Alexia Casale’s SING IF YOU CAN’T DANCE is out tomorrow!

Alexia Casale‘s new novel, SING IF YOU CAN’T DANCE is out tomorrow in the UK! Published by Faber, here’s the synopsis…

An entirely original and much needed authentic perspective from a teenager coming to terms with her disability as she’s coming of age.

Ven has her future all planned out. Her dance group is going places and so is she… Then she collapses. On stage.

In hospital, Ven discovers that she has a medical condition – one that threatens to ruin everything. No more dancing… walking is challenging enough. But she doesn’t want your pity. Ven is determined to have a big, exciting life. Sure, her future might be different, but it’s not over… Because if you can’t dance, you can always sing!

Refreshing, uplifting and original, Sing if you Can’t Dance is the unforgettable story of a teenager living life on her own terms.

Here are just a few of the great reviews the novel has received so far…

‘Without minimising her pain and limitations, Casale has written a flawed and fascinating heroine who is far more than her disability.’Financial Times

‘I’ve never read a book like this before. I’m obsessed with Ven and you will be too.’Holly Bourne

‘Soars with hope and heart.’Louisa Reid

Viking Books Inks Two-Book Deal with Alexia Casale!

Hot on the heels of the fantastic news that Faber Childrens’ has acquired two forthcoming YA novels from Alexia Casale, we are very happy to report that Viking Books has acquired two adult novels by Casale! The deal was announced in The Bookseller, and here are some of the details…

The first book, THE BEST WAY TO BURY YOUR HUSBAND is due to be published in 2024. Here’s the synopsis…

When Sally kills her husband with a cast-iron skillet, she’s more fearful of losing her kids than disposing of a fresh corpse. That just wouldn’t be fair — not after twenty years married to a truly terrible man. But Sally isn’t the only woman in town reaching the brink. Soon, Sally has formed an extremely unusual self-help group, and between them there are four bodies to hide. Can they all figure out the perfect way to bury their husbands… and get away with it?

Viking publisher Harriet Bourton described the novel as ‘wickedly arch’. The novel is also devastatingly contemporary, given the sharp increase in reports of domestic abuse during lockdown, and Alexia writes with an insightful empathy… a gripping yet heartfelt page-turner that’s dripping with mirth (and just a little blood).’

Alexia Casale is represented by Kristina Pérez.

Faber Children’s signs Alexia Casale to two-book deal, starting with SING IF YOU CAN’T DANCE!

We’re very happy to report that Faber Children’s has signed Alexia Casale to a two-book deal! Announced in The Bookseller, the first title to be published will be the ‘kick-ass’ YA novel, SING IF YOU CAN’T DANCE. Due to be published in July 2023, here’s the synopsis…

When Ven starts losing her mobility in her teens, her dream of being a dancer is over before it starts. But Ven is unstoppable so, if she can’t dance, she’ll sing, whipping her hopeless school choir into shape and finding them an amazing gig to prove that life isn’t over just yet. An uplifting story of music and unexpected friendships that captures the breathlessness of first love and the seminal importance of hope.

Alice Swan, Faber Childrens Editorial Director, said, SING IF YOU CAN’T DANCE is an #OwnVoices YA novel thrumming with personality and attitude. Ven, facing some serious challenges as her mobility is compromised by illness, leads the charge on putting her life, and herself, back together. She’s a feisty, sarcastic, brilliant character that readers will love. Alexia Casale has created such a strong, authentic voice and her exquisite writing sings off the page. We are so proud to be publishing this kick-ass book.’

Alexia Casale is represented by Kristina Pérez. ‘I’m thrilled that Alexia will once again be working with the expert team at Faber for the next phase of her YA career. Faber is the perfect home for her poignant and accomplished novels,’ she said.

Casale is also the author of THE BONE DRAGON and HOUSE OF WINDOWS, both of which have recently been published as audiobooks, by Tantor Media.

Alexia Casale’s HOUSE OF WINDOWS Audiobook Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Tantor Media are due to publish the audiobook edition of Alexia Casale‘s HOUSE OF WINDOWS! Narrated by Stewart Crank, here’s the synopsis…

“The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Nick hates it when people call him a genius. Sure, he’s going to Cambridge University aged fifteen, but he says that’s just because he works hard. And, secretly, he only works hard to get some kind of attention from his workaholic father.

Not that his strategy is working.

When he arrives at Cambridge, he finds the work hard and socializing even harder. Until, that is, he starts to cox for the college rowing crew and all hell breaks loose…

Tantor also publishes the audiobook edition of Casale’s THE BONE DRAGON.

Alexia Casale’s THE BONE DRAGON Audiobook out tomorrow!

The audiobook edition of Alexia Casale‘s THE BONE DRAGON is out tomorrow! Narrated by Sasha Higgins, and published by Tantor Media, here’s the synopsis…

Evie’s shattered ribs have been a secret for the last four years. Now she has found the strength to tell her adoptive parents, and the physical traces of her past are fixed — the only remaining signs a scar on her side and a fragment of bone taken home from the hospital, which her uncle Ben helps her to carve into a dragon as a sign of her strength.

Soon this ivory talisman begins to come to life at night, offering wisdom and encouragement in roaming dreams of smoke and moonlight that come to feel ever more real.

As Evie grows stronger there remains one problem her new parents can’t fix for her: a revenge that must be taken. And it seems that the Dragon is the one to take it.

This subtly unsettling novel is told from the viewpoint of a fourteen-year-old girl damaged by a past she can’t talk about, in a hypnotic narrative that, while giving increasing insight, also becomes increasingly unreliable.

A blend of psychological thriller and fairy tale, The Bone Dragon explores the fragile boundaries between real life and fantasy, and the darkest corners of the human mind.

You can listen to a clip from the audiobook, below.

Here are just a few reviews the novel has received so far…

‘With a relentless emotional charge and unexpected twists, Alexia Casale’s first novel will captivate readers… Beautifully evoked… Dark, with unexpected twists and a strong – if disturbing – ending, the narrative has a relentless emotional charge… an outstanding debut that vividly portrays the power and fragility of the human heart and mind.’Guardian

‘Casale’s dazzling debut begins with a sick girl who, when presented with a fragment of her own rib, carves it into the shape of a dragon. And then it just gets stranger. A haunting portrayal of damage, resilience and revenge, and one of the finest novels of the year – in any category.’Financial Times (Books of the Year 2013)

‘Beautifully written, poetic and haunting, this is a superlative debut.’Financial Times (Summer Books Guide)

‘There are numerous young adult novels dealing with dark subjects such as bereavement, illness and abuse, but THE BONE DRAGON stands apart from the crowd. Bold, brave and often unsettling, this tale of a teenage girl profoundly affected by a past that she cannot talk about – even to herself – is also both understated and beautifully-written. As well as dealing with challenging issues, with its positive and thoughtful depiction of adoption and adoptive parents, it is a tribute to unconventional families and friendships of all different kinds. An intriguing blend of psychological thriller and fantasy, this is an impressive and unusual debut.’Book Trust

‘Please read this book: I confess to feeling a certain sense of trepidation in writing this review for fear that my words will not do the book justice. To put it simply, this book has that ‘something special’ factor. From the first few pages I was immersed in this unsettling, hypnotic story that flits seamlessly between real life and reality. The plot is engaging despite the difficult subject matter; Evie is a courageous yet damaged individual and at times her pain and anger is so raw it can be uncomfortable to read. The book also poses a moral question as it explores the idea of revenge and whether you could exact it and live with the consequences. This is a totally original novel and Evie is a character I’ll find hard to forget and I would urge everyone to read this exceptional novel.’Waterstones (Brentwood)

THE BONE DRAGON was published as Fantasy fiction for older children but it could equally have been marketed as a psychological thriller for adults. It all depends on how you interpret what you are reading… a deceptively clever novel… has the scariest happy ending since the original Grimm (in every sense) version of `Snow White’. Whether it is Fantasy fiction or a novel about living out your fantasy is up to each individual reader to decide. Either way, Evie’s story is a mesmerising read.’Fantasy Reads