Rebecca Brownlie

You have a large derelict house at the end of your road, you always drive passed, slowly, looking in to see if you can catch a glimpse of what’s inside, or, maybe who?

You briefly think what could have happened to the house to make it this way, was there a family? Where are they now? What did it look like before?

A familiar song comes on the radio and you forget about the house, until the next time you drive past and you repeat the process.

Rebecca Brownlie travels the island of Ireland with her camera documenting properties through photography and gathering the history of who was there before us.

So far her work has appeared in The Daily Mail, The Metro, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Star, The Belfast Telegraph, The Sunday World, BBC Radio Ulster, Bored Panda, Lad Bible and The Daily Smile Podcast. She has two upcoming television appearances, an episode of BBC’s ‘Barra on the Foyle’ documentary and ‘Abandoned Ulster’ episode produced by Double Band Films.

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Agent Contact: Stevie Finegan