ‘I’m happy to report that BODY WORK measures up [to the novels]. Mightily… along with a by now unusual murder, tinged with magic and senior management feathers ruffled at the even the slightest suggestion of the weird, we get a throughly enjoyable comic book crime procedural (with a killer car). Script-wise, Ben and Andrew come up trumps. There’s still plenty of Ben’s wry humour at the expense of his characters to enjoy and it’s good to see Peter Grant sharing banter with fellow, bemused officer Sahra Guleed, who’s a recent addition to the book cast. Lee Sullivan tells the story with his usual aplomb, despite the number of inevitably ‘static’ scenes such a story will have in an opening chapter ( I particularly liked how he handles a gentle interrogation scene, for example). Luis Gerrero’s colouring complements Lee’s art beautifully, in my opinion, and the lighting work, particularly the opening early morning scenes set by the Thames, are gorgeous… Issue One sets the scene nicely for what looks to be an enjoyable ride.’