William Gibson’s ZERO HISTORY Out Now in Audio!

The third novel in William Gibson‘s Blue Ant series, ZERO HISTORY is now available as a downloadable audiobook in the UK! Published by W. F. Howes’s Clipper imprint, and narrated by Bronwen Price, here’s the synopsis…

Hubertus Bigend, the Machiavellian head of global ad-agency Blue Ant, wants ex-musician Hollis Henry to uncover the maker of a secret, obscurely fashionable denim called ‘The Gabriel Hounds’. Hollis knows nothing about fashion – which, curiously, is why Bigend hired her. Soon, though, it’s clear that Bigend’s interest in underground labels might have sinister applications. Powerful parties, who’ll do anything to get into this territory, are showing their hand. And Hollis, as Bigend’s representative, is about to find herself in the crossfire.

Set among London’s dark and tangled streets, Zero History is a brilliant thriller about the hidden webs and patterns that underlie the new now.

Clipper has also published the first two books in the Blue Ant trilogy, PATTERN RECOGNITION and SPOOK COUNTRY (both are also narrated by Bronwen Price).

ZERO HISTORY is [Gibson’s] best yet, a triumph of science fiction as social criticism and adventure.’Boing Boing

‘What matters [about ZERO HISTORY] are the highly textured, brilliantly evocative prose and the stunning insights Gibson offers into what we perceive as the present moment–the implication being, per the title, that’s all we have left. Unsettling and memorable.’Kirkus Reviews

ZERO HISTORY is another smartly scouted roadmap of alternate routes through today’s global culture, as powered by what a friend of mine used to call the military-industrial-greeting-card complex. It’s a world where cool is king, but also the key to power–and the future.’Milwaukee Sentinel Journal

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Digital Audio Edition of SPOOK COUNTRY Out Tomorrow in the UK!

Tomorrow, W. F. Howes are due to publish William Gibson‘s latest new UK audiobook: SPOOK COUNTRY! The second novel in Gibson’s Blue Ant series, it follows PATTERN RECOGNITION (out now) — both novels in the series are narrated by Bronwen Price. Here’s the synopsis…

Spook Country — a gripping spy thriller by William Gibson, best-selling author of Neuromancer.

In New York, a young Cuban called Tito is passing iPods to a mysterious old man. Such activities do not go unnoticed, however, in these early days of the War on Terror, and across the city, an ex-military man named Brown is tracking Tito’s movements. Meanwhile in LA, journalist Hollis Henry is on the trail of Bobby Chombo, who appears to know too much about military systems for his own good. With Bobby missing and the trail cold, Hollis digs deeper and is drawn into the final moves of a chilling game played out by men with old scores to settle…

Those looking to buy a physical version of the audiobook (CD or MP3 CD, for example), will have to wait a little bit longer — that edition will be available on November 1st.

W. F. Howes has also published the UK audiobook editions of NEUROMANCER, PATTERN RECOGNITION, DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR, and THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE (co-authored by Bruce Sterling).

William Gibson’s PATTERN RECOGNITION out now in UK Audio!

Today, W.F. Howes publishes the UK audiobook edition of William Gibson‘s classic novel PATTERN RECOGNITION. Released through the publisher’s Quest imprint, here’s the synopsis…

Cayce Pollard owes her living to her pathological sensitivity to logos. In London to consult for the world’s coolest ad agency, she finds herself catapulted, via her addiction to a mysterious body of fragmentary film footage, uploaded to the web by a shadowy auteur, into a global quest for this unknown ‘garage Kubrick’.

Cayce becomes involved with an eccentric hacker, a vengeful ad executive, a defrocked mathematician, a Tokyo Otaku-coven known as Eye of the Dragon and, eventually, the elusive ‘Kubrick’ himself.

William Gibson’s audiobook is about the eternal mystery of London, the coolest sneakers in the world and life in (the former) USSR.

W.F. Howes also publishes DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR, and is due to publish NEUROMANCER later this month. More audiobook editions are on the way, too! We’ll keep you posted as and when we have details.

PATTERN RECOGNITION is published in print and eBook in the UK by Penguin. Gibson’s latest novels are THE PERIPHERAL and AGENCY, both published in the UK by Penguin.

Zeno represents William Gibson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of  Nell Pierce at Sterling Lord Literistic.