Christopher Husberg’s DARK IMMOLATION out today in the UK!

DARK IMMOLATION, the second novel in Christopher Husberg‘s Chaos Queen Quintet fantasy series, is out today in the UK! Published by Titan Books, here’s the synopsis…

A new religion is rising, gathering followers drawn by rumors of prophetess Jane Oden. Her sister Cinzia — one-time Cantic priestess — is by her side, but fears that Jane will lead them to ruin. For both the Church and the Nazaniin assassins are still on their trail, and much worse may come. Knot, his true nature now revealed if not truly understood, is haunted by the memories of others, and is not the ally he once was. Astrid travels to Tinska to find answers for her friend, but the child-like vampire has old enemies who have been waiting for her return. And beyond the Blood Gate in the northern empire of Roden, a tiellan woman finds herself with a new protector. One who wants to use her extraordinary abilities for his own ends…

Titan also published the first novel in the series, DUSKFALL. Here are just a few of the great reviews the first novel has received so far…

‘The storytelling is fresh and assured and the characters appealing… This is a solid setup for a great new fantasy epic, perfect for fans of Daniel Abraham and Brandon Sanderson.’ Library Journal

‘Leaves the reader eager to discover how things are going to develop.’ Starburst

‘I am just completely blown away. DUSKFALL by Christopher Husberg is just amazing… This book is a must for any fantasy lover and is the one you have been waiting for.’ SF Reader

‘A delicious mix of Jason Bourne, dark fantasy, and horror. The kind of debut that has me thrilled for the future of fantasy.’ Steve Diamond

‘An addictive, compelling, dark and well-created novel. It has all the elements that one could ever hope to find in an entertaining and fast-paced fantasy novel and then some. The gradually unfolding story is filled with such a strong sense of mystery that it enthralls readers from the very first page and keeps them turning pages.’ Rising Shadow

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