Coming Soon: New UK Edition of Lavie Tidhar’s Award-Winning OSAMA!

This September, Head of Zeus is due to published a new edition of Lavie Tidhar‘s World Fantasy Award-winning OSAMA! Here’s the synopsis…

A private detective is hired by a mysterious woman to find a man…

The quarry? An obscure author of pulp fiction novels featuring one Osama Bin Laden: Vigilante… Our detective pursues his quarry from the backwaters of Asia to the Capitals of Europe, the New World, and into a realm of shadows. Here he finds the refugees, ghostly entities haunting reality. Where do they come from? And what do they want?

In addition to winning the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel, OSAMA has been acclaimed far and wide by critics and fans alike. Here are just a few examples of the reviews it’s received…

‘He is a political writer, an iconoclast and sometimes a provocateur … OSAMA is a remarkable and ambitious work.’ — China Mieville

‘… deserves to be widely read.’ — Adam Roberts

‘Not a writer to mess around with half measures … brings to mind Philip K Dick’s seminal science fiction novel The Man in the High Castle.’ — The Guardian

‘A provocative and fast moving tale that raises good questions not only about the heritage of Al Qaeda, but about the slippage between reality and sensational fiction that sometimes seems to define our own confused and contorted experience of the last couple of decades.’ — Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

‘A roller-coaster ride… [a] fabulous opium-soaked political thriller… pulls out all the stops.’ — Rolling Stone (Germany)

‘Moving seamlessly between intense realism and equally intense surrealism, OSAMA is a powerful and disturbing political fantasy by a talent who deserves the attention of all serious readers.’ — Strange Horizons

OSAMA is written with both an obvious affection for genre fiction and a sense of wild-eyed disbelief at the insanity of a world where people fly planes into skyscrapers. 4.5/5 stars.’ — SFX

‘Offers perhaps the weirdest fictional take yet on Osama Bin Laden in this offbeat and enigmatic thriller.’ — Publishers Weekly

Here are some of the covers for the various other editions of the novel that have been published so far…

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