CENTRAL STATION wins John W. Campbell Memorial Award!

Lavie Tidhar‘s latest novel, CENTRAL STATION has been awarded the John W. Campbell Memorial Award! Huge congratulations to Lavie on his very well-deserved win!

CENTRAL STATION, which has also been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, is published by Tachyon Publications. Here’s the synopsis…

A worldwide diaspora has left a quarter of a million people at the foot of a space station. Cultures collide in real life and virtual reality. Life is cheap, and data is cheaper.

When Boris Chong returns to Tel Aviv from Mars, much has changed. Boris’s ex-lover is raising a strangely familiar child who can tap into the datastream of a mind with the touch of a finger. His cousin is infatuated with a robotnik — a damaged cyborg soldier who might as well be begging for parts. His father is terminally-ill with a multigenerational mind-plague. And a hunted data-vampire has followed Boris to where she is forbidden to return.

Rising above them is Central Station, the interplanetary hub between all things: the constantly shifting Tel Aviv; a powerful virtual arena, and the space colonies where humanity has gone to escape the ravages of poverty and war. Everything is connected by the Others, powerful alien entities who, through the Conversation — a shifting, flowing stream of consciousness — are just the beginning of irrevocable change.

At Central Station, humans and machines continue to adapt, thrive… and even evolve.

Lavie’s previous novels OSAMA and A MAN LIES DREAMING also won awards: the World Fantasy Award and Jerwood Fiction Uncovered, respectively.

RIVERS OF LONDON Wins Two New Awards!


We’re very happy to report that Ben Aaronovitch‘s RIVERS OF LONDON has won two awards from the Czech Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror! Presented at Prague Book Fair, the novel — published in Czech by Argo as ŘEKY LONDÝNA — won in the Best Fantasy/Horror Novel of the Year, and the cover (above) won Best Artistic Achievement!

Here’s the synopsis…

Jedna z nejúspěšnějších městských fantasy uplynulého desetiletí vás zavede do Londýna, ve kterém u policie slouží čarodějové a po ulicích se prohánějí zlovolní duchové či božstva na válečné stezce.

Jmenuji se Peter Grant. Ještě nedávno jsem byl obyčejný četnický zelenáč v řadách londýnské Metropolitní policie. Jedné noci jsem se ale při vyšetřování jisté vraždy pokusil získat svědeckou výpověď od muže, který byl sice mrtvý, ale jinak znepokojivě výřečný, což mi zajistilo pozornost vrchního inspektora Nightingalea, posledního čaroděje Anglie. A právě tehdy začal můj příběh. Nyní jsem policejní detektiv a čarodějův učeň, první učedník za padesát let, a můj svět už není zdaleka tak jednoduchý, jak býval.


RIVERS OF LONDON and MOON OVER SOHO (MĚSÍC NAD SOHO) are both available now in Czech, published by Argo. WHISPERS UNDERGROUND is due to be published by Argo on September 30th, 2016, as ŠEPOT PODZEMÍ.


The Peter Grant series is published in the UK by Gollancz, and in the US by Del Rey (1-3) and DAW Books (4-6). The next novel in the series, THE HANGING TREE, is due out later this year. In case you’ve somehow missed it, here’s the English-language synopsis for RIVERS OF LONDON

My name is Peter Grant and until January I was just probationary constable in that mighty army for justice known to all right-thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service (and as the Filth to everybody else). My only concerns in life were how to avoid a transfer to the Case Progression Unit – we do paperwork so real coppers don’t have to — and finding a way to climb into the panties of the outrageously perky WPC Leslie May. Then one night, in pursuance of a murder inquiry, I tried to take a witness statement from someone who was dead but disturbingly voluable, and that brought me to the attention of Inspector Nightingale, the last wizard in England.

Now I’m a Detective Constable and a trainee wizard, the first apprentice in fifty years, and my world has become somewhat more complicated: nests of vampires in Purley, negotiating a truce between the warring god and goddess of the Thames, and digging up graves in Covent Garden … and there’s something festering at the heart of the city I love, a malicious vengeful spirit that takes ordinary Londoners and twists them into grotesque mannequins to act out its drama of violence and despair.

The spirit of riot and rebellion has awakened in the city, and it’s falling to me to bring order out of chaos — or die trying.


Ian Tregillis‘s BITTER SEEDS, the first in his Milkweed Triptych, was a runner up for Best Fantasy/Horror novel. Published by Argo as HOŘKÁ SETBA, here’s the synopsis…

Píše se rok 1939. Na straně nacistů se k boji chystají nadlidé, na straně Britů démoni. Co čeká obyčejného člověka, který se mezi ně připlete?
Britského tajného agenta Rayboulda Marshe pronásleduje vzpomínka na Němku, kterou těsně před koncem španělské občanské války letmo zahlédl v barcelonském přístavu. Mrkala na něho jako stará známá. A do otvorů v lebce jí vedly dráty.

Krátce po vypuknutí druhé světové války nasadí Třetí říše na zvláštní mise vojáky s nadpřirozenými schopnostmi.<brJe právě na Marshovi, aby svoji vlast uchránil před ženou, která se umí učinit neviditelnou, před mužem procházejícím zdmi a před onou neznámou z Barcelony, které její schopnost nahlížet do budoucnosti umožňuje přetvářet přítomnost. Aby odvrátil bezprostředně hrozící invazi, vystopuje Marsh britské čaroděje, hrstku podivínů tajících svoji existenci před světem. Každé kouzlo si ovšem žádá oběť, a Británie možná za svou obranu zaplatí stejně strašlivou daň jako za opravdovou bitvu…

Argo are due to publish the second and third books in the Milkweed series this year: THE COLDEST WAR (NEJSTUDENĚJŠÍ VÁLKA) and NECESSARY EVIL (NUTNÉ ZLO).


The Milkweed Triptych are published in the UK by Orbit Books. Here’s the English-language synopsis for the first novel…

The year is 1939. Raybould Marsh and other members of British Intelligence have gathered to watch a damaged reel of film in a darkened room. It appears to show German troops walking through walls, bursting into flames and hurling tanks into the air from afar.

If the British are to believe their eyes, a twisted Nazi scientist has been endowing German troops with unnatural, unstoppable powers. And Raybould will be forced to resort to dark methods to hold the impending invasion at bay.

But dealing with the occult exacts a price. And that price must be paid in blood.


Zeno represents Ian Tregillis in the UK and Translation, on behalf of Kay McCauley at Aurous, Inc.



Lavie Tidhar‘s A MAN LIES DREAMING has racked up yet another award! This time, Ben Summers’s composition for the UK edition has won the Academy of British Cover Design Award in Sci-Fi/Fantasy! The award was announced in the Bookseller.

The novel is published in the UK by Hodder, and is out now. Here’s the synopsis…

The Man in the High Castle for the 21st century, A MAN LIES DREAMING is the award-winning novel by Lavie Tidhar, the next Philip K. Dick.

Deep in the heart of history’s most infamous concentration camp, a man lies dreaming. His name is Shomer, and before the war he was a pulp fiction author. Now, to escape the brutal reality of life in Auschwitz, Shomer spends his nights imagining another world — a world where a disgraced former dictator now known only as Wolf ekes out a miserable existence as a low-rent PI in London’s grimiest streets.

An extraordinary story of revenge and redemption, A Man Lies Dreaming is the unforgettable testament to the power of imagination.

Last year, A MAN LIES DREAMING won the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Award. The novel has also been published as a Limited Edition from PS Publishing, and in Italy via Frassinelli. It is due out in the US next week, published by Melville House (covers below).

Here’s just a small selection of the great reviews A MAN LIES DREAMING has received…

‘Savagely funny… A MAN LIES DREAMING, by the Israeli-born novelist Lavie Tidhar, has not been published with the fanfare bestowed on Martin Amis’s The Zone of Interest or Howard Jacobson’s J, but it is their equal for savage humour… Those who enjoy laughter in the dark will relish Tidhar’s parade of mordant ironies… This novel is weird, upsetting, unmissable.’ 5* — Telegraph

‘Like Tarantino, Tidhar may find that some people don’t take him seriously. But the joke’s on them. Seriousness is the least of it: A MAN LIES DREAMING is a twisted masterpiece.’ — Guardian

‘Theodor Adorno said that to write poetry after Auschwitz was barbaric. To which I would say, yes, but you can still write an excellent novel. A MAN LIES DREAMING is that novel.’ — Philip Kerr

‘Absolutely engrossing…a fascinating narrative… a must-read for anyone that likes books that make them think; it is complex, with plenty of meaty themes to mull over…’ — A Fantastical Librarian

‘It’s good. It’s damn good… a tight, masterful creation, an unexpectedly moving work.’ — Jewish Book Council

‘To call this a delightful book, would do it a disservice. None of Shomer’s imagined characters are likeable. He has all kinds of misfortunes befall them, especially Wolf. At the start, a reader might wonder why these men who tried to exterminate Jews, have been given a relatively easy exile compared to the life which Shomer and his fellows are experiencing. Shomer, though, has a very devious fate awaiting Wolf… This is a book that fully deserves to be on an awards shortlist.’ — British Fantasy Society


Lavie Tidhar’s A MAN LIES DREAMING Nominated for Dublin Literary Award!


Lavie Tidhar‘s latest novel, A MAN LIES DREAMING, has been nominated for the Dublin Literary Award 2016! The novel, published in the UK by Hodder, also won the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize earlier this year. Here’s the synopsis…

Deep in the heart of history’s most infamous concentration camp, a man lies dreaming. His name is Shomer, and before the war he was a pulp fiction author. Now, to escape the brutal reality of life in Auschwitz, Shomer spends his nights imagining another world – a world where a disgraced former dictator now known only as Wolf ekes out a miserable existence as a low-rent PI in London’s grimiest streets.

An extraordinary story of revenge and redemption, A Man Lies Dreaming is the unforgettable testament to the power of imagination.

A MAN LIES DREAMING is due to be published in the US by Melville House in March 2016. Lavie’s previous novel, THE VIOLENT CENTURY, is also published in the UK by Hodder, and in the US by Thomas Dunne Books. THE VIOLENT CENTURY was nominated for the Dublin Literary Award 2015. Here’s just a small sample taken from the many glowing reviews the novel has received…

‘Comes crashing through the door of literature like Sam Spade with a .38 in his hand. This is a shocking book as well as a rather brilliant one… Tidhar’s novel treats its grim theme not as a comedy, although there is plenty of caustic humour, but instead as a pulp-noir tale of seamy city streets, gumshoes and lowlifes… Tidhar, who cut his teeth in the world of genre SF, understands how eloquent pulp can be… Like Tarantino, Tidhar may find that some people don’t take him seriously. But the joke’s on them. Seriousness is the least of it: A MAN LIES DREAMING is a twisted masterpiece.’ — Guardian

‘Savagely funny… A MAN LIES DREAMING, by the Israeli-born novelist Lavie Tidhar, has not been published with the fanfare bestowed on Martin Amis’s The Zone of Interest or Howard Jacobson’s J, but it is their equal for savage humour… Those who enjoy laughter in the dark will relish Tidhar’s parade of mordant ironies… This novel is weird, upsetting, unmissable.’ 5* — Telegraph

‘No one can accuse Lavie Tidhar of being risk-averse… such an interesting writer… the novel is not without a fair amount of humor, and that might well be the boldest risk Tidhar is taking here…’ — Locus

‘When Tidhar writes of the Holocaust it is with brutal accuracy and a deep sensitivity… poetic and terrible… Many will find elements of this story deeply disturbing, not the least of which is a possible sympathy to Wolf… To top it all of course is Tidhar’s voice itself — at times humorous, at times grim but never frivolous and always taught and controlled… As with his previous novels, Tidhar knows how to say a great deal in very little. There is eloquence and gravitas in the sparseness and brevity of noir fiction when it is good, and Tidhar’s is quite incredible.’ — Tor.com

Aliette de Bodard & Ian R. MacLeod Shortlisted for Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2015


Zeno Agency clients Aliette de Bodard and Ian R. MacLeod have been shortlisted for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2015.

Both have been nominated in the “Nouvelle étrangère” category (foreign-language novella):

  • Aliette de Bodard’s ÉPARPILLÉS LE LONG DES RIVIèRES DU CIEL (SCATTERED ALONG THE RIVER OF HEAVEN) – originally published in French in Galaxies n°28.
  • Ian MacLeod’s SNODGRASS – originally published in French in ALTERNATIVE ROCK, Gallimard, Folio SF.

The winners of the various awards will be announced at la Maison de l’Imaginaire during the Étonnants Voyageurs convention, in Saint-Malo, held from 23rd-25th May, 2015.

Aliette de Bodard is the author of multiple award-winning novellas and short stories, as well as the Obsidian and Blood trilogy (Angry Robot) and the upcoming HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS (due to be published in the UK by Gollancz and in the US by Roc Books).

Ian R. MacLeod is the award winning author of multiple novels, including THE LIGHT AGES, THE SUMMER ISLES and SONG OF TIME. Many of Ian’s novels have recently been made available in eBook format by Open Road Media.

Multiple Award Nominations for Zeno Clients!

This past weekend, a number of award shortlists were announced, and we’re very happy to report that a handful of Zeno authors are represented! (As well they should be!)

First up, two of our clients have been nominated for Hugo Awards!


In the Best Novel category, the whole of The Wheel of Time epic fantasy series has been nominated (as a single entity). This series, began by the late Robert Jordan, was completed by Brandon Sanderson, who finished the three final novels in the series – THE GATHERING STORM, TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, and A MEMORY OF LIGHT (all published in the UK by Orbit).

In the Best Novelette category, Aliette de Bodard‘s ‘The Waiting Stars’ has been nominated. The story first appeared in THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY, published by Candlemark & Gleam. Back in February, we reported that ‘The Waiting Stars’ was also nominated for a Nebula Award. ‘The Waiting Stars’ is also available to read, free, on Aliette’s website.

The Hugo Awards will be presented at Loncon 3, in London, UK, on August 17, 2014.


Secondly, two Zeno clients also made it onto a Gemmell Awards shortlist, for the Legend Award (best fantasy)! We mentioned them briefly on the blog in March, as they (obviously) made the long-list, but we’re very happy to see Peter V. Brett‘s THE DAYLIGHT WAR (Voyager) and Brandon Sanderson‘s A MEMORY OF LIGHT (Orbit) make it to the final selection round.

The Shortlist is open for voting now, until the end of April. The winner will be announced at the Gemmell Award ceremony at the Magic Circle, London, on June 13th, 2014.

Zeno represents Brandon Sanderson and Peter V. Brett in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Gemmell Award Nominations, Voting & Zeno Clients


It’s that time of year again! Voting for the Gemmell Awards long-lists has now opened, and there are a handful of Zeno clients in the mix!

In the Legend Category, for best fantasy novel of the year, we have…

In the Ravenheart Category, for best book artwork, we have…

  • Peter V. Brett‘s THE DAYLIGHT WAR
  • Brandon Sanderson‘s STEELHEART (published in the UK by Gollancz)


Readers can vote for their favourite novel from the long-lists (nominated by publishers), and the results of the first round of voting will be revealed at this year’s Eastercon, in Glasgow. (Voting for the first round closes on the 13th April.) The Shortlist will then be open for voting until the end of April, and the winner will be announced at the Gemmell Award ceremony at the Magic Circle, London, on June 13th, 2014. Voting is open to all, so get yourself over there and VOTE (… for our clients…)!

Zeno represents Peter V. Brett and Brandon Sanderson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

E.J. Swift Nominated for a 2013 BSFA Award!

LowestHeaven-BlogWe’re delighted to share the news that E.J. Swift has been nominated for a BSFA Award! The nomination is in the Short Story Category, for Emma’s SAGA’S CHILDREN, which featured in THE LOWEST HEAVEN (Pandemonium). The story is available free online, as we reported last weekend. The winners of this year’s BSFA Awards will be announced in a ceremony at the Satellite4 Eastercon convention the Crown Plaza Hotel, Glasgow Sunday 20th April 2014.

Swift is also the author of the Osiris Project series. The first novel in the series, OSIRIS, is out now in the UK (Del Rey UK) and US (Night Shade Books). The sequel, CATAVEIRO, is due to be published by Del Rey UK on February 20th 2014. Here’s the synopsis for the first novel…

A high concept, futuristic dystopian thriller for the 21st Century.

Nobody leaves Osiris.

Adelaide Rechnov
Wealthy socialite and granddaughter of the Architect, she spends her time in pointless luxury, rebelling against her family in a series of jaded social extravagances and scandals until her twin brother disappears in mysterious circumstances.

Vikram Bai
He lives in the Western Quarter, home to the poor descendants of storm refugees and effectively quarantined from the wealthy elite. His people live with cold and starvation, but the coming brutal winter promises civil unrest, and a return to the riots of previous years.

As tensions rise in the city, can Adelaide and Vikram bridge the divide at the heart of Osiris before conspiracies bring them to the edge of disaster?



An Award Nod for APOCALYPSE NOW NOW Artist!


We are very pleased to share the news that Joey Hi-Fi‘s wonderful art that graces the cover of Charlie Human‘s APOCALYPSE NOW NOW has been chosen as a finalist in The Kitschies‘ Inky Tentacle (Cover Art) category! Selected from over 230 covers, it’s great to hear that Joey’s work has made the final short list!

As for Charlie’s novel, it continues to receive rave reviews from far and wide! As a result, anticipation for the sequel, KILL BAXTER, just keeps on growing. APOCALYPSE NOW NOW was published by Century in the UK, and Umuzi/Random Struik in South Africa. Here’s a reminder of the novel’s synopsis…

Baxter Zevcenko is your average sixteen-year-old-boy — if by average you mean kingpin of a schoolyard porn syndicate and possible serial killer who suffers from surreal  nightmares. Which may very well be what counts as average these days. Baxter is the first to admit that he’s not a nice guy. After all, if the guy below you falls, dragging you down into an icy abyss you have to cut him loose — even in high school.

That is until his girlfriend, Esmé, is kidnapped and Baxter is forced to confront a disturbing fact about himself — that he has a heart, and the damn thing is forcing him to abandon high-school politics and set out on a quest to find her. The clues point to supernatural forces at work and Baxter is must admit that he can’t do it alone. Enter Jackie Ronin, supernatural bounty hunter, Border War veteran, and all-round lunatic, who takes him on a chaotic tour of Cape Town’s sweaty, occult underbelly.

What do glowing men, transsexual African valkyries, and zombie-creating arachnids have to do with Esmé’s disappearance? That’s what Baxter really, really needs to find out.

And some of the aforementioned critical praise…

‘… a riot – a firebomb of a novel, exploding with sick humour, violence and depravity… it’s never less than very funny, and the ongoing question of Baxter’s sanity adds a degree of mystery. There’s warmth here, too – you’ll likely feel sympathy for Bax by the end.’  —  SFX Magazine

‘Think Lauren Beukes meets Neil Gaiman, with bounty hunters.’  —  Wired (UK)

‘… wonderfully detailed scenarios, it’s fantastic… APOCALYPSE NOW NOW is often hilarious and tremendous fun… its target audience will have a blast.’  —  SciFi Now

‘Human effortlessly mixes Baxter’s psychiatrist’s comments on him with lurid scenes of Cape Town’s supernatural clubland. It’s quick, amusing and widely referenced, and the reader gets no help on which reality to take seriously.’  —  Mail & Guardian

‘… a bowl of fireworks… It has porn-peddling adolescents, ginger bearded monk ninjas, killer crows and zombie-filled sex dungeons ruled over by parasitic mega-spiders. What’s not to love!?!’  —  J For Jetpack

‘… breakneck pace and mad imagination… APOCALYPSE NOW NOW [is] such an addictive experience. As one of an associate of Ronin’s remarks: “There’s no pause button, you understand? … Once it starts you have to see it through.” All too true!’  —  Tor.com

Ben Aaronovitch’s WHISPERS UNDER GROUND Wins Award in Germany!


We’re delighted to report that the German edition of Ben Aaronovitch‘s WHISPERS UNDER GROUNDEIN WISPERN UNTER BAKER STREET – has won second place in the fantasy category of Der Leserpreis, which is a prize voted for by readers (a German Readers’ Choice, if you will). Here’s the German synopsis…

Aaronovitch-PG3-WhispersUndergroundDE-BlogEs ist ja nicht so, dass Peter Grant, Zauberer in Ausbildung und Police Constable in London, nichts für das Üben von Zaubersprüchen und das Pauken von Lateinvokabeln übrig hätte – bestimmt nicht! Aber es ist doch immer wieder schön, wenn zur Abwechslung auch mal reelle Polizeiarbeit gefragt ist. Eine unbekannte Person wird im U-Bahn-Tunnel nahe der Station Baker Street tot aufgefunden – erstochen, und es deuten unübersehbare Anzeichen auf die Anwesenheit von Magie hin. Ein Fall für Peter, keine Frage. Der unbekannte Tote stellt sich als amerikanischer Kunststudent und Sohn eines US-Senators heraus, und ehe man noch “internationale Verwicklungen” sagen kann, hat Peter bereits die FBI-Agentin Kimberley Reynolds mitsamt ihren felsenfesten religiösen Überzeugungen am Hals. Dabei gestalten sich seine Ermittlungen auch so schon gruselig genug, denn tief in Londons Untergrund, in vergessenen Flüssen und viktorianischen Abwasserkanälen, hört er ein Wispern von alten Künsten und gequälten Geistern …

EIN WISPERN UNTER BAKER STREET is published in Germany by DTV. WHISPERS UNDER GROUND, the third in Ben’s Rivers of London/Peter Grant series, is published by Gollancz in the UK, Del Rey in the US, and J’ai Lu in France (as MURMURES SOUTERRAINS).

Here is the English synopsis (in case you don’t speak German)…

Peter Grant is learning magic fast. And its just as well – he’s already had run ins with the deadly supernatural children of the Thames and a terrifying killer in Soho. Progression in the Police Force is less easy. Especially when you work in a department of two. A department that doesn’t even officially exist. A department that if you did describe it to most people would get you laughed at. And then there’s his love life. The last person he fell for ended up seriously dead. It wasn’t his fault, but still.

Now something horrible is happening in the labyrinth of tunnels that make up the tube system that honeycombs the ancient foundations of London. And delays on the Northern line is the very least of it. Time to call in the Met’s Economic and Specialist Crime Unit 9, aka ‘The Folly’. Time to call in PC Peter Grant, Britains Last Wizard.

Cover Reveal & Award for Tanya Huff!

We have two very exciting bits of news relating to Tanya Huff, today. First up, Tanya’s latest novel, THE SILVERED, has won a 2013 Aurora Award for Best Novel! The novel was published in the US by DAW Books, and is due to be published in the UK by Titan Books, in November 2013.

Which brings us rather neatly to the second piece of news, and that is a double-cover reveal! Titan Books have unveiled the new UK covers for THE SILVERED and also the first book in Tanya’s Confederation science fiction series, VALOUR’S CHOICE. Here they are, followed by their respective synopses…



The Empire has declared war on the small, were-ruled kingdom of Aydori, capturing five women of the Mage-Pack, including the wife of the were Pack-leader. With the Pack off defending the border, it falls to Mirian Maylin and Tomas Hagen—she a low-level mage, he younger brother to the Pack-leader—to save them. Together the two set out on the kidnappers’ trail, racing into the heart of enemy territory. But with every step the odds against their survival, let alone their success, grow steeper…


In the distant future, humans and several alien races have been granted membership in the Confederation — at a price. They must serve and protect the far more civilized species who have long since turned away from war. When her transport ship is shot down, a routine diplomatic mission across the galaxy becomes anything but, and Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr must fight to keep her platoon alive.

These two books are published by Titan Books, as part of a 10-book deal, which covers five other books in the Confederation series and also three novels in the Enchantment Emporium series.

Zeno represents Tanya Huff in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Award Nomination for MATTHEW HUGHES…

2013 Endeavour FINALIST WebZeno client Matthew Hughes has been nominated for a 2013 Endeavour Award!

COSTUME NOT INCLUDED, the second in Matt’s To Hell and Back series (published by Angry Robot Books), has been nominated as one of the year’s best SFF novels.

The Endeavour Award honors a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book, either a novel or a single-author collection, created by a writer living in the Pacific Northwest – 2013 is the fifteenth year in which the Award will be given. The winner will be announced on November 8, 2013, at OryCon, Oregon’s major science fiction convention.

Other finalists are Nancy Kress (After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall), Daniel H. Wilson (Amped), Brent Weeks (The Blinding Knife), and Laurie Frankel (Goodbye For Now).

Congratulations to Matthew!

LOCUS Award Winners!

The 2013 LOCUS Award Winners were announced this weekend, and we have some great news: two of our clients have won in their categories!


First up: we told you she was unstoppable! Aliette de Bodard has won in the Short Story category, for IMMERSION! This is the second win this year for Aliette and IMMERSION, having already nabbed a Nebula Award last month – the story is also nominated for a Hugo AwardIMMERSION appeared in Clarkesworld #69, June 2012.

In addition, we’re delighted to report that William Gibson‘s DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR won the Non-Fiction award! The book is published by Viking (Penguin). DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR is a collection of essays on a wide array of subjects, including:  Metrophagy (the Art and Science of Digesting Great Cities), eBay (an account of obsession in ‘the world’s attic’), why ‘The Net is a Waste of Time’, Singapore as ‘Disneyland with the Death Penalty’, a primer on Japan (‘our default setting for the future’), and others.

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially Aliette and William!

Gemmell Award Nominations!


This weekend, the 2012/13 Gemmell Award nominations were unveiled, and we’re happy to report that two of our authors have been included in the longlist!

Jennifer Fallon‘s DARK DIVIDE and James Maxey‘s GREATSHADOW and HUSH were all nominated in the Legend Category, which is now open for voting.

Congratulations to both Jennifer and James!

In related news, and as reported on the website a few days ago, Maxey‘s Dragon Apocalypse series has recently been released as an eBook omnibus, published by Solaris Books.

BFS Noms for Zeno Clients…

bfs_logo2011Anne Lyle has been nominated in the Best Newcomer category in the recently announced shortlist for the 2013 British Fantasy Award. Anne receives this nomination in recognition for her excellent debut novel, THE ALCHEMIST OF SOULS, published by Angry RobotTHE ALCHEMIST OF SOULS is the first novel in Anne’s Night’s Masque trilogy, and is followed by THE MERCHANT OF DREAMS and THE PRINCE OF LIES – the latter is due for publication in November 2013.

Also nominated in the same category is E.C. Myers, whom we represent on behalf of our associate agency in New York, JABberwocky. Eugene’s debut novel FAIR COIN also scooped this year’s Andre Norton Award. FAIR COIN and its sequel QUANTUM COIN are published in the US by Pyr Books. UK rights are still available.

The award winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton on Sunday, November 3, 2013.

Huge congratulations to both Anne and Eugene!