The BLACK MOULD continues to spread!

In case yesterday’s North American release of THE HANGING TREE wasn’t enough, today sees the release of RIVERS OF LONDON: BLACK MOULD #3! The third part of the third Rivers of London comic is published by Titan Comics. Written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, here’s the synopsis…

Peter Grant: policeman, trainee wizard and now pest controller. Joined by fellow officer and Muslim ninja, Sahra Guleed, the two are trying to contain an outbreak of vindictive black mould that seems to be going after the rich and heartless.

But after a successful mission, the mould has penetrated the headquarters of London’s crime-fighting magical practitioners – The Folly – and the shitake is about to get real…

Artwork for the series is by Lee Sullivan and Luis Guerrero, and the cover (above) is by Rachael Stott. The issue will also be available with two variant covers, by Lee Sullivan and Lorena Assisi:

Titan Comics also publishes the first two Rivers of London series: BODY WORK and NIGHT WITCH, which have been released as single-volume trade paperbacks:

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