Cover Reveal: Randall Garrett’s LORD DARCY


How great is this cover for Randall Garrett‘s LORD DARCY? The book has been selected for the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series, and is due to be published March 13, 2014. Here’s the synopsis…

In a world where the Plantagenets never fell, Lord Darcy is Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy…

Welcome to a world where the Plantagenet kings survived, the laws of magic were discovered and the physical sciences never pursued. In the resulting Anglo-French Empire, a detective like Lord Darcy needs more than a keen mind and an observant eye. Luckily, Darcy can call on the aid of Master Sean O’Lochlainn, forensic sorcerer.

This omnibus contains all of the Lord Darcy stories as well as the only Lord Darcy novel, TOO MANY MAGICIANS, and has a new introduction by Michael Dirda.

Here is a selection of reviews for Garrett’s work…

‘Some of the finest fantasy ever written … will certainly guarantee him a lasting place in the genre.’ — SF Chronicle (a Best Fantasy of 2002)

‘Garrett’s writing style is as elegant and charming as his setting, and his mastery of atmosphere is admirable … Garrett’s series is in fact one of the best of the genre-benders, which have proliferated so madly since these tales were first published. The stories deftly combine elements of mystery, espionage, suspense, Tolkienesque fantasy, science fiction, the techno-thriller, CSI-style forensic mystery, and swashbuckling historical romance.’ — National Review

‘He has combined the best of the fantasy and detective genres — and made them work as science fiction.’ — Marion Zimmer Bradley

‘Randall Garrett’s most satisfying and enduring literary accomplishment is the Lord Darcy series.’ — Robert Silverberg

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