HANG ON, Anniki Sommerville’s New Novel is Out in Three Weeks!

Hot on the heels of Anniki Sommerville‘s recently-published non-fiction book, HOW TO BE A BOSS AT AGEING, the author’s new novel is out in three weeks! HANG ON is due to be published by One More Chapter on May 3rd in eBook (the print edition will follow in July). Here’s the synopsis…

Kate is not in a meaningful relationship, or in fact any relationship at all. The last loving bond Kate had was with mother, who died a year ago.

Now Kate dreams of being a parent herself, and pouring all of her love into the tiny bundle of happiness that will her love unconditionally in return.

Except without any partner to provide the sperm necessary for the operation, Kate takes matters into her own hands and decides upon a series of random encounters to get what she wants.

No one thinks this is a good idea; not her best friend, her brother or her boss at the bookshop – not even June, one of her elderly customers. Because what they can see, and what Kate can’t, is that it isn’t a baby that she needs at all – it’s something else entirely…

Sommerville’s debut novel, MOTHERWHELMED, is also published by One More Chapter. The aforementioned HOW TO BE A BOSS AT AGEING is published by Thread Books — the author also hosts a podcast of the same name, available via Apple and Spotify.

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