Victor Milán’s (paperback) DINOSAUR KNIGHTS sally forth in France!

Victor Milán‘s second Dinosaur Lords novel, DINOSAUR KNIGHTS is out now in paperback in France! Published by Pocket as GUERRE & DINOSAURES II, here’s the synopsis…

Les Anges Gris, serviteurs des Créateurs, sont de retour sur Paradis pour la purger du péché. Mais en ce royaume voué à la guerre, aux complots et à la sauvagerie des dinosaures, qui n’est pas coupable? Karyl et Rob n’ont rien d’innocents. Pourtant ils doivent se défendre lors de leur procès pour crime envers la Communauté du Jardin. Venus en aide à la population, les voilà accusés d’avoir porter la guerre dans leur havre de paix. Là même où la princesse Melodia vient chercher refuge. Celle dont l’amant est le Comte Jaume dels Flors, le rival de Karyl, trouvera-t-elle un allié en ce dernier?

Mais surtout, la Grande Armée Impériale réussira-t-elle à stopper la Croisade dévastatrice de l’Ange Gris? L’Apocalypse est en marche…

Pocket has also published the first novel in the series. DINOSAUR KNIGHTS is published in English by Tor Books. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

Paradise is a sprawling, diverse, often cruel world. There are humans on Paradise but dinosaurs predominate: wildlife, monsters, beasts of burden, and of war. Armored knights ride dinosaurs to battle legions of war-trained Triceratops and their upstart peasant crews.

Karyl Bogomirsky is one such knight who has chosen to rally those who seek a way from the path of war and madness. The fact that the Empire has announced a religious crusade against this peaceful kingdom, the people who just wish to live in peace anathema, and they all are to be converted or destroyed doesn’t help him one bit.

Things really turn to mud when the dreaded Grey Angels, fabled ancient weapons of the Gods who created Paradise in the first place come on the scene after almost a millennia. Everyone thought that they were fables used to scare children. They are very much real.

And they have come to rid the world of sin… including all the humans who manifest those vices.

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