Out Now: New Rivers of London RPG Case Book!

Chaosium has released a new case file for the Rivers of London RPG game! GOING UNDERGROUND is an expansion/add-on for the main game, set in the world created by Ben Aaronovitch. The new scenario is written by Lynne Hardy. Here’s the story…

London, 2016: There’s been an incident on the London Underground and the specialist services of the magic branch of the police force are required — what exactly did a terrified workman see in one of the Tube’s most difficult to access “ghost” stations? And, more importantly, what are the investigators going to do about it?

The main Rivers of London RPG book is, of course, still available.

As mentioned, the RPG is set in the world created by Ben for his novels, novellas, and comics. The next book in the series is THE MASQUERADES OF SPRING, due to be published by Orion/Gollancz (UK), Subterranean Press (North America) and DTV (Germany).

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