Christopher Husberg

United Kingdom and British Commonwealth only. Represented in these territories on behalf of Sam Morgan at JABberwocky Literary Agency.

Christopher Husberg was born in Eagle River, Alaska and raised on a diet of Warcraft, Roald Dahl and J.R.R. Tolkien. At school he made the transition to authors like Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin, and started writing fan fiction.

It was as an English Major at Brigham Young University that Chris started writing in earnest and, in 2010, he was accepted into BYU’s MFA Creative Writing programme. He went on to teach part of the course. His short story collection LOOK ME IN THE STARS received an honourable mention in the 2013 Utah Original Writing Competition. He now lives with his wife in Utah.

His debut novel DUSKFALL, and the entire five-book Chaos Queen series, has sold to Titan Books in a World English deal. The final book, DAWNRISE will be published in Summer 2020.

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Agent Contact: John Berlyne


Chaos Queen Series




  • Chaos Queen Quintet




      ‘The storytelling is fresh and assured and the characters appealing… This is a solid setup for a great new fantasy epic, perfect for fans of Daniel Abraham and Brandon Sanderson.’  —  Library Journal

      ‘Breathtaking… I zoomed through DUSKFALL. The author did a wonderful job entwining the story of three people along with the world they live in and all the side characters. I was never confused or lost and that was wonderful! DUSKFALL is a book that I will be hunting down for a finished copy so I can reread it for years to come!’  —  Night Owl Sci-Fi

      DUSKFALL by Christopher Husberg is just amazing. This is a good example of the books I will think about when people that do not read fantasy go gah-gah over the Game of Thrones. I always want to say, have you ever tried to read a good Fantasy novel? I do not mean to dish on the Game of thrones, but no, it would not make it into my top 100 Fantasy novels, but I think this novel would… a must for any fantasy lover…’  —  SF Reader

      ‘Leaves the reader eager to discover how things are going to develop.’  —  Starburst

      ‘I am just completely blown away. DUSKFALL by Christopher Husberg is just amazing… This book is a must for any fantasy lover and is the one you have been waiting for.’  —  SF Reader

      ‘A cracking start to a series.’  —  Falcata Times

      ‘A fascinating mystery that slowly unfolds, and cultures and religions in conflict. Enjoy!’  —  Melinda Snodgrass

      ‘A delicious mix of Jason Bourne, dark fantasy, and horror. The kind of debut that has me thrilled for the future of fantasy.’  —  Steve Diamond

      ‘An addictive, compelling, dark and well-created novel. It has all the elements that one could ever hope to find in an entertaining and fast-paced fantasy novel and then some. The gradually unfolding story is filled with such a strong sense of mystery that it enthralls readers from the very first page and keeps them turning pages.’  —  Rising Shadow


      ‘The story has some of the action, horror, and revelations of the first volume, but this is a book of politics first: religion versus government, traditional female power versus traditional male power, and the wild cards that skew a chess match not designed for them.’  —  Starburst