Ben Aaronovitch’s WINTER’S GIFTS out now in new Paperback Edition!

Ben Aaronovitch‘s latest Rivers of London novella, WINTER’S GIFTS is available today in a new UK paperback edition! The first book to star FBI Agent Kimberley Reynolds, it takes the action to the United States. Published by Gollancz, it is also available as an audiobook (narrated by Penelope Rawlins).

Here’s the synopsis…


When retired FBI Agent Patrick Henderson calls in an ‘X-Ray Sierra India’ incident, the operator doesn’t understand. He tells them to pass it up the chain till someone does.

That person is FBI Special Agent Kimberley Reynolds. Leaving Quantico for snowbound Northern Wisconsin, she finds that a tornado has flattened half the town – and there’s no sign of Henderson.

Things soon go from weird to worse, as neighbours report unsettling sightings, key evidence goes missing, and the snow keeps rising – cutting off the town, with no way in or out…

Something terrible is awakening. As the clues lead to the coldest of cold cases – a cursed expedition into the frozen wilderness – Reynolds follows a trail from the start of the American nightmare, to the horror that still lives on today…

WINTER’S GIFTS is available in North America, too, published by Subterranean Press (in hardcover and eBook).

‘Aaronovitch takes his signature blend of humor and horror across the pond in his gripping 10th Rivers of London urban fantasy… Aaronovitch creates suspense with the question of which locals, if any, his heroine can trust, and the truth is all-the-more satisfying for being revealed only gradually. This supernaturally tinged mystery keeps readers on their toes.’ — Publishers Weekly on WINTER’S GIFTS

‘[A]n enjoyable, entertaining, and well-crafted tale.’Bibliosanctum

‘With her gentle humour, sharp observation skills and amusing intolerance for bad language, agent Reynolds joins the ranks of Tobias and Abigail as thoroughly entertaining viewpoint characters who offer an interesting new perspective on this world, adding depth and variety to a series which continues to entertain and satisfy.’Track of Words

‘[A]n exciting, humorous and well-designed adventure… an excellent addition to this series.’Blue Book Balloon

The next book in the Rivers of London universe is THE MASQUERADES OF SPRING, a novella, which is due out in September.

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