Mário Coelho

Mário Coelho is a Portuguese writer, translator and occasional legal interpreter for expats in sticky situations. His fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Pseudopod, and a number of publications in his native country. He favours weird fantasy, horror and melancholic sci-fi.

UNTO THE GODLESS WHAT LITTLE REMAINS is due to be published by Solaris in 2022!

You can find his multilingual ramblings on Twitter at @MSeabraCoelho. Feel free to say hi and compliment his hair.

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Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll has published sixteen novels including THE LAND OF LAUGHS, THE WOODEN SEA, and OUTSIDE THE DOG MUSEUM, two story collections, and a collection of short nonfiction pieces, THE CROW’S DINNER. His work has been translated into over thirty languages. He’s won a Pushcart Prize, World Fantasy award, British Fantasy award, French Fantasy award twice, and the Bram Stoker award. His novella BLACK COCKTAIL was dramatized in a one man show at the Edinburgh Festival. For many years he was a teacher at the American International School in Vienna while secretly writing his novels under the covers at night, lit only by hope and a dull flashlight.

He daily updates a very lively Facebook page, and a website with samples galore of his work, long and short.

Carroll’s latest novel is MR. BREAKFAST (2023).

‘A Jonathan Carroll novel is always that rarest of reading experiences: a genuine surprise, filled with wonder, and apt to change how you look at the world.’National Post

You can read a nice, long interview with the author over on Rain Taxi Review (2003), and also on LA Review of Books (2014).

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Andrew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel was born in London, where he lives today. He grew up in Canada and returned to the UK to complete his education, such as it is (Andrew attended Queen Mary University and did postgraduate studies at the University of Kent in Canterbury).

A lifelong desire to become a professional writer initially earned Andrew some television script commissions and resulted in him being hired as the script editor on Doctor Who, in the days when that role at the BBC was virtually the same as a show runner.

He served for three seasons on Doctor Who, a highly influential run which has become memorialised as the ‘Cartmel Masterplan’, before moving on to script edit a season of Casualty and then writing for and script editing Dark Knight at Channel Five.

Other television commissions include scripts for Torchwood and Midsomer Murders.

He has written novels, toured as a stand-up comedian, written plays for the stage which have been performed in London (End of the Night, Under the Eagle, and his new comedy Screwball) and also written a number of graphic novels.

Andrew writes extensively about jazz for the website London Jazz News.

He is currently collaborating with Ben Aaronovitch on the highly successful Rivers of London comic franchise.

But his primary focus is his series of crime novels about the Vinyl Detective, a jazz-loving record collector turned sleuth; and the Paperback Sleuth series. (Warning: may contain cats.)

Andrew’s blog Narrative Drive can be found here.

Andrew is also on Twitter.

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Jack Campbell

United Kingdom and British Commonwealth only: Represented in these territories on behalf of Jabberwocky Literary Agency.

JOHN HEMRY (who writes as Jack Campbell) is a retired US Navy officer and a graduate of the US Naval Academy. At the USNA, he majored in International Relations and lettered in fencing. On his first berth, the USS Spruance, he served first as Gunnery Officer and later as Navigator/Administrative Officer, with collateral duties including Ship’s Legal Officer. He later moved into naval intelligence and the newly-created Navy Anti-Terrorist Alert Center, where he worked in collaboration with the other services and the Joint Chiefs. He eventually returned to sea duty in the Western Pacific before concluding his career with another stint at the Pentagon, broadening his expertise through service as an action officer for operational plans, interfacing not only with the other services but with diplomatic communities as well. He received numerous awards and decorations for his service, before the end of the Cold War provided an opportunity for early retirement in 1994, twenty years after his entrance into the Naval Academy.

This allowed him to embark on second careers as a writer and father while still at a fairly young age. He lives in Maryland with his wife and children. And he’s moved up the ranks as a writer just as he did in the Navy, graduating from well-received short fiction and articles to book-length military science fiction. His Stark’s War series is accurate and exciting ground-up military sf set on the moon. His Paul Sinclair novels take even greater advantage of his military background, as Paul Sinclair’s development as an officer will over time allow John Hemry to utilize every aspect of his twenty years of Navy experience.

Navy Captain David E. Meadows, himself an author of the ‘6th Fleet’ and ‘Joint Task  Force’ series says ‘Hemry is the real thing. A Navy veteran who captures the future Fleet in space age fiction. Thrilling excitement on every page with fast moving action that captures the reader.’

John’s (Jack’s) ‘s LOST FLEET novels are published in the UK by Titan Books.

‘A slam-bang good read, and yes, it kept me up at night… Solid, thoughtful, but also exciting.’  —  Elizabeth Moon on The Lost Fleet

Agent Contact: John Berlyne

Tobias Capwell

An internationally-acknowledged expert on medieval and Renaissance arms and armour, Toby Capwell is the author of numerous books and articles on this fascinating subject, including The Real Fighting Stuff: Arms and Armour at Glasgow Museums (Glasgow: Glasgow Museums, 2006), The Worldwide Encyclopedia of Knives, Daggers and Bayonets (London: Anness, 2009), and The Wallace Collection: A Celebration of Arms and Armour at Hertford House (Milan: Hans Prunner, 2008).

He appears regularly on television as a presenter and interviewee, most recently on Timewatch: The Greatest Knight’ (BBC2, 2008) and Private Life of a Masterpiece: Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ (BBC2, 2009)…

The world’s only jousting curator, Toby also competes in major international jousts and tournaments, one important recent event being the 15th-century Burgundian ‘passage of arms’ that Toby reconstructed for the exhibition Charles the Bold held at the Bern Historical Museum in Switzerland (July-August 2008), the first joust of this kind to take place in over five hundred years.

Toby approaches his subject in a passionate and unique way, offering equally enthusiastic and original insights into weapons, armour, horses, chivalric combat, and the meaning of all of these things to the people who lived in that world. He is currently Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection, London.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne

In July 2019, Toby gave a lecture at the National Gallery on ‘Bermejo and the Armour of an Archangel’. You can watch that lecture, below…

Michael Cobley

Mike Cobley was born in Leicester, 1959, to an English father and a Scottish mother, the kind of bedrock contrast which, he says, still serves to highlight the value of differences and the strength that comes from their combination.

After his family spent a few years in Australia, he went to school in Clydebank, followed by the University of Strathclyde (to study engineering,) where he ended up writing a scurrilous column of polemic for the student newspaper. From that small seed the urge to tell stories of a fabulous nature unfolded and he began to write with a serious intention in 1986.

After getting several short stories published in various small press SF magazines, he made his first professional sale was to the Other Edens anthology in 1988, followed by more small press appearances leading to another pro-sale to Interzone in 1992.After a few more years writing shorts and a couple of abortive novels, he was introduced to John Parker  who agreed to take him on as a client.

Soon after that came Mike’s first novel sale, the Shadowkings Trilogy, which was published by Simon & Schuster between 2001 and 2005: SHADOWKINGSSHADOWGOD and SHADOWMASQUE.

Mike’s space opera trilogy, collectively entitled Humanity’s Fire — SEEDS OF EARTHTHE ORPHANED WORLDS and THE ASCENDANT STARS — was published by Orbit Books UK between 2009 and 2011. Foreign editions of the trilogy have appeared in France, Germany, and at the end of 2012 in the USA.

Also, short stories have continued to appear most recently in PS Publishing‘s acclaimed Postscripts Magazine, and in Newcon Press’ Conflicts anthology.

After some deliberation, Mike decided it was at last time to tell a story which had been lurking in note-form for over 25 years. It took the form of a standalone novel entitled, ANCESTRAL MACHINES, set in the universe of Humanity’s Fire. It was published in 2016.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne