CRY FOX, collectively, in June!

The collected edition of the fifth Rivers of London comic series, CRY FOX is due to be published by Titan Comics in June! Above you can see the cover for the trade paperback. The series is written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, with art by Lee Sullivan and colours by Luis Guerrero. Here’s the synopsis…

CSI meets Harry Potter in this fantastic new graphic novel from Ben Aaronovitch, writer of the bestselling Rivers of London supernatural police procedural crime novel series!

Vengeful Russian mobsters are looking to hire members of London’s own more-then-natural underworld to bring bloody retribution down on the witch Varvara. However, the ex-Soviet sorcerer is under the protective wing of London’s own wizarding cop, Peter Grant (now a proper detective and everything), and to get the attention of Grant and his colleagues, the the daughter of a prominent Russian oligarch is kidnapped by parties unknown but possibly fox-like. What makes it worse is that Peter is going to have to leave his beloved London and *gasp* go out into the countryside! And when there’s trees and fields and wildlife involved, things never end well…

The first four series have also been published as collected paperbacks and digital editions: BODY WORK, NIGHT WITCH, BLACK MOULD and DETECTIVE STORIES.

Ben’s Peter Grant series of novels is published in the UK by Gollancz, in the US by Del Rey and DAW Books, and widely in translation. The seventh novel in the series, LIES SLEEPING is due out later this year. (We’ll share more information and the cover as it becomes available.)


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