Marie Brennan’s WITH FATES CONSPIRE coming soon in the UK!


Above you can see the stunning cover for WITH FATES CONSPIRE, the fourth novel in Marie Brennan‘s critically-acclaimed Onyx Court series. Published by Titan Books on January 10th, 2017, here is the synopsis…

Seven years ago, Eliza’s childhood sweetheart vanished from the streets of Whitechapel. No one believed her when she told them that he was stolen away by the faeries.

But she hasn’t given up the search. It will lead her across London and into the hidden palace that gives refuge to faeries in the mortal world. That refuge is now crumbling, broken by the iron of the underground railway, and the resulting chaos spills over to the streets above.

Three centuries of the Onyx Court are about to come to an end. Without the palace’s protection, the fae have little choice but to flee. Those who stay have one goal: to find safety in a city that does not welcome them. But what price will the mortals of London pay for that safety?

Titan Books has already published the first three novels in the series: MIDNIGHT NEVER COME, IN ASHES LIE, and A STAR SHALL FALL.


Published in the US in 2011, WITH FATE CONSPIRE has received a flood of great reviews. Here are just a few of them…

‘An absorbing finale to a series that has grown richer with every installment.’Kirkus (Starred Review)

Series readers and fans of the Tam Lin myth will be captivated by this complex and vibrant depiction of a magical Victorian era.Publishers Weekly

‘For more tales of a London based on history as well as sheer invention, try WITH FATE CONSPIRE and its predecessors. Instead of the old-style fantasy of quests through green fields and dark domains, Brennan makes the most of one extraordinary city.’LOCUS

‘Brennan has taken a level in skill with prose: her writing was good before, but it’s gotten even better… WITH FATE CONSPIRE is a thoughtfully entertaining dénouement to an excellent series, and all round, a really good book.’

‘Brennan’s characters breathe life into a landscape rich in detail and vibrant with imagination. This title should please fans of Mercedes Lackey’s “Elemental Masters” series and Elizabeth Bear’s “Promethean Age” series.’Library Journal

Brennan’s critically-acclaimed Memoirs of Lady Trent fantasy series is also published by Titan in the UK:


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