Sylvia Hunter

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Sylvia Izzo Hunter was born in Calgary, Alberta, back in the days before Star Wars, and started making up stories at approximately the time she learned to talk. A couple of decades ago she moved to Toronto, Ontario, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. She studied English and French literature (with a particular focus on medieval and Renaissance poetry and drama) at York University.

Hunter is the author of the Midnight Queen series, published in the UK by Allison & Busby: THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN and the upcoming LADY OF MAGICK. A third novel in the series, A SEASON OF SPELLS, is forthcoming. The series is a historical fantasy, set in an alternative Regency England.

You can find more information about Sylvia’s writing and series at her website: on her blog and also on her FAQ page.

Sylvia is also on Twitter: @sylwritesthings

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Midnight Queen Series

Published in the US by Ace.




  • The Midnight Queen Series



Midnight Queen Series:

- LADY OF MAGICK- Allison & Busby (UK, 2017)
- THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN - Allison & Busby (UK, 2016)




      ‘Elegantly written, fast-paced and highly original – a stunning story of magic, scholarship, and true love. Sylvia Izzo Hunter brings both rural Brittany and an alternative Regency England to vivid life. A remarkably assured debut.’  —  Juliet Marillier, National Bestselling Author of the Sevenwaters Novels

      ‘The history of her world is not the usual stuff … If Hunter can be this inventive in her first novel, I can’t wait to see what she does next.’  —  Marie Brennan, author of The Tropic of Serpents

      ‘In THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN, Izzo Hunter pulls from a multitude of mystical tales and myths to create her own magical version of Britain that is both innovative and intriguing. The plot is creative and suspenseful — and never predictable. Your affection for the dynamic heroes will only grow as Hunter’s characters face challenge after unexpected challenge. The MIDNIGHT QUEEN is a novel that readers will be unable to put down.’  —  RT Book Reviews

      THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN is, above all else, a powerfully atmospheric novel, and a huge reason why is because of Hunter’s writing….The atmosphere is incredible, and the characters are fantastically believable and delightfully developed… THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN is a love story that will warm your heart, and a story of magic and struggle, truth and might, in the face of all odds, with some stunning writing that will really hook readers and brings them into the colorful world that Hunter has created.’  —  Bookworm Blues

      ‘A well-balanced blend of fantasy with a historical fiction-type setting, overlaid with a story laced with a heavy dose of the kind of chaste, slow-burn romance one might find in a traditional Regency novel… THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN is a very beautiful, very atmospheric novel about young love.’  —  Bibliosanctum

      ‘Hunter pulls off the affected and mannered speech very well, both in dialogue and narrative…Sylvia Izzo Hunter has crafted an impressive debut novel and begun a provocative series.’  —  SFF World

      ‘A great fantasy introductory book… THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN sets up a storyline with intrigue, magic and romance…[that is] a really fun ride.’  —  Seattle Geekly


      ‘Entertaining… Sophie and Joanna play central roles, which will delight fans of strong women. Hunter’s charming world, just a few steps off-center of our own, continues to offer many possibilities for future adventure.’  —  Publishers Weekly

      ‘The second installment in Hunter’s Noctis Magicae series will attract both familiar and new readers. The new kingdom of Alba is a stark contrast to Hunter’s version of Britain but every bit as creative and fascinating, allowing for a completely new and unexpected plot. The characters continue to grow and change, as individuals and as a couple, as they face both magical and personal challenges. A new twist in every chapter will keep readers desperately turning pages until the end.’  —  RT Book Reviews

      ‘Another intriguing fantasy set in an alternate history version of Regency-era Europe.’  —  Library Journal


      ‘Hunter’s characters and setting feel fully formed, and the story moves briskly through its twists and turns. This compelling blend of fantasy, intrigue, and Regency romance adds up to a thoroughly satisfying adventure.’  —  Publishers Weekly