Simon Green

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Simon Green is a British New York Times best-selling author, and one of the genre’s most prolific novelists to boot. Among his numerous,  multi-volume series are The Twilight of the Empire, Deathstalker (SF), Hawk and Fisher, The Forest Kingdom(fantasy), the extremely popular Nightside urban fantasy series, Secret Histories, and the new Ghost Finders series. Simon’s work has predominantly been published in the US by Roc.
Simon was born in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England (where he still resides), in 1955. He has obtained an M.A. in Modern English and American Literature from Leicester University and he also studied history and has a combined Humanities degree. His writing career started in 1973, when he was a student in London. His first actual sale was a story titled Manslayer, back in 1976, but it didn’t appear till much later; Awake, Awake…. was his first sale to a professional editor, in 1979. Furthermore he sold some six or seven stories to semi-pro magazines before that market disappeared practically overnight.

After years of publishers’ rejection letters, he sold an incredible seven novels in 1988, just two days after he started working at Bilbo’s Bookshop in Bath. Simon followed this incredible year with two more sales in 1989, and a commission to write the bestselling novelization of the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which has sold more than 370.000 copies.

Simon’s Nightside series (now clocking in at twelve titles, following a recent US deal with Roc) was originally released in the UK by Solaris.

In 2014 and 2015, Jo Fletcher Books will be re-issuing many of Simon’s novels – including the Nightside and Secret Histories books – in the UK as eBooks.

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Gideon Sable Series

Published in the UK and North America by Severn House


Ishmael Jones Mysteries

Published in the UK and North America by Severn House



Released in the UK as eBooks by Jo Fletcher Books in 2014




Secret Histories

Released in the UK as eBooks by Jo Fletcher Books in 2014-15


Ghost Finders

Released in the UK as eBooks by Jo Fletcher Books in 2015-16.


Forest Kingdom/Blue Moon


Hawk & Fisher




  • Gideon Sable
  • Ishmael Jones Mysteries
  • Ghost Finders Series
  • The Tales of the Nightside
  • Secret Histories



    • Gideon Sable #1: THE BEST THING YOU CAN STEAL

      ‘This novel by the author of the terrific Ishmael Jones series is a treat for anyone who relishes the blending of alternate-world fantasy, urban fantasy, and the caper novel. Exciting, witty, and stuffed full of fun.’Booklist

      ‘[Green] gives an urban fantasy twist to Oceans 11.’Publisher’s Weekly

      ‘You don’t so much read a Simon R Green novel as grab on with both hands and hope you’re still alive at the end of the ride… [Green’s] writing is the very definition of pure, unadulterated escapism.’The Eloquent Page

      ‘If you like the idea of a snark-sparked team coming together in order to pull off the caper of the century, Gideon Sable might just be your jam.’Reading Reality

      ‘If you like gritty, funny, slapdash urban fantasy heist novels with crazy characters… you will enjoy this.’Hidden in Pages

      ‘[Featuring] pacey writing, strong characters and tongue-in-cheek humour that doesn’t take itself too seriously.’ — Brain Fluff

    • Ishmael Jones #10: BURIED MEMORIES

      ‘Green offers enough to please series fans and hook newcomers, while posing new mysteries.’ Publisher’s Weekly

    • Ishmael Jones #9: THE HOUSE ON WIDOWS HILL

      ‘A fast, fun supernatural thriller that never takes itself too seriously.’Kirkus

      ‘This thoroughly entertaining adventure works equally well with series followers and with newbies to the world of Ishmael Jones.’Booklist

    • Ishmael Jones #8: NIGHT TRAIN TO MURDER

      ‘Fun, fast-paced, light fare that passes almost as quickly as that fatal train ride.’Kirkus

      ‘[An] entertaining romp.’Publishers Weekly

      ‘Energetically written, with larger-than-life characters, stories that gleefully push the boundaries of plausibility, and plenty of neck-wrenching plot twists […] SF/fantasy fans who haven’t yet discovered the Jones novels are in for a real treat.’ Booklist

    • Ishmael Jones #7: TILL SUDDEN DEATH DO US PART

      ‘The big story here is his struggle to maintain his own humanity.’Kirkus

      ‘Fans of the series will be delighted to reconnect with the quick-witted detective and to learn a little bit more about his early days on the planet.’Booklist

      ‘[Green] does a nice job of creating a spooky atmosphere.’ — Publishers Weekly

    • Ishmael Jones #6: MURDER IN THE DARK

      ‘Green follows up INTO THE THINNEST OF AIR with this latest blend of sf, mystery, and horror that features the author’s trademark black humor and ratchets up the suspense with a compelling story line reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.’Library Journal

      ‘When some researchers discover what appears to be a black hole that has suddenly manifested itself in Somerset, of all places, secret agent Ishmael Jones is on the case. Jones, an alien who landed on Earth in the 1960s and now masquerades as a human, is an operative of the Organization, a shadowy outfit that deals with events of a creepy, otherworldly, or just plain weird nature. In this case, what starts out as an investigation into a possible doorway to another universe turns into a homicide investigation. Jones is a very interesting character, a man (?) of many layers, and readers who have been following his adventures will find much to enjoy in this latest escapade. Readers who have not yet made Jones’ acquaintance need to get with the program now.’Booklist

    • Ishmael Jones #5: INTO THE THINNEST OF AIR

      ‘[T]hose who love the series for Ishmael’s quick wit will be pleased.’Booklist

    • Ishmael Jones #4: DEATH SHALL COME

      ‘In Green’s entertaining fourth Ishmael Jones Mystery… Ishmael, an extraterrestrial in human form and ace British secret agent, and his earthly companion, Penny Belcourt, travel from London to Cardavan House (“a really long way from anywhere”) at the behest of the Colonel, Ishmael’s contact at his principal employer, the super-secret Organization… The story soon settles into a comfortable country house mystery: when one of the bickering family members is found bludgeoned to death in front of the empty sarcophagus, Ishmael uses his intelligence, phenomenal strength, and exquisite sense of smell to track down who—or what—is responsible. Green once again smoothly blends science fiction with classic detection.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘Green’s style of sci-fi blends levity with a high body count. His target audience, reading less for the mystery than for his signature style, will doubtless find this morsel as tasty as the others.’ Kirkus

      ‘This fourth series adventure (after VERY IMPORTANT CORPSES) is fast-paced, entertaining, and genre-bending…’ Library Journal

      ‘Lovers of high-quality fantasy and science fiction should make it a point to seek this guy out, if they haven’t already.’Booklist

      ‘This relatively new series is a wonderful balance of murder mystery and urban fantasy with a sci-fi twist. We loved Ishmael and Penny’s witty banter as they sleuth out the clues and find the culprit – hopefully before the body count gets too high.  If you enjoyed Green’s previous books or if you are looking for a classic mystery with a modern twist, this is the series for you!’That’s What I’m Talking About

    • Ishmael Jones #3: VERY IMPORTANT CORPSES

      ‘Ishmael is a wonderful character, an extraterrestrial living among humans, and the series (this is the third installment) is a clever mixture of thriller and SF-horror genres. Green is best known for the Deathstalker space operas, but give this one a few more installments to develop, and it could well become Green’s masterwork.’ Booklist (Starred Review)

      ‘I recommend VERY IMPORTANT CORPSES if you are looking for a fun, scary, and entertaining read before bedtime.’ Fantasy Book Review

    • Ishmael Jones #2: DEAD MAN WALKING

      ‘Not to be taken too seriously, this meld of SF and traditional hard-boiled spy fiction hints at plenty of further adventures.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘This sequel to the wonderful THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROAD takes the basic structure of a traditional English country house mystery and mixes it with a bit of supernatural horror and suspense. Richard Kadrey and E.E. Knight fans will particularly relish Green’s genre-blending novel.’ Library Journal

      ‘It’s the kind of novel that reads easily, and that just as easily holds your attention from the first page to the last, making you regret the story is over and making you long for the next adventure of the characters you’ve come to love over the course of this tale… Fun, quirky and most importantly: slightly different from what you would traditionally expect in the genre.’ The Gatehouse

    • Ishmael Jones #1: THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROAD

      ‘[A] brisk, breezy first in a new mystery series… Convincing supernatural twists [and] witty chapter titles… readers will be anxious for a sequel.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘I really enjoyed the book. If anything it was over too soon. The author captures the English Country Manor Murder Mystery feel very well, as he sets up pretty much everybody as a suspect…I look forward to finding out more in future volumes.’ British Fantasy Society

      ‘Genre-blending author Green introduces another wisecracking protagonist, Ishmael Jones…Fans of the British TV series Torchwood will enjoy the irreverent, otherworldly protagonist.’ Booklist

      ‘A new book from Green is always a treat for SF and urban fantasy fans, because they know that in his fictional worlds things are never quite what they seem until it’s too late. His first foray into more traditional crime fiction (albeit with an otherworldy flavor) will delight mystery readers, especially those who relish a bit of genre blending.’ Library Journal

      ‘Without a doubt, this is one of the best books the author has ever penned…This is probably one of his most descriptive books to date when it comes to delving deeply into the perpetrator. Some things that have been described in his previous books were never as scary as they are in this particular novel. What I loved the most about the Dark Side of the Road isn’t the blending of several genres, the atmosphere or the suspense, which are all masterfully done, but the leading character… [it is] such a fantastic book. For everyone that loves murder mysteries, and that can stomach some pretty scary scenes, this is a definite recommendation.’ The Gatehouse


      ‘… Simon R. Green takes his hero through a maze of twisted streets and unexpected alleys. Rife with demons, ghosts and worse, it’s not a place for the faint of heart. Devotees of edgy urban fantasists Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher will eat this one up.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘… a bombastic collision between fantasy and private eye noir with British overtones… I really enjoyed Taylor’s laid back character, and his power fascinated me. Green brings him to life on the page almost effortlessly, delineating his likes and dislikes as a matter of course as the investigation proceeds.’ BlogCritics

      ‘… some great original twists, and most importantly is a hell of a lot of fun…’ Bart’s Bookshelf

      ‘This world is one of the strangest, deepest and weirdest I’ve ever come across… some amazingly fun characters…’ Fangs for the Fantasy

      ‘Take a hard-boiled detective novel and a very dark urban fantasy novel, and bang their heads together, really hard. This book is what you get… This book stands out from the usual slew of urban fantasy by virtue of grit and originality. The humor ranges from dry to downright morbid, but always hits the mark. The characters are fascinating, from John with his uncanny knack for finding what doesn’t want to be found, to supporting cast like Razor Eddie and the Collector. Love ’em or hate ’em, they will absolutely stick in your mind. So will the Nightside itself, a bleak but compelling world of its own that draws from the seamier parts of our own. A bar that’s sometimes there and sometimes not, Timeslips that can drop you into the present or the past, a house that eats people, that sort of thing. Something from the Nightside holds the greatest appeal for fans of urban fantasy and dark fantasy, but is well worth a look if you enjoy detective stories. It’s just the thing for reminding you that your own life could suck a whole lot more than it does. Though it stands well by itself, there are hints of unresolved questions that could easily lead to a series – and I’d love to see where they go. Highly recommended.’ Infinity Plus

      ‘So much fun it’s practically irresistible… the start of a series of books that could come to dominate our beach reading for many a summer to come.’ Cemetery Dance

      ‘A fast-paced, macabre excursion into an entertaining world of twisted heroes and rampant weirdness.’ Locus

      ‘Nobody delivers sharp, crackling dialogue better than Green, and no one whisks readers away to more terrifying adventures or more bewildering locales.’ Black Gate #6, Fall 2003

      ‘A grand tour… the setup and the writing are good enough to make me hope for more in the series in the near future.’ Science Fiction Chronicle

      ‘A fascinating little gem that makes people want to walk on the wild and visit his extraordinary world.’ Midwest Book Review

      ‘A fun read, lots of action and some pretty wild character. I get the feeling Simon Green is setting up a series, and I’ll be willing to read more of them.’ Books ‘n’ Bytes


      ‘… an absolute hoot. And there’s considerable skill displayed in making all these disparate angles and angels hang together in a quick, fun book to read. Green makes everything he does look very easy. Yet he creates a complex picture in the reader’s mind.’ Trashotron

      ‘… immense fun. The books are short, exciting – and I’ve overused the word but there is no better — fantastic. I have never come across a world like this, it’s utterly unique, completely absorbing and I love it.’Fangs for the Fantasy

      ‘Green’s writing style is a mix of creepy and matter-of-fact, perfectly suited to his dark-tinged story. Supernatural and religious elements combine in the Twilight Zone-like setting, biblical stories come to life and angels go to war. The ending twist is somewhat telegraphed but doesn’t diminish the overall enjoyment.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Considerable skill… a quick fun book to read… a lot of talent on display… so much fun you’re only thinking about what comes on the next page – or in the next book.’Cemetery Dance

      ‘Even better than the first… one of the easiest and fastest reads I’ve had this summer.’(Science Fiction) Chronicle


      ‘Taylor has his own personal battles to fight as well, as he comes closer to discovering the truth about his lost mother and solving the mysteries that haunt his past. This strong characterization of a complicated hero is one of the qualities that makes Green’s series effective. He deftly balances his hero’s turmoil as he fights the darkness both within and without. With dark humor and psychological horror he rivals urban horror writers such as Jim Butcher and Christopher Golden; Laurell Hamilton fans should enjoy this series as well.’RT Book Reviews

      ‘Like Green’s other novels — his science fiction Deathstalker series and Blue Moon and Hawk & Fisher fantasies — the Nightside books crackle with possibilities. In the hands of a less skilful writer, this might be seen as weird for the sake of weird, but Green cross-pollinates genres with gleeful abandon, juxtaposing pop culture tropes with obscure mythic archetypes, bringing a wild inventiveness to this mix of mystery and horror. Even better, he throws in small bits that link the series together… Green seems to enjoy weaving connections between his works and making these disparate books part of a greater whole. Nightingale’s Lament is an excellent addition to Green’s impressive and diverse body of work. Fans of modern urban or dark fantasy, such as Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden novels, will be rewarded by picking up this book. However, since this is the third in a series, a reader should start with Something From The Nightside and Agents Of Light And Darkness, in order to get the full story. There are some creepy and horrific things here, though, so be warned: these books are not for the squeamish.’  —  SF Revu

      ‘The latest installment in Green’s Nightside series is a delight – exciting, action packed, truly suspenseful.’Booklist

      NIGHTINGALE’S LAMENT offers all the pleasures of the previous novels while still seeming fresh. Green’s prose is consistently funny… The NightSide is entertainingly explored, and Green creates several scenes of horrifically imaginative awe. Green is a remarkably effective writer, and his work here is exemplary. He describes vistas that are astonishing, inspiring and darker than the reader might expect. Green’s characterization deserves praise as well as his prose. Simon R. Green is a man who knows what works and delivers…no less than a perfectly satisfactory reading experience.’Cemetery Dance


      ‘It’s a big, turbulent stew but Green is a master chef. He also reinforces his meta-world with every novel, weaving in references to his other works through casual name-dropping and easy, unannotated dialogue… Fans of Harry Dresden would find John Taylor a terrific read… but then again, so would any fan of good, dark urban fantasy. Recommended.’ SFRevu

      ‘All the elements of a classic PI story… I find this series to be totally enjoyable, and this latest one is no exception.. Green is a natural story teller with a wonderful imagination. Think Mickey Spillane writing episodes of Millennium. He makes the Nightside come alive in such a vivid way that you wonder if maybe he hasn’t actually been there himself. take a vacation with Green into The Nightside…’ Crimespree Magazine

      ‘Infused with a wonderful dark humor that is as unique as the nightside itself.’ SciFi Chick


      ‘The fifth in the Nightside series has more fantasy and less mystery than usual, with the focus on Taylor’s journeys through various times to locate and stop his mother’s madness. It’s a stand-alone adventure that offers a great entrée into the series for new readers and will delight fans with insight into Taylor’s history and that of the Nightside as well.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Fans of the Nightside series will enjoy the journey into the past of London’s underworld.’ Booklist

      ‘Green’s Nightside novels continue to build, one to the next… Fascinating new players are introduced… High Recommended.’ SF Revu

      ‘Green makes this kind of story look deceptively easy and he never fails to deliver an entertaining adventure.’ Chronicle

      ‘Green weaves the threads from book to book that enrich the series as a whole and make each book better than the one before. With every book in this series Green fleshes out his world more and more. A perfect blend of mystery and supernatural fantasy, the Nightside has it all, superb plotting, witting humor and great dialogue. Full of original and unique characters the Nightside is a place I love to visit. John Taylor is a combination of Magnum PI, Van Helsing and Gandalf only hipper and cooler. Get comfortable before you start reading, because chances are you’ll want to read it in one sitting. I cannot recommend this series enough.’ Crimespree


      ‘Accompanied by colorful and quirky characters, Taylor does what he needs to do in order to save the world. While this volume may be slight on pages, it’s packed with action and dark humor. Taylor is an eminently sympathetic hero, and watching him work out his inner conflicts while fighting the bad guys is entertaining.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘In what may be his final case, Simon Green takes Taylor to his utmost limits. All of the secrets strewn through the series are finally answered in full, with the dry humor and sardonic wit that is a series hallmark. An ongoing threat from the beginning of the series is resolved, many enemies are faced down for good, and any last illusions are brutally stripped away. Green allows the characters moments here and there to resolve some personal issues, but never lets things become maudlin or (worse) out of character. Even displays of friendship and affection are studiedly off-the-cuff and casual, belying their depth and intensity. Though it’s a tricky piece of writing to pull off successfully, Green succeeds admirably. The return of “old friends” also affords an opportunity for Green to wrap up loose ends and tie up old business. Several plot threads of long duration are addressed, many of them so subtle that even the most dedicated and sharp-eyed fan might be surprised–and delighted. A few of these appearances are bittersweet, especially appearances by those who were once powerful and now are broken or doomed by Lilith’s onslaught. There’s also a nicely underplayed tip of the hat to Roger Zelazny… This is Green’s tour-de-force culmination of the Nightside books. Anyone who’s enjoyed the series to date absolutely must read this installment. Highly recommended.’ SF Revu

      SHARPER THAN A SERPENT’S TOOTH is an excellent blend of dime store detective and dark fantasy. It’s an intense culmination of a gripping series; if you haven’t read the earlier books, go back and start there before approaching this one. Highly recommended.’Infinity Plus


      ‘… Green throws in a number of left-field surprises, spicing things up with an attack of fanatical nuns (called the Salvation Army Sisterhood), a bloodthirsty gangster and a DNA-stealing Charnel Chimera. Indeed, the most entertaining aspect lies not in Taylor’s investigation but in anticipating what Green’s twisted imagination will conjure next.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘This is an absolutely fantastic and compulsively readable entry in Green’s long-running Nightside series. Witty banter, a well- constructed plot and compelling characters combine to make this one hell of a read.’ RT Book Reviews

      HELL TO PAY ups the stakes from the previous books, which is a major feat indeed. Taylor has rarely been pushed so hard or handled so many simultaneous crises; he’s risen to the challenge of being a hero and now he’s discovering that what comes next can be murder. Literally. If you’re looking for fast-paced, no-holds-barred dark urban fantasy, you need look no further: the Nightside is the place for you. With John Taylor as your guide, you know things will never be dull… Strongly recommended.’ SF Revu

      ‘As always, Green shines in his over-the-top no-holds-barred action and descriptions of the Nightside’s nastiest, strangest corners. …no one can write quite like Simon Green when it comes to stylized or extreme dark/urban fantasy storytelling…it’s all in good fun. I absolutely love this series. HELL TO PAY is urban fantasy with a neon edge. I’ll happily recommend HELL TO PAY as a worthy addition to the Nightside series.’ Green Man Reviews

      ‘I love Green’s little NightSide novels, they are absolutely tops with me. Each one a quick-reading nugget of fun, chock-a-block with monsters, gangsters, touch talk and good jokes. Here’s the book you pick up to read while you ride on one of them cigar tubes that scoots through the skies, crammed with sweaty Others. Yikes, get me my gas mask and aluminum-foil helmet. I don’t want anybody reading my mind on the plane. They can read their own Simon R. Green novel. Green’s little NightSide novels are the epitome of delightful paperback cheese, smart but not too smart, well-written but not literary. They are tonic to a complicated world that often in fact does demand complicated literature.’ The Agony Column

      ‘It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of this series from Green, and in this latest tale from the Nightside the adventure is a real treat. Green is a demented and disturbed genius, and I mean that in the nicest way! If I ever need help, I want to call on John Taylor.’ Crimespree Magazine

      ‘Green’s latest is the Nightside series featuring one of fantasy’s most intriguing private investigators, John Taylor. Replete with puns and colorful characters, HELL TO PAY is an easy and painless read. Fans will likely enjoy.’ Black Gate

      ‘Wonderfully imaginative. Green presents some great plot twists, and a few sparkling and quite original concepts. An imaginative narrative, which pays homage to a range of pulp prose. The novel rattles along at such a pace that, if you’re into spoof fantasy, you’ll find it compelling despite yourself.’DeathRay (UK)

      ‘An easy and enjoyable entry into Green’s weird and wonderful world.’SFX Magazine (UK)


      ‘The magical noir subgenre has become very crowded lately, but Green claims his own enjoyably edgy piece of it with this eighth Nightside novel… A dryly humorous, darkly quirky vacation from mundane reality.’ Kirkus

      ‘Sam Spade meets Sirius Black…in The Case of the Cosmic MacGuffin! Green’s crabby wit and inventively gruesome set pieces make up for a scattershot mystery plot.’ Entertainment Weekly (B+)

      ‘The engaging eighth book in Green’s popular offbeat Nightside series. Green skillfully blends action and humor, and shows no sign of running out of ideas. This installment will undoubtedly rope in new readers who enjoy his blend of dark humor and the supernatural.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘Fast paced and amusing as well as packed with inventive details.’ Denver Post

      ‘Green skillfully blends action and humor, and shows no sign of running out of ideas. This installment will undoubtedly rope in new readers who enjoy his blend of dark humor and the supernatural.’ School Library Journal

      ‘Fast, fun, adventurous detection in a setting in which nearly anything’s possible.’ Booklist

      ‘A terrific hardcover debut. I love this series. Great detective work set in a mystical realm that is loads of fun. The dialogue is sharp and witty and the characters are unique and entertaining as hell. And on a personal level I’m thrilled to see these in hardcover because that means these wonderful covers will be bigger!’ Crimespree Magazine

      ‘Green writes with his usual hyper-octane manner, injecting your standard urban fantasy setup with a brilliant cocktail of widescreen adventure and psychedelic insanity, resulting in an over-the-top blend of adventure, dark humor and strange magic. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, as I do all the ones in this series. It’s fast-paced, entertaining and appealing, a guilty pleasure in the same way some action movies can be. I highly recommend.’ Green Man Review

      ‘Fans of genre-bending detective stories will find John Taylor is their guy, and fans of the series will enjoy this latest instalment. Recommended.’ SF Revu

      ‘Laced with dark humor and plenty of action, this paranormal detective series is always highly entertaining.’ Sci Fi Chick

      ‘Containing even more dark humor than the previous outing, alongside the occasional smart homage to H.P. Lovecraft, it’s a fun read.’ SFX Magazine (UK)


      ‘In this ninth Nightside novel, Green takes readers into the very seediest, most disturbing parts of John Taylor’s world and casts a harsh light on human depravity. Although scenes containing graphic depictions of child abuse may put some readers off, Taylor is an amiable protagonist who is, increasingly, the moral center of the Nightside, and his slowly growing relationship with the damaged Suzie Shooter is one of this book’s highlights.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Yet another roller-coaster ride through the dark fantasy landscape of the nightside… certain to please Green’s legions of fans.’ SF Revu

      ‘The Nightside is perhaps my favorite of all those invented magical neighborhoods that have spawned in one series or another, and Tayor is fast becoming one of my favorite private eyes.’ Critical Mass

      Fans of urban noir will want to discover this series if they have not already done so.’ Monsters & Critics

      ‘Bloody, brutal, stylized, extremely over-the-top, wildly inventive and always entertaining, the Nightside series has become a guilty pleasure, the sort of series that hits a great many of my Awesome Buttons. The Nightside is one of a kind.’ SF Site


      ‘In the 10th novel in Green’s Nightside series, John Taylor is on the receiving end of a trifecta of tasks that will push him to his limits and force him to decide what kind of man he is. John’s a sympathetic protagonist, and Green has written a well-paced and quick read that fans of the series will enjoy.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘The ripping, suspenseful and wry 10th tale in the Nightside series proves every bit the equal of Jim Butcher’s better known Harry Dresden books… Longtime fans and first timers alike will applaud Green’s blend of fantasy, mystery, and humor.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘An enjoyable read and a worthy addition to the series, with plenty of Green’s patented snark and style. And the glimpse behind the curtain of one of the sereis’ most mysterious layers is a real treat.’ Sacramento Book Review

      ‘A fast, intelligently written tale that is fun to read.’ Green Man Review

      ‘Green remains the master of postmodern genre blending… fans of Green’s staggering body of work will be well rewarded in this volume.’ SF Revu

      ‘Green once again showcases his amazing talent.’ Fantasy Literature

      ‘This fast-paced urban fantasy is great fun… newcomers will be able to jump right in and enjoy the ride.’ Monsters & Critics

      ‘Readers who appreciate urban fantasy told with a flare for the ironic should find this hard-boiled fantasy detective tale to their liking.’ Library Journal

      ‘Green has a relaxed though lively style of writing that I almost always enjoy, and this is no exception. I read this one through in a single sitting.’ Critical Mass

      ‘Taylor’s snappy wit and quick thinking make for another exciting Nightside volume.’ Booklist


      ‘Readers who prefer their gore with huge melodramatic flourishes and a side of slyly amusing repartee will find John Taylor at least the equal of Jim Butcher’s Chicago wizard PI Harry Dresden.’ Kirkus

      ‘This is an extremely entertaining read full of hilarious in-jokes (this reviewer is exceedingly fond of the Teletubbies one) that fans of this series will find satisfying. John Taylor continues to be a sympathetic protagonist with a talent for pushing people over the edge, and one of the highlights is his deepening relationship with Suzie Shooter and the potential ramifications for future books in the series.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Simon R. Green delivers another roller-coaster adventure… with plenty of his trademark shout-outs to his other series… To me, this is one of the delights of being a long-time fan of Green’s work – the multitude of Easter eggs he works in for the discerning reader. If anything, Taylor has grown more comfortable as a power in the Nightside, lamenting the fact that the citizens of London Proper don’t scurry out of his way or run screaming when he scowls. It’s an amusing bit, the awareness of his own ego and conceit, which Green uses in just the right amount. He discovers a few new ramifications of his powers, but ultimately reaffirms who and what he is: a solver of mysteries, not a warrior and not a king. The new additions to the Nightside saga are terrific as well, with a return of elvish royalty (Queen Mab, King Oberon and Queen Titania), not to mention some figures of legend and myth taking the stage. (No spoilers, though, sorry.) The London Knights, in particular, are a great new part of Green’s larger multiverse and deserve their own series. The enemies are also great, with Jerusalem Stark and his mad obsession foremost. His allies (again, no names here) are heinous and thoroughly horrible, yet drawn with Green’s customary wink of the eye. He gets to have some real fun with them, especially in Strangefellows (Taylor’s favorite bar), and show how bad some powerhouse villains can be… This book is a terrific chapter in the ongoing saga of John Taylor, with lots of eye-opening surprises, all of which end in a remarkable invitation. Strongly recommended.’ SF Revu


      ‘… superlative… ratchets up the stakes for series protagonist John Taylor in an intricate and action-filled plot that seamlessly blends crime and the supernatural… The pace never flags and the sardonic Chandleresque narration (”She didn’t lose her innocence; she threw it away with both hands, first chance she got”) is perfectly suited to the Nightside’s fantastical mean streets.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘… a hugely satisfying windup for one of fantasy’s most memorable constructs.’ Kirkus

      ‘Simon R. Green walks us through his most thoroughly developed setting and its vast assortment of strange, devious, and downright weird characters. Fleeing through the Nightside, Taylor delivers a vivid tourists-eye view of that particular hellscape, with skirmishes aplenty with friends and enemies alike… There are huge payoffs in the narrative and lots of affectionate farewells, as well as shoutouts (a Green trademark) to one or two other series… The Nightside may be shuttered for now, but Green never forsakes his darlings for long; readers may expect to see John Taylor, Shotgun Suzie or other denizens of the Nightside infiltrate his other works in the future. At the very least, they’ve been given a proper sendoff. Recommended.’ SF Revu

      ‘… very happy with the ending of this series, I feel that Mr Green delivered the kind of ending a lot of fans no doubt hoped for whilst being true to the setting and the characters. A real recommendation for every Nightside fan out there.’ The Gatehouse


      ‘This spy yarn is packed with enough humor, action and plot twists to satisfy fans who prefer their adventure shaken, not stirred.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘Written in Green’s usual sarcastically snarky style, this is an entertaining and enjoyable series first. Eddie Drood is an engaging protagonist, and while the story treads on the same ground as Green’s Nightside series, it stands on its own with the addition of James Bond-esque gadgets and high jinks.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘… an enjoyable change of direction from sci-fi master Simon R. Green. The idea…has been tackled before, but Green has given the idea a new lease of life with Eddie Drood, a character as fresh and original as anything seen in fantasy for some time. This will appeal to readers of Terry Pratchett and Christopher Fowler, and should work outside the genre’s traditional fanbase.’ The Bookseller

      ‘Green sustains a good spy thriller’s breakneck action with lots of magic, strange creatures, and even some character growth and romance. His new series star is one fun character.’ Booklist

      ‘There’s no one who’s consistently more entertaining writing that subset of contemporary fantasy that involves the wizards and creatures secretly living among us than Simon R. Green. I’ve enjoyed all of the books in the Nightside series and this new novel…is even better, with its blend of humor and high adventure.’ Critical Mass

      ‘… an action packed paranormal mystery.’ Monsters & Critics

      ‘With crossover appeal to fans of urban fantasy and adventure/suspense, this witty fantasy adventure belongs in most libraries.’ Library Journal

      ‘The wisecracking plot hits the ground running and ends with a rip-roaring finale. Green has certainly provided himself with plenty of scope for Eddie’s future adventures.’ Starburst Magazine

      ‘Quite sharp and easy to read…wonderfully imaginative. Green presents some great plot twists, and a few sparkling and quite original concepts. Imaginative narrative, which pays homage to a range of pulp prose. The novel rattles along at such a pace that, if you’re into spoof fantasy, you’ll find it compelling despite yourself.’ DeathRay (UK)

      ‘Secret Histories is a mix of James Bond and Blade, a fast-paced roller-coaster ride through the dark side. The equivalent of a theme park ride, seat of your pants writing, with larger than life characters and exaggerated situations. You’ll step off exhilarated and a little dizzy, but you’ll be aware that you had a pretty good time.’ SF Revu

      ‘Another example of Green’s action packed yet irreverent approach to story-telling… All the staples are there for a cracking read; a fast paced plot (complete with car chases and big explosions) coupled with a main character that the reader really wants to succeed. Green’s sense of humour runs rampant throughout the book.’ Graeme’s Fantasy Book Reviews

      ‘It’s almost impossible to find a writer with a more fertile imagination than Simon, and in his latest book he combines that imagination with non-stop action adventure and a dash of romance. He’s a writer who seems endlessly inventive.’ Charlaine Harris


      ‘This is a fantastic story. Eddie and his kick-butt-and-take-names girlfriend Molly are engaging, witty and just a fun couple to know. The rest of the cast is varied and charismatic, with strongly written personalities. The action is fast paced, and the dialogue is clever and amusing, in a sort of Dick Tracy meets the Ghostbusters style — all of it good. This book is a delight from beginning to end, and readers will eagerly look forward to the next in the series.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Green provides his characters with a dazzling assortment of locations as well, from real-world London and Brazil to an alien world of the far future, a dying expanse of land in a broken parallel Earth, and the horrific home dimension of the Many-Angled Ones. The characters zip from location to location and the action (and dark humor) never let up. Of a piece with his many other series, Green delivers on the high-stakes action/adventure in this new Eddie Drood tale. Fans of fast-paced heroics, featuring a snarky knight armored in silver and sarcasm, need look no further; Eddie Drood is your guy. Recommended.’ SF Revu

      ‘Fast and energetic… Green loves the wide-screen splash of cinematic battles against zombie hordes, and genuine traces of tragedy and nobility underlie the nonstop punning banter and pop culture references, lending surprise nuance to this merry metaphysical romp.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘A page-turner from beginning to end. One of those that draws you in so tightly, you cannot let go until the very end, and even then you want more.’ Affaire de Coeur (5*)

      ‘Green supplies some much needed tongue-in-cheek humor to a genre that often takes itself too seriously.’ Library Journal

      ‘Green has created as amusing and entertaining mythos for this series, full of magical peoples and things. The hero is likeable if not particularly memorably, indecisive but committed, and naturally we know that he’s going to end up on top of things. The journey in this case is more important than the destination, and Green provides his usual light but effective style throughout. Not the least of its advantages is the fact that the series is still new enough to hold some surprises.’ Critical Mass

      ‘Full of sharp twists and sudden curves, a roller-coaster of a storyline that manages to pull out more than one surprise when you’re not looking… Simon R. Green doing what he does best, and delivering yet another high-octane performance… I loved it, and I’ll be right here waiting for the next installment.’ Green Man Review

      ‘We liked this book immediately … told in a fun, fresh style with some surprisingly hefty battle scenes. It’s great fun.’ SFX Magazine (UK)


      ‘As usual, the narrative moves at a fast clip and the sarcasm flows freely. Another action-packed melding of spy story and fantasy, featuring suave sleuthing, magical powers and a generous dash of dry wit.’ Kirkus

      ‘Once again Green delivers a tale complete with witty dialogue, exciting action-packed adventure and close encounters of the bizarre kind. This book takes you on a tour of the world and solves some of history’s most intriguing mysteries – in Green’s classic wry style. A page-turner from first to last.’ RT Book Reviews

      ‘Engaging, well-crafted quests take the team from Loch Ness to Roswell, where Eddie is forced to choose between saving humanity and recovering the information his family desperately needs. Though some supporting characters are clearly meant to be disposable, Eddie makes a likeable hero, and fans will enjoy following him through this surprisingly complex mystery.’ Publishers Weekly

      ‘Green’s Drood books are fun, funny and action-packed, and Eddie is one of Green’s most entertaining creations.’  —  Booklist

      ‘Perhaps the best Eddie Drood adventure to date, with lots of snark, sardonic wit, violence and perhaps one of the most tender goodbyes in Green’s canon. Fans will love it, and those interested in giving Green a try should pick it up. Strongly recommended.’  —  SF Revu

      ‘I thoroughly enjoyed The Spy Who Haunted Me, and I’ll cheerfully recommend it to anyone who wants some wide-screen no-holds-barred, big ideas and snappy execution thereof, urban fantasy adventure.’  —  Green Man Review

      ‘Rollicking.’  —  Gold Coast Bulletin (Australia)

      ‘I can’t think of anyone who writes this kind of light, occult adventure story more entertainingly than Green, and this is one of his best.’  —  Critical Mass

      ‘Fast, fun and furious … It had me smiling all the while I read.’  —  CrimeSpree