New SDCC Images for Lavie Tidhar’s Upcoming ADLER…


During last week’s San Diego ComicCon, Titan Comics unveiled two more images from Lavie Tidhar‘s upcoming new comic series, ADLER: WOMAN OF MYSTERY, featuring Sherlock Holmes’s femme fatale Irene Adler. Above is a cover image (possibly a variant cover), and below is a textless interior preview page. Paul McCaffrey will be handling art duties for the series.


The two images were shared first with Comic Book Resources. For more news on ADLER, be sure to check back here frequently, and also Titan Comics’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

Lavie Tidhar is the author of The Bookman Histories (Angry Robot), the World Fantasy Award-winning OSAMA (Solaris), THE VIOLENT CENTURY (Hodder) and the upcoming A MAN LIES DREAMING, due to be published in September by Hodder Books.


Upcoming Event: Breaking the Sci-Fi Industry

CoxE-RG1-RelicGuild-BlogOn July 13th, as part of the much-anticipated London Film & Comic Con, Zeno client Edward Cox will be participate in the ‘Breaking the Sci-Fi Industry‘ panel. Edward is the author of the superb gothic new fantasy novel, THE RELIC GUILD.

On the panel, Edward joins fellow Gollancz debut authors Den Patrick and Jon Wallace to discuss their experiences ‘writing their first novel, finding an agent, securing a publishing deal and starting the publishing adventure.’ Along with tips for aspiring writers, attendees will have the chance to win copies of each of the debut novels from these three talented genre writers. The panel will be moderated by Gollancz Publishing Director Gilllian Redfearn, and will take place on the Book Zone Stage, at 10.45am on Sunday 13th July. Tickets are free and can be collected at the Book Zone info point from 9am on Sunday morning.

The first in a trilogy, THE RELIC GUILD is due to be published in the UK by Gollancz in September 2014. Here’s the synopsis…

Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us.

It was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place, a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir. The Aelfir who had brought trade and riches, and a future full of promise. But when the Thaumaturgists, overlords of human and Aelfir alike, went to war, everything was ruined and the Labyrinth became an abandoned forbidden zone, where humans were trapped behind boundary walls 100 feet high.

Now the Aelfir are a distant memory and the Thaumaturgists have faded into myth. Young Clara struggles to survive in a dangerous and dysfunctional city, where eyes are keen, nights are long, and the use of magic is punishable by death. She hides in the shadows, fearful that someone will discover she is touched by magic. She knows her days are numbered. But when a strange man named Fabian Moor returns to the Labyrinth, Clara learns that magic serves a higher purpose and that some myths are much more deadly in the flesh.

The only people Clara can trust are the Relic Guild, a secret band of magickers sworn to protect the Labyrinth. But the Relic Guild are now too few. To truly defeat their old nemesis Moor, mightier help will be required. To save the Labyrinth – and the lives of one million humans – Clara and the Relic Guild must find a way to contact the worlds beyond their walls.

Be sure to check out the Goodreads THE RELIC GUILD giveaway, too.

Anthology Featuring Zeno Authors’s Work…

BestScienceFiction&Fantasy8-BlogEdited by Jonathan Strahan, THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY OF THE YEAR, Vol.8, due to be published by Solaris Books in May 2014.

Here’s the anthology’s synopsis…

From the inner realms of humanity to the far reaches of space, these are the science fiction and fantasy tales that are shaping the genre and the way we think about the future. Multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan continues to shine a light on the very best writing, featuring both established authors and exciting new talents.

Within you will find twenty-eight incredible tales, showing the ever growing depth and diversity that science fiction and fantasy continues to enjoy. These are the brightest stars in our firmament, lighting the way to a future filled with astonishing stories about the way we are, and the way we could be.

Three Zeno clients are featured in the anthology:

Artwork Reveal – Jim Shields’s BABY STRANGE


We’re delighted to finally be revealing the new artwork for the limited edition of Jim Shields‘s BABY STRANGE. Spooky and gothic, we think it’s rather perfect. Jim Shields is a multiple award winning and multi BAFTA nominated director/writer. BABY STRANGE is his first novel. He lives in Glasgow.

Due to be published by PS Publishing to coincide with EasterCon 2014 (aka Satellite4) in Glasgow, BABY STRANGE is a real attention-grabbing and genre-mashing novel, mixing elements of a contemporary supernatural thriller, hard-as-nails gangland crime, an unlikely romance, and gonzo grotesques. Here’s some more info on the novel:

Con Man: ‘Reverend’ Joe McGill claims he’s a healer, but he’s chosen the wrong man to con. 

Psychotic Gangster: Arthur Bewlay has cancer eating away at his face. He’s in no mood to be messed around – either by fake miracle workers or his dead brother Tommy… and he’ll stop at nothing in his desperate desire to live. 

Eccentric Recluse: Maryam Clemenceau is just what both McGill and Bewlay need – a real miracle worker with a bona fide gift. But it comes at a considerable cost. 

Architect: the sinister link between a Maryam’s Gothic apartment block, and Bewlay’s boarded up, abandoned Victorian pub – buildings that are contaminated with fear and the echoes of old and ominous power.

BABY STRANGE opens with Joe beaten and bound in the back of a car, on his way to an appointment with a cement pit under a Glasgow flyover… and this is not to be the lowest point of his day…

We believe BABY STRANGE is going to make waves, thanks to its dark brilliance. It is due to be published in April 2014, by PS Publishing.


Some Early Buzz for Edward Cox’s Upcoming RELIC GUILD

Edward-coxBack in April 2013, Gollancz announced that they had acquired the debut trilogy by Zeno client Edward Cox. The first book in the series, THE RELIC GUILD is scheduled for an September 2014 publication. That’s still a while away, of course, but this past week saw a pair of articles that featured the book. The first was on Gollancz’s own blog, which saw Ed’s novel described thus: ‘With its split time-line, superb characters and bewitching setting of a vast city cut off from the realms around it where magic is ruthlessly suppressed this is a dark and exciting fantasy set in a city which itself becomes a living, breathing character. It’s a remarkably original tale for any writer to have come up with, that it is Ed’s first novel is even more remarkable.’

The second piece was on Fantasy Faction, which included THE RELIC GUILD in a post outlining some hotly tipped novels and debuts coming in 2014. They also featured a synopsis, which we think will certainly whet your appetite:

It was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place, a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir. The Aelfir who had brought trade and riches, and a future full of promise. But when the Thaumaturgists, overlords of human and Aelfir alike, went to war, everything was ruined and the Labyrinth became an abandoned forbidden zone, where humans were trapped behind boundary walls a hundred feet high. There is no escape, no way in, and magic in all its forms is banned. But the Relic Guild still exist, hunting down powerful artefacts and people born with magic in their souls. And they’re about to discover that the war may not be entirely over…

Expect more news about Ed and his novels over the course of the coming few months – we’ll be sure to share with you artwork when it is unveiled, and no doubt more interesting news and tidbits.

Charlaine Harris & Chris Golden’s CEMETERY GIRL Coming Soon in the UK!

Harris&Golden-CG1-PretendersUKCharlaine Harris, author of the wildly popular Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series of novels, has teamed up with horror and comics author Christopher Golden to bring us a new series of original graphic novels: Cemetery Girl. Don Kramer is handling art duties.

The first book of the planned trilogy, THE PRETENDERS, is due to be published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books in January 2014. Here’s the synopsis…

Calexa Rose Dunhill was just fourteen when she woke in a cemetery. Bruised, bloody and left for dead, with no memory of her previous life, she took a new name from the headstones that surrounded her.

Now, three years on, Calexa still lives in Dunhill Cemetery, struggling with the desire to know her true identity – and the all-consuming fear of what she might discover when she does.

Then, when she witnesses a gang of teenagers staging a stunt that goes horribly, fatally wrong, Calexa Rose Dunhill discovers she has a unique ability. One she cannot control…

The series combines fantasy and paranormal mystery to tell the story of a teenage girl with amnesia who has grown up living alone amid the gravestones. As the trilogy progresses, the truth of who the girl is, and how she came to be there will gradually be revealed. Cemetery Girl is Harris’s first venture into the world of graphic novels.

Here is what Charlaine had to say on the project, when it was first announced: ‘I’d had the bones of the plot for Cemetery Girl in my head for a year when Chris suggested I re-imagine it as a graphic novel. Suddenly, the project made a lot more sense. Since Chris has more experience in the graphic novel field that I do, we agreed to team up for my first-ever collaboration. This is an exciting venture for both of us.’

Zeno Agency represents Charlaine Harris in the UK/Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Cover Reveal: Brandon Sanderson’s WORDS OF RADIANCE…

Sanderson-SA2-WordsOfRadiance-BlogWe’re very happy to share with you the UK cover art for Brandon Sanderson‘s WORDS OF RADIANCE! The second volume of the internationally bestselling Stormlight Archive fantasy series, WORDS OF RADIANCE is due to be published in 2014 by Gollancz. Here is the early, rather brief synopsis from the publisher’s page…

Return to a planet swept by apocalyptic storms, a world tipping into war as aristocratic families move to control the shard blades and shard plates, ancient artifacts from a past civilisation that can win wars.

As the world tips into a war for control of the mythical artifacts of power made from Shard, characters are swept up into new dangers which will threaten their integrity and their lives.

The first book in the Stormlight Archive, THE WAY OF KINGS is available now in eBook and in paperback (split into two volumes – it’s an immense, engrossing tome of a novel!).

Here is a little more information about the second Stormlight novel, from an introduction to WORDS OF RADIANCE on Brandon’s website

In [THE WAY OF KINGS], we were introduced to the remarkable world of Roshar, a world both alien and magical, where gigantic hurricane-like storms scour the surface every few days and life has adapted accordingly. Roshar is shared by humans and the enigmatic, humanoid Parshendi, with whom they are at war. Among those caught up in the conflict are Highprince Dalinar Kholin, who leads the human armies; his neice Jasnah, a renowned scholar; her student Shallan, a brilliant but troubled young woman; and Kaladin, a military slave who, by the book’s end, was beginning to become the first magically endowed Knight Radiant in centuries.

In WORDS OF RADIANCE, their intertwined stories will continue and, as Sanderson fans have come to expect, develop in unexpected, wonderfully surprising directions. The war with the Parshendi will move into a new, dangerous phase, as Dalinar leads the human armies deep into the heart of the Shattered Plains in a bold attempt to finally end it. Shallan will come along, hoping to find the legendary, perhaps mythical, city of Urithuru, which Jasnah believes holds a secret vital to mankind’s survival on Roshar. The Parshendi take a dangerous step to strengthen themselves for the human challenge, risking the return of the fearsome Voidbringers of old. To deal with it all, Kaladin must learn to how to fulfill his new role, while mastering the powers of a Windrunner.

Brandon Sanderson is represented by Zeno in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Iain Sinclair’s Upcoming Book Tour…


To celebrate the imminent release of Iain Sinclair‘s AMERICAN SMOKE, the author is going on a book tour. Starting on October 12th, Iain has a number of events in his diary all the way through to January 2014. Here is the book’s synopsis…

Completing the trilogy begun with HACKNEY, THAT ROSE-RED EMPIRE and continued with GHOST MILK, Iain Sinclair breaks for the border with AMERICAN SMOKE, his first full engagement with the memory-filled landscapes of the American Beats and their fellow travellers, echoed as always in the mythologies of London, through which so many of them also passed.

In a book filled with bad journeys and fated decisions, this is an epic walk in the footsteps of Malcolm Lowry, Charles Olson, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Gary Snyder and more, heated by obsession (the Old West, volcanoes, Mexico) and enlivened by false memories, broken reports and strange adventures.

With AMERICAN SMOKE, Sinclair confirms his place as the most innovative of our chroniclers of the contemporary.

AMERICAN SMOKE is due to be published in the UK on November 2013 (Hamish Hamilton) and in the US in April 2014 (Farrar Strauss) . Below you will find information (including links, where available) for the events. Some of the finer details are yet to be confirmed, so be sure to confirm with the venues:

Saturday October 12th

  • Event:  Durham Book Festival
  • Time:  7.00pm
  • Venue:  St. Chad’s College Chapel, 18 North Bailey, Durham City, County Durham DH1 3RH

Friday October 18th

  • Event:  Manchester Literature Festival
  • Time:  5.30pm
  • Venue:  International Anthony Burgess Foundation, The Engine House, Chorlton Mill, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester M1 5BY

Saturday October 19th

  • Event:  Bloomsbury Festival
  • Time:  5.00pm
  • Venue:  Senate House, London, Greater London WC1E

Sunday October 27th

  • Event:  The Beat Generation/The Rest is Noise Festival
  • Time:  10.30am
  • Venue:  South Bank Centre

Wednesday November 6th

  • Event:  Royal Society of Literature, chaired by Deborah Moggach
  • Time:  7.00pm
  • Venue:  Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 0RN

Thursday November 7th

  • Event:  Iain Sinclair and Gary Walkow present Beat – part of the London film season Iain Sinclair 70 x 70
  • Time:  6.45pm
  • Venue:  Zilkha Auditorium, Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX

Friday November 8th

  • Event:  LAUNCH of American Smoke, in association with the 70×70 film series.  Screenings of Nostalgia for the Light (2010), dir. Patricio Guzman, and Tornado (2000-2010), dir. Francis Alys.
  • Time:  7.00pm
  • Venue:  Sea Cadets building, 110 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0JX

Wednesday November 20th

  • Event:  Film event
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue:  ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

Thursday November 21st

  • Venue:  LRB Bookshop, 14 Bury Place, London WC1A 2JL

Thursday November 28th

  • Event:  Topping and Company Bath
  • Time:  8.00pm
  • Venue:  Topping and Company Booksellers Bath, The Paragon, Bath BA1 5LS

Wednesday December 4th

  • Event:  Broadway Bookshop event
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue:  The Broadway Bookshop, 6 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 4QJ

Wednesday January 8th

  • Venue:  Central St Martins

Unveiling Lavie Tidhar’s ADLER…

Over the weekend at San Diego ComicCon, Titan Comics announced its new wave of creator-owned titles for 2014. Among them is Zeno client Lavie Tidhar‘s ADLER. Here’s the teaser image that was unveiled at the convention…


ADLER has been described by Titan as ladies of literature action-adventure’ and ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen’. It focuses on Irene Adler as the titular character, with a host of other female figures from classic Victorian literature.

Tidhar said, ‘I felt disgruntled enough with recent depictions of Irene Adler (in films/TV) as a sort of Sherlock/Moriarty plaything, to actually do something about it – and in some miraculous way, it worked!’ Tidhar described the project as ‘predominantly a fun (I hope!) self-contained serial (it will be collected into a trade graphic novel at the end of the run), kind of steampunky, with a vibe a little similar to the Bookman novels.’

Lavie will be working with artist Paul McCaffrey (Zombies Vs. RobotsTMNT: The Fugitoid). The two had previously collaborated on adult picture book GOING TO THE MOON, about a boy with Tourette’s who wants to become an astronaut.

Tidhar is the 2012 World Fantasy Award winner of OSAMA, the aforementioned Bookman Histories (THE BOOKMAN, CAMERA OBSCURA, and THE GREAT GAME) published by Angry Robot Books, and many other critically-acclaimed novellas and more. His latest novel, the superhero-themed thriller THE VIOLENT CENTURY, will be published in October by Hodder.