New Deal! Myke Cole’s Operator books go to Headline…

Cole ThumbZeno is very happy to announce a new deal for Myke Cole whose Operator books have been acquired by John Wordsworth at Headline – who have, of course, already published two of Myke’s Shadow Ops books to great acclaim – with a third due out later this year. These three new  titles are set in the same reality.

The first of the new books will be GEMINI CELL, which is set be a prequel to Myke’s debut novel, CONTROL POINT

Set in the early days of the Great Reawakening, GEMINI CELL witnesses the birth of the Supernatural Operations Corps out of covert unit dabbling in the occult. Caught in the middle is James Schweitzer, a US Navy SEAL who stumbles upon the secret and pays with his life. But SEALs are a breed apart, and death is only the first step on Schweitzer’s long road to vengeance, revelation and redemption.

The story, Myke says, takes place in ‘a lower magic, occult setting’, yet ‘offers the same high octane modern military fantasy that readers of the original SHADOW OPS trilogy will love.’

John Wordsworth said of the deal ‘Myke is ridiculously talented and his writing just keep getting better. I’m thrilled to be working with him on the next three books,’

UK Audio rights went to W.F. Howes in a separate deal.

Myke Cole is represented in the UK and Commonwealth by the Zeno Agency on behalf of Joshua Bilmes of the JABberwocky Agency, Inc. in New York.

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