Just in time for Christmas, have a listen to MICHAELMAS!

Blackstone Publishing has released a second audiobook edition today for a classic Algis Budrys novel! MICHAELMAS is out now, and here’s the synopsis…

One of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men, journalist Laurent Michaelmas lives in a penthouse overlooking New York City’s Central Park with his superintelligent computer, Domino. He attained his fame and power after hacking into the worldwide computer network. He then went on to use his unique gifts to create a version of the UN that would ensure global peace. In short, he and Domino secretly run the world. But now he has reason for concern.

A Swiss doctor has cured an astronaut believed to have vaporized in a shuttle explosion during an expedition to the outer planets of the solar system. Suspecting that something extraterrestrial is behind this miraculous recovery, Michaelmas uses his immense influence to launch an international investigation. Are there really aliens in their midst? Is the resurrection of a dead man an attempt to cancel history and destroy the world’s precarious balance of power?

Published less than a decade into the internet era, this remarkable science fiction novel foreshadows many of the world’s technological advances.


Blackstone have already published ROGUE MOON in audio, and are due to publish WHO? and HARD LANDING over the next couple of months.

‘[Budrys’] most humanly complex and fully realized novel… MICHAELMAS describes in considerable detail a near-future world whose information media have become prophetically sophisticated.’ — Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Six of Budrys’s classic novels and short stories are published as eBooks by Open Road Media.

Visit the UNHOLY LAND…

Lavie Tidhar‘s highly-anticipated and already critically-acclaimed new masterpiece, UNHOLY LAND, is out now as an eBook! Published by Tachyon Publications, here’s the synopsis…

Lior Tirosh is a semi-successful author of pulp fiction, an inadvertent time traveler, and an ongoing source of disappointment to his father.

Tirosh has returned to his homeland in East Africa. But Palestina — a Jewish state founded in the early 20th century — has grown dangerous. The government is building a vast border wall to keep out African refugees. Unrest in Ararat City is growing. And Tirosh’s childhood friend, trying to deliver a warning, has turned up dead in his hotel room. A state security officer has identified Tirosh as a suspect in a string of murders, and a rogue agent is stalking Tirosh through transdimensional rifts — possible futures that can only be prevented by avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Tachyon has also published Lavie’s award-winning (and similarly acclaimed) CENTRAL STATION.

Here’s some of the aforementioned praise that UNHOLY LAND has received so far…

‘Lavie Tidhar does it again. A jewelled little box of miracles. Magnificent.’Warren Ellis, author of Gun Machine

‘[Tidhar] will leave readers’ heads spinning with this disorienting and gripping alternate history… Tirosh discovers a niece he had forgotten, is accused of murder, narrowly dodges threats to his life, and takes on the role of a detective from one of his own novels as he tries to understand what is endangered and by whom. ‘No matter what we do, human history always attempts to repeat itself,’ Tidhar writes, even as he explores the substantial differences in history that might arise from single but significant choices. Readers of all kinds, and particularly fans of detective stories and puzzles, will enjoy grappling with the numerous questions raised by this stellar work.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

UNHOLY LAND is a wonder and a revelation—a work of science fiction capable of enthralling audiences across the multiverse.’Foreword (Starred Review)

‘Adventurous readers will appreciate this well-written and ambitious book. It should find a place at any library that offers high-quality literary fiction.’ — Booklist

UNHOLY LAND is a stunning achievement. It is packed to the brim with engaging ideas and features a captivating story… beautiful and thought-provoking.’ — The Speculative Shelf

‘Full of ideas and unafraid to tackle big, controversial, important issues. Warren Ellis compares him to Michael Moorcock in an afterword, and like Moorcock, Tidhar writes books that are unpredictable and experimental, consistently and reliably surprising, yet always readable and engaging.’ — Interzone

‘A powerful meditation on the ethics of history and the power of borders… UNHOLY LAND is a call to imagine and fight for alternatives.’ — World Literature Today

‘Sophisticated and assured.’ — Locus

British fans, turn your eyes SKYWARD: Brandon Sanderson’s new novel is out tomorrow!

Brandon Sanderson‘s latest novel, SKYWARD is out tomorrow in the UK! Published by Gollancz, it is the first in a new series. Here’s the synopsis…

Spensa’s world has been under attack for hundreds of years. An alien race called the Krell leads onslaught after onslaught from the sky in a never-ending campaign to destroy humankind. Humanity’s only defense is to take to their ships and fight the enemy in the skies. Pilots have become the heroes of what’s left of the human race.

Spensa has always dreamed of being one of them; of soaring above Earth and proving her bravery. But her fate is intertwined with her father’s — a pilot who was killed years ago when he abruptly deserted his team, placing Spensa’s chances of attending flight school somewhere between slim and none.

No one will let Spensa forget what her father did, but she is still determined to fly. And the Krell just made that a possibility. They’ve doubled their fleet, making Spensa’s world twice as dangerous… but their desperation to survive might just take her skyward…

Gollancz has published a whole host of Brandon’s fiction in the UK, including the critically-acclaimed, best-selling Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series.

Zeno represents Brandon Sanderson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

There’s some SUSURROS SUBTERRÁNEOS in Spain…

Ben Aaronovitch‘s best-selling, critically-acclaimed third Peter Grant novel WHISPERS UNDERGROUND is out now in Spain! Published by Oz Editoral as SUSURROS SUBTERRÁNEOS, here’s the synopsis…

Es hora de llamar de nuevo al agente Peter Grant, el último mago de Gran Bretaña

Es Navidad, y Peter Grant recibe una llamada de la inspectora Stephanopoulos: debe investigar un asesinato en uno de los túneles del metro de Londres en Baker Street, un lugar tenebroso, húmedo y con un pasado muy oscuro. Todos los indicios apuntan a que una fuerza mágica ha intervenido en la muerte de la víctima, James Gallagher, hijo de un senador estadounidense. El FBI envía a la agente Kimberly Reynolds para colaborar en la investigación y Peter se verá obligado a ocultarle cualquier atisbo de magia. En las oscuras entrañas de la ciudad, plagadas de cloacas victorianas y ríos enterrados, resuenan los susurros de unos espíritus torturados que buscan venganza…

Oz Editorial has also published the first two books in the series: RIVERS OF LONDON as RÍOS DE LONDRES, and MOON OVER SOHO as LA LUNA SOBRE EL SOHO.

WHISPERS UNDERGROUND is published in the UK by Gollancz and North America by Del Rey. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

Peter Grant is learning magic fast. And it’s just as well — he’s already had run-ins with the deadly supernatural children of the Thames and a terrifying killer in Soho. Progression in the Police Force is less easy. Especially when you work in a department of two. A department that doesn’t even officially exist. A department that if you did describe it to most people would get you laughed at. And then there’s his love life. The last person he fell for ended up seriously dead. It wasn’t his fault, but still.

Now something horrible is happening in the labyrinth of tunnels that make up the tube system that honeycombs the ancient foundations of London. And delays on the Northern line is the very least of it. Time to call in the Met’s Economic and Specialist Crime Unit 9, aka ‘The Folly’. Time to call in PC Peter Grant, Britain’s Last Wizard.

The whole series is published in the UK by Gollancz (in print, eBook and audio). The novels are published in the US by Del Rey (1-3) and DAW Books (4-7), and the novellas are published by Subterranean Press. The novels have been published widely in translation.

Ian McDonald’s ARES EXPRESS is out now in Italy!

Zone 42 has published the Italian edition of Ian McDonald‘s ARES EXPRESS! Here’s the synopsis…

“Dovresti cercare di fermarmi. Dovresti farmi ragionare, dirmi quanto male staranno tutti quanti, e non pensi all’onore della famiglia, e sarà uno scandalo tale che dovranno andare in giro senza tagliarsi i capelli per i prossimi tre anni. Poi, visto che non funzionerà, dovresti chiedermi se so cosa sto facendo e se so dove sto andando e dirmi che quello là fuori è un mondo enorme e pericoloso e che mi farò del male molto in fretta e finirò per tornare con la coda tra le gambe. E quando io ti risponderò che è tutto a posto tu dovresti addolcirti e dirmi che ti mancherò e che mi hai sempre amato e che avevi questo piano brillante di comprarti la libertà e avremmo avuto il nostro treno e saremmo partiti verso il tramonto in una nuvola di vapore.”

Immagina treni grandi come quartieri, cattedrali volanti, deserti sconfinati attraversati da binari infiniti e città che si arrampicano per centinaia di piani sotto il tetto del mondo. Immagina una ragazza che vorrebbe solo guidare un treno, la sua gemella invisibile e una Storia da cui dipende il futuro — o i futuri — di un intero mondo. Immagina le meraviglie di un pianeta rutilante di colori, caleidoscopico nei molteplici panorami, con la sua corona di angeli e di intelligenze artificiali, gli artisti anarchici, le città desolate e quelle brulicanti di vita.

Ian McDonald mette in scena un’avventura governata dalle leggi ineluttabili della Narrativa, che — al solito — non sanno che farsene di un’Eroina Esuberante e Intraprendente (Ma Comunque Carina). Riuscirà Sweetness a piegare la Storia alla sua volontà, e a sopravvivere alle sfide che una dopo l’altra le si parano davanti?

Ares Express narra di uno strano mondo, così diverso, eppure così vicino al nostro, un luogo pittoresco e affascinante, dove si mescolano fantascienza e realismo magico, immaginazione e filosofia, azione scatenata e idee straordinarie.

Benvenuti nella vita di Sweetness Octave Glorious Honey-Bun Asiim XII Macchinista. Benvenuti su Marte.

The first novel in the series, DESOLATION ROAD, is also published by Zone 42 in Italy.

Both DESOLATION ROAD and ARES EXPRESS are available as eBooks via the JABberwocky eBook Program. Here are just a few of the reviews the series has received so far…

‘McDonald’s fantastic Mars is vividly detailed and owes much to Bradbury’s Martian stories… entirely worthy of its rightly lauded predecessor.’ Publishers Weekly on ARES EXPRESS

‘A phantasmagoria of nuclear locomotives and wild Martian awesomeness. It’s a definite must-read… McDonald is furthermore an extraordinary stylist. His prose is clear and lucid, and at once both beautiful and playful. There is an inescapable sense that McDonald enjoys playing with words, building prose like intricate clocks, which can persist wholly on their beauty, regardless of their subject.’ io9 on ARES EXPRESS

ARES EXPRESS is a long, adventure-filled, extravagantly colourful, often funny, quite moving, highly imaginative, excellently written, story, set on a glorious Mars… might be the most fun [novel of the year]. I loved it wholeheartedly’ SF Site

‘Ian McDonald’s DESOLATION ROAD is one of my most personally influential novels. It’s an epic tale of the terraforming of Mars, whose sweep captures the birth and death of mythologies, economics, art, revolution, politics… Desolation Road pays homage to David Byrne’s Catherine Wheel, to Ray Bradbury’s entire canon and to Jack Vance, blending all these disparate creators in a way that surprises, delights, then surprises and delights again… Pyr Books has done us all the service of bringing this remarkable volume back into print after too long a hiatus.’ — Cory Doctorow (Boing Boing)

‘There’s a fair bit of science fiction that feels like fantasy, and vice versa, but DESOLATION ROAD is the only book I know that holds this particular balance… It was McDonald’s first novel, it absolutely bowled me over when it came out, and while I have read everything he’s published since, and admire all of it and like most of it, this remains my favourite of his books because it’s so unusual. It’s also some of the most beautiful prose imaginable… If you ever want to demonstrate how different science fiction can be, what an incredible range and sweep of things are published with a little spaceship on the spine, DESOLATION ROAD is a shining datapoint, because it isn’t like anything else and yet it is coming from a knowledge of what the genre can do and can be and making something new out of it.’ — Jo Walton (Tor.com)

Listen to a tale of the ROGUE MOON…

A new audiobook edition of Algis Budrys‘s ROGUE MOON is out now! Published by Blackstone Publishing, here’s the synopsis…

A monstrous apparatus has been found on the surface of the moon. It devours and destroys in ways so incomprehensible to humans that a new language must be invented to describe it and a new kind of thinking to understand it. So far, the human guinea pigs sent there in hopes of unraveling the murderous maze have all died terrible deaths — except the last, now on suicide watch. The ideal candidate won’t go insane, even as he feels the end approaching. And now they think they’ve found their man.

Al Barker has already stared into the face of death — he can handle it again. But Barker won’t merely have to endure the trauma of dying: he will have to endure it over and over again — mentally linked to an ongoing series of duplicates of himself created and sent to the Moon by matter transmission — until the artifact reveals its secret.

With a cast of fascinating characters taking center stage, Rogue Moon is a rare thriller that doesn’t just make you sweat — it makes you think.

Blackstone are also due to publish new audio editions of MICHAELMAS (November), WHO? (December), and HARD LANDING (January). We already have the cover for MICHAELMAS, too…

Six of Algis Budrys’s classic books are published as eBooks by Open Road Media.

Zeno represents Algis Budrys on behalf of the Budrys Estate.

New German Dramatization of DIE FLÜSSE VON LONDON!

Audible Germany has released an exclusive, German-language dramatization of Ben Aaronovitch‘s first Peter Grant novel! RIVERS OF LONDON, published in Germany as DIE FLÜSSE VON LONDON, is published in print, eBook and regular-audio book by DTV. Here’s the synopsis…

Die Spiegel-Bestseller rund um Police Constable Peter Grant und seine magischen Kriminalfälle gibt es jetzt erstmals als Audible Original Hörspiel: witzig, britisch und bis zum Schluss voller spannender Rätsel.

Peter Grant ist Police Constable in London mit einer ausgeprägten Begabung fürs Magische. Dies stellt er fest, als er zum Tatort eines grausamen Mordes beordert wird und pflichtbewusst beginnt, einen Zeugen zu befragen, der sich jedoch ziemlich schnell als Geist herausstellt. Von da ab wird Peters Leben kompliziert, denn Inspector Thomas Nightingale, Exzentriker, Jaguar-Fahrer und letzter Zauberer Englands macht ihn kurzerhand zu seinem Lehrling. Eine zauberhafte Aufgabe, die Peters Wissen über Verbrechensbekämpfung, Latein und das Leben an sich auf die Probe stellt.

“Die Flüsse von London” ist der erste Teil der “Magischen Fälle des Peter Grant”-Reihe vom britischen Erfolgsautor Ben Aaronovitch.

DTV has published the whole Peter Grant series to date in Germany.

The Peter Grant series is published in the UK by Gollancz; in the US by Del Rey, DAW Books and Subterranean Press; and has been published widely in translation.

LEGION VS PHALANX out now in the US!

Released last week in the UK, we’re happy to report that Myke Cole‘s first history book, LEGION VS PHALANX is out now in North America! Published by Osprey Publishing, here’s the synopsis…

From the time of Ancient Sumeria, the heavy infantry phalanx dominated the battlefield. Armed with spears or pikes, standing shoulder to shoulder with shields interlocking, the men of the phalanx presented an impenetrable wall of wood and metal to the enemy. Until, that is, the Roman legion emerged to challenge them as masters of infantry battle.

Covering the period in which the legion and phalanx clashed (280-168 BC), Myke Cole delves into their tactics, arms and equipment, organization and deployment. Drawing on original primary sources to examine six battles in which the legion fought the phalanx — Heraclea (280 BC), Asculum (279 BC), Beneventum (275 BC), Cynoscephalae (197 BC), Magnesia (190 BC), and Pydna (168 BC) — he shows how and why the Roman legion, with its flexible organization, versatile tactics and iron discipline, came to eclipse the hitherto untouchable Hellenistic phalanx and dominate the ancient battlefield.

You can read an excerpt from the book over on Tor.com.

Cole is also the novel of the critically-acclaimed Shadow Ops and Operator trilogies, published in the UK by Headline.

Zeno represents Myke Cole in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

THIS Zelazny, IMMORTAL in Turkey…

Roger Zelazny‘s classic novel THIS IMMORTAL is available in Turkey! Published by İthaki Yayınları, as BÜ ÖLÜMSÜZ, here’s the synopsis…

Ölmekte olan bir dünyadaki tek ölümsüz, dünyasını nasıl yeniden hayata döndürebilir?

İşte bunlardan dolayıdır ki her geri dönüşümde kendimi yenilemiş bulurum, çünkü artık birçok yılı geride bırakmış bir adam olarak, bütün Yer için aynı şeyleri hissediyorum. Bunlar için dövüştüm ben, bunlar için öldürdümi bombaladım ve bunlar için Vegalıların orada, Taler’deki sürgün hükümetimizden Yer’i adım adım satın almalarını önlemek amacıyla kitaptaki bütün yasal numaraları uyguladım.

First published in 1966, here’s the English-language synopsis…

Conrad Nomikos has a long, rich personal history that he’d rather not talk about. And, as Arts Commissioner, he’s been given a job he’d rather not do. Escorting an alien grandee on a guided tour of the shattered remains of Earth is not something he relishes — especially when it is apparent that this places him at the center high-level intrigue that has some bearing on the future of Earth itself.

THIS IMMORTAL is also available in Russia (Эксмо), Germany (Heyne) and France (Helios). İthaki has also published LORD OF LIGHT in Turkey, as IŞIK TANRISI.

DANCE close to the EDGE with Brandon Sanderson’s latest novel…

Today, Gollancz publishes EDGEDANCER, Brandon Sanderson‘s latest novel in the UK! A short novel set in the Stormlight Archive series, here’s the synopsis…

Three years ago, Lift asked a goddess to stop her from growing older — a wish she believed was granted.

Now, in Edgedancer, the barely teenage nascent Knight Radiant finds that time stands still for no one. Although the young Azish emperor granted her safe haven from an executioner she knows only as Darkness, court life is suffocating the free-spirited Lift, who can’t help heading to Yeddaw when she hears the relentless Darkness is there hunting people like her with budding powers.

The downtrodden in Yeddaw have no champion, and Lift knows she must seize this awesome responsibility.

Gollancz has also published the first three full-length novels in the Stormlight Archive: THE WAY OF KINGS, WORDS OF RADIANCE and OATHBRINGER. Gollancz has also published Brandon’s best-selling, modern classic Mistborn series, among others.

Brandon’s next novel, SKYWARD (the first in a new series), is due to be published in the UK by Gollancz on November 6th, 2018.

Zeno represents Brandon Sanderson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Today: ACTION AT A DISTANCE, in your hands!

The first issue in Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel‘s latest Rivers of London comic series, ACTION AT A DISTANCE is out today! Published by Titan Comics in print and digital editions, here’s the to-the-point synopsis…

The secret history of Nightingale is revealed for the first time, as wizarding cop, Peter Grant uncovers his mentor’s occult service in World War II!

This series has a new art team, too: Brian Williamson (art) and Stefani Renne (colours).

Titan Comics has also published the first six Rivers of London comic series, all of which are now available in collected editions (paperback and digital).

Today, get trapped IN THE VANISHERS’ PALACE!

Aliette de Bodard‘s latest book, IN THE VANISHERS’ PALACE is out today! A dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the book is published by the JABberwocky eBook Program in the UK, US and France. Here’s the synopsis…

In a ruined, devastated world, where the earth is poisoned and beings of nightmares roam the land…

A woman, betrayed, terrified, sold into indenture to pay her village’s debts and struggling to survive in a spirit world.

A dragon, among the last of her kind, cold and aloof but desperately trying to make a difference. 

When failed scholar Yên is sold to Vu Côn, one of the last dragons walking the earth, she expects to be tortured or killed for Vu Côn’s amusement.

But Vu Côn, it turns out, has a use for Yên: she needs a scholar to tutor her two unruly children. She takes Yên back to her home, a vast, vertiginous palace-prison where every door can lead to death. Vu Côn seems stern and unbending, but as the days pass Yên comes to see her kinder and caring side. She finds herself dangerously attracted to the dragon who is her master and jailer. In the end, Yên will have to decide where her own happiness lies — and whether it will survive the revelation of Vu Côn’s dark, unspeakable secrets…

You can read an excerpt from the novel, here.

The book has already received some advance praise, too…

‘This intriguing, Sapphic, Vietnamese take on Beauty and the Beast is recommended for fans of De Bodard’s previous works or readers who enjoy diverse, lushly described fantasy.’Library Journal

‘Another stellar offering by Bodard. Her signature intensity is on display in this tale of people (and dragons) struggling to survive in the ruins of an alien conquest. Emotionally complex relationships interweave with richly drawn and deftly nuanced world-building.’ — Kate Elliott, Author of the Court of Fives series

‘A transformative experience. With dragons.’ — Fran Wilde, Hugo and Nebula nominated author of The Bone Universe and The Gemworld series

The book is available from Amazon UKUS and France, and also Kobo.

Aliette is also the award-winning author of the Dominion of the Fallen series, published by Gollancz in the UK and Roc Books in North America; the critically-acclaimed THE TEA MASTER AND THE DETECTIVE, published by Subterranean Press and the JABberwocky eBook Program; and also the Obsidian & Blood trilogy, also published as eBooks through the JABberwocky eBook Program.

This week: form up in the UK with LEGION VS PHALANX!

Myke Cole‘s first history book, LEGION VS PHALANX is out this week in the UK! Due to be published by Osprey Publishing on Thursday, here’s the synopsis…

From the time of Ancient Sumeria, the heavy infantry phalanx dominated the battlefield. Armed with spears or pikes, standing shoulder to shoulder with shields interlocking, the men of the phalanx presented an impenetrable wall of wood and metal to the enemy. Until, that is, the Roman legion emerged to challenge them as masters of infantry battle.

Covering the period in which the legion and phalanx clashed (280-168 BC), Myke Cole delves into their tactics, arms and equipment, organization and deployment. Drawing on original primary sources to examine six battles in which the legion fought the phalanx — Heraclea (280 BC), Asculum (279 BC), Beneventum (275 BC), Cynoscephalae (197 BC), Magnesia (190 BC), and Pydna (168 BC) — he shows how and why the Roman legion, with its flexible organization, versatile tactics and iron discipline, came to eclipse the hitherto untouchable Hellenistic phalanx and dominate the ancient battlefield.

LEGION VS PHALANX is due to be published in the US on October 23rd, also by Osprey.

Cole is also the novel of the Shadow Ops and Operator trilogies, published in the UK by Headline.

Zeno represents Myke Cole in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

First four Rivers of London Comic Series Boxset out soon!

We’re very happy to report that the first three Rivers of London comic series by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel‘s will be available in a box set at the end of the month! Published by Titan Comics on October 31st, here’s the synopsis…

Dive in at the beginning of the bestselling cops and wizards series from chart-topping author (and comics writer) Ben Aaronovitch, with this Box Set Edition of the first three graphic novels! A stunning box set edition of the bestselling first three graphic novels in the Rivers of London sequence, including a set of Rivers of London postcards! Starring Ben Aaronovitch’s laconic trainee wizard and budding detective, Peter Grant, these all-new adventures are essential parts of the smash-hit novel continuity!

In the first volume, Body Work, Police Constable Peter Grant and his boss, Thomas Nightingale, tackle a car on a killing spree-without a driver. In Night Witch, Peter and Nightingale are caught up in a battle between Russian gunmen, a monstrous forest creature – and their nemesis: The Faceless Man. In the third volume, Black Mould, something dark and slimy is dripping through the walls of suburban London, so Peter is joined by a reluctant partner, Sahra Guleed!

The fourth, fifth and sixth series are also available as collected editions: DETECTIVE STORIES, CRY FOX and WATER WEED. The next series, ACTION AT A DISTANCE begins soon!

Flannery’s BATTLE MAGE enters the fray in France!

The first part of Peter A. Flannery‘s fantasy novel BATTLE MAGE is out in France! Published by Albin Michel as MAGE DE BATAILLE, here’s the synopsis…

Falco Danté est un gringalet dans un monde en guerre peu à peu conquis par l’armée infernale des Possédés. Pire, Falco est méprisé, mis à l’écart, à cause de son père qui fut un immense mage de bataille avant de sombrer dans une folie meurtrière. Alors que la Reine tente de rassembler toutes les forces armées pour repousser les Possédés, Falco prend une décision qui va l’amener aux marges du désespoir: il va entrer à l’académie de la guerre, une école d’excellence pour les officiers. Là, il devra surmonter ses doutes, ceux de ses amis et même ceux de la Reine.

Le monde brûle ; seul un mage de bataille pourra sauver ce qu’il en reste. Falco réussira-t-il à libérer son pouvoir, à invoquer un dragon à sa mesure ou succombera-t-il à la folie… comme son père?

Porté par son héros meurtri, condamné à se dépasser face au mal absolu, Mage de bataille a rencontré un formidable succès dans les pays anglo-saxons.

The second volume is due out early next year (cover at end). Here’s the novel’s English-language synopsis…

The world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it. But the ancient bond with dragonkind is failing. Of those that answer a summoning too many are black. Black dragons are the enemy of humankind. Black dragons are mad.

Falco Dante is a weakling in a world of warriors, but worse than this, he is the son of a madman. Driven by grief, Falco makes a decision that will drive him to the brink of despair. As he tries to come to terms with his actions Falco follows his friends to the Academy of War, an elite training school dedicated to martial excellence. But while his friends make progress he struggles to overcome his doubts and insecurity. Even Queen Catherine of Wrath has her doubts about Falco’s training.

While the Queen tries to unite the Kingdoms against the Possessed, Falco struggles to overcome his fears. Will he unlock the power trapped inside of him or will he succumb to madness and murder like his father?

Zeno represents Peter A. Flannery in translation.