Next Week: Creating the RIVERS OF LONDON COMICS Online Event!

As part of next week’s LIBCON West @ Home, Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel are going to be taking part in an online event! ‘Peter Grant Goes Graphic: Creating the Rivers of London Comic Books’ will be hosted by Glendale Arizona Libraries, and does require registration. Here’s a quick description of the event…

Writing novels is largely a solitary enterprise, but creating a comic book can take an entire team. Author Ben Aaronovitch collaborates with a co-author, an illustrator, and a colorist to spin off his internationally bestselling “Rivers of London” urban fantasy series into a successful run of comic books, all with original storylines. How does this team of talent work together? What are the secrets to adapting the adventures of apprentice wizard/Detective Constable Peter Grant from one format to another? Does the process ever — like Peter’s own experiments — result in some explosions? Bring your questions to a fascinating and funny live Zoom panel featuring acclaimed author Ben Aaronovitch, co-author Andrew Cartmel, illustrator Lee Sullivan, and colorist Paulina “Pau” Vassileva. Moderated by Chantelle Aimée Osman.

Ben and Andrew are the co-authors of the Rivers of London comic series, which are published in English by Titan Comics. Eight story arcs have been completed so far, each now available in a collection edition: BODY WORK, NIGHT WITCH, BLACK MOULD, DETECTIVE STORIES, CRY FOX, WATER WEED, ACTION AT A DISTANCE, and THE FEY AND THE FURIOUS. The series is currently in the process of being published in German (via Panini), and the first couple have also been published in Czech (via Argo).

The comic series is based on the world and characters of Ben’s internationally bestselling and acclaimed Peter Grant/Rivers of London series of novels and novellas.