Stephen Volk on ‘Fantastic Writing’

He’s only been a client for a day or two, but already Stephen Volk is out there flying the flag! Here’s a little something worth putting in your diary…

Stephen Volk is giving a talk on the creating and writing of his award-winning TV drama series Afterlife at ‘Fantastic Writing – science fiction, fantasy and magic: Writing the future, the past and other worlds‘, a one-day event for budding scriptwriters taking place on Saturday 7th March 2009 at De Montfort University’s Leicester City campus.

The day also includes a keynote speech from acclaimed novelist Graham Joyce (The Facts of Life, DOOM), Q&A sessions with guests such as Phil Ford (Sarah Jane Adventures, Dr Who, Torchwood) and James Moran (Dr Who, Torchwood, Spooks), and a presentation on writing for on-line drama.

Tickets for the event are £65 per person including lunch, refreshments and car parking. For more information or to book a place, please contact:

Promotion & Recruitment Centre
Faculty of Humanities

Tel–0116 250 6470
Email – pghums[at]dmu[dot]ac[dot]uk

And here is the direct link to the event web site.

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