Emily Rath

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Emily Rath was raised in Northern Kentucky. A life-long lover of words, she’s been writing for as long as she could hold a pencil. Her earliest stories were about daring egg burglars, majestic horse lords, and seafaring adventurers. She put story-writing on hold for a few years… quite a few years… as she pursued higher education. She chose to focus on her other soul mate: international politics. This lover showed her the world outside of books.

Now, she holds a BA in political science and philosophy and a PhD in peace studies and political science. She specializes in African politics and credits her time living in Malawi for reigniting her love of writing. She’s currently a university professor and lives in Florida.

The author’s next two novels have been acquired by Jo Fletcher Books for the UK market — NORTH IS THE NIGHT (2025) and SOUTH IS THE SEA (2026).

You can visit her website, follow her on Instagram, or on TikTok.

Agent Contact: Stevie Finegan

Author Photo Credit: Jennifer Catherine Photography

Sian Radford

Words have always been Sian’s poison of choice and she grew up on a healthy reading diet of any books she could get her hands on. She worked in content creation in the YouTube space while studying for her BA in English Literature and Journalism, before completing a post grad and becoming a secondary school English teacher ten years ago. Sian later moved into primary teaching before hanging up her whiteboard pen to start a family of her own.

In 2021 she had her daughter, Rue, and motherhood led her back to content creation, this time on TikTok, sharing baby-led weaning advice, recipes, tips and tricks to an audience of almost 1 million followers. She combines her many passions, such as child development, nutrition and education, with engaging story-telling to alleviate worries around weaning and give confidence to her audience.

Sian’s interests as a writer are in lifestyle and also children’s fiction, and she is excited to begin the journey of bringing these dreams to life.

Agent Contact: Stevie Finegan

Farrah Riaz

London-born Farrah grew up listening to the soundtrack of Nightmare on Elm Street and Labyrinth and learnt about the joys of storytelling through reading lots, playing with Barbies and The Sims.

After having her “It’s now or never” moment in becoming a writer, she dove headfirst into discovering everything she could about the industry, doing online writing courses and adopting fellow writers to become a part of her extended writer’s family.

Though her feet are firmly on the ground, her mind is often wandering through fantastical lands and alt-sci-fi universes.

She will happily spend hours talking about her characters and everyone else’s characters and gets very passionate about tv shows such as The Gilmore Girls and Hannibal.

Agent Contact: Stevie Finegan