This week… FEAR THE STARS!

Christopher Husberg‘s fourth novel, FEAR THE STARS is out this week! Published on Thursday in the UK, it is the penultimate novel in the author’s Chaos Queen Quintet. The novel will be published in North America on June 18th (we’ll remind you then, too). Published in both territories by Titan Books, here’s the synopsis…


Many forces converge on the great city of Triah, bent on its destruction. By sea, Empress Cova of Roden sails with her armada, determined to bring the rival nation under her yoke. From land, Winter, the Chaos Queen, brings her tiellan army, set on revenge. And their advance brings a yet more terrible army still: awoken by the Chaos Queen’s powers, daemons mass on the border between worlds, waiting for a way in.

Caught between the encroaching foes, a small group holds the key to saving the Sfaera from destruction: Knot, the former assassin; Cinzia, the exiled priestess; and Astrid, the vampire-child. But the only way to do so is to step into the Void beyond worlds — from which no one can return unchanged.

The first three novels in the series — DUSKFALLDARK IMMOLATION and BLOOD REQUIEM — are also published in North America and in the UK by Titan Books.

‘The storytelling is fresh and assured and the characters appealing… This is a solid setup for a great new fantasy epic, perfect for fans of Daniel Abraham and Brandon Sanderson.’ — Library Journal on DUSKFALL

DUSKFALL by Christopher Husberg is just amazing. This is a good example of the books I will think about when people that do not read fantasy go gah-gah over the Game of Thrones. I always want to say, have you ever tried to read a good Fantasy novel? I do not mean to dish on the Game of thrones, but no, it would not make it into my top 100 Fantasy novels, but I think this novel would… a must for any fantasy lover…’ — SF Reader

‘Leaves the reader eager to discover how things are going to develop.’  — Starburst on DUSKFALL

‘The story has some of the action, horror, and revelations of the first volume, but this is a book of politics first: religion versus government, traditional female power versus traditional male power, and the wild cards that skew a chess match not designed for them.’ — Starburst on DARK IMMOLATION

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