Bulgarian Edition of Travis Baldree’s LEGENDS & LATTES Out Now!

Travis Baldree‘s conquest of the book world continues: there is now a Bulgarian edition of his best-selling, highly-acclaimed debut novel, LEGENDS & LATTES! Published by Artline Studios as Легенди и лате, here’s the synopsis…

Легендите разказват за камък, пропит с древна магия, който ще донесе истинско щастие на притежателя си.

В тази надежда се вкопчва и Вив – неустрашим орк, прекарал живота си в битки и кръвопролития. Сега тя е решена да загърби миналото и да отвори кафене на някое ново и спокойно място – като например град Тун. За целта обаче може да разчита единствено на двете си ръце… е, и на щипка магия.

Ала мечтата на Вив далеч не е толкова достижима, колкото е смятала, защото на пътя й застават стари и нови съперници. Да не говорим, че никой в града дори не е вкусвал кафе.

Макар да е грижливо пазен, камъкът бързо привлича врагове, готови на всичко да се доберат до него. И ето че един ден неизбежното се случва – той изчезва. Сега на Вив й предстои да се сблъска със страховитите последици от липсата му и да се пребори за собственото си щастие…

LEGENDS & LATTES is published by Tor Books in the UK and North America. The author’s second novel, a prequel — BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST — is also out now.

Here’s the English-language synopsis for LEGENDS & LATTES

High fantasy, low stakes – with a double-shot of coffee.

After decades of adventuring, Viv the orc barbarian is finally hanging up her sword for good. Now she sets her sights on a new dream – for she plans to open the first coffee shop in the city of Thune. Even though no one there knows what coffee actually is.

If Viv wants to put the past behind her, she can’t go it alone. And help might arrive from unexpected quarters. Yet old rivals and new stand in the way of success. And Thune’s shady underbelly could make it all too easy for Viv to take up the blade once more.

But the true reward of the uncharted path is the travellers you meet along the way. Whether bound by ancient magic, delicious pastries or a freshly brewed cup, they may become something deeper than Viv ever could have imagined…

Here are just a few of the many great reviews LEGENDS & LATTES has received so far…

‘This is a story about following your dreams, even when they take you away from who you thought you had to be. It’s sweet, beautiful and, most of all, kind. I hugely recommend this book.’ — Seanan McGuireNew York Times bestselling author of Every Heart A Doorway

‘The most fun I’ve ever had in a coffee shop.’ — Ben Aaronovitch, bestselling author of Rivers of London

‘A gentle little cozy set against an epic fantasy backdrop… This charming outing will please anyone who’s ever wished to spend time in a fantasy world without all the quests and battles.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘This slice-of-life cozy fantasy novel has everything you’ve been searching for.’ — Buzzfeed

‘A stunningly-well done story at every level’ — Fantasy Faction

‘If you like fantasy but you’re tired of reading about wars and general intensity, this is the book for you… Cozy fantasy at its best.’ — Literary Hub

LEGENDS & LATTES isn’t just a cosy, slice-of-life fantasy, it is a hug after a long day, it’s that first bite of chocolate you’ve been desperately craving or that first sip of coffee, it’s pyjamas and blankets and everything else which brings comfort and warmth. This is a tale so simple yet so wholesome and adorable, it has made me see just how versatile the fantasy genre can be… Believe the hype… this book deserves all the praise… Baldree delivers a tale to soothe the soul, a tale which had me smiling and crying with happiness from beginning to end.’ — Fantasy Hive

EMPRESS OF THE SUN available in Bulgaria

EMPRESS OF THE SUN, the third novel in Ian McDonald‘s critically-acclaimed YA sci-fi series, is now available in Bulgaria! Published by Artline Studios as Императрицата на слънцето, here’s the synopsis…

Въздушният кораб Евърнес прави Скок на Хайзенберг към алтернативна Земя, различна от всичко, което екипажът е виждал. Еверет, Сен и останалите се озовават над равнина, която се простира безкрайно във всички посоки, без хоризонт. Натъкват се в средата на битка между фракции от две враждуващи нации. Дали екипажът ще намери спасение в този чужд свят или ще попаднат на място, отправящо се стремглаво към апокалипсис?

Artline has also published the first two novels in the Everness series:.

The Everness series is published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books, and in the US by Pyr Books. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

Everett Singh is just your normal Punjabi-English geek who loves maths and cooking — oh, and his dad’s a genius who’s been exiled to a parallel world. No matter how dangerous the mission, Everett and Sen, daughter of an airship captain are determined to bring his dad home.

When Everett Singh’s dad was randomly sent to one of the many parallel worlds in the multiverse, Everett discovered a way to find him — on the quarantined planet E1, home of the terrifying Nahn.

Now he and the crew of the airship Everness have followed the trail to the next world — and his father.

But this is a world where dinosaurs have had sixty-five million years to evolve, where death is the key to the throne and where the Empress of the Sun has a plan to wipe out every other creature on her planet… and then take her conquest to Earth.

And all she needs is the key to travelling through the parallel universes: Everett’s infundibulum…

Artline has also published the first novel in Ian’s latest series, the critically-acclaimed Luna science fiction series — which is published in the UK by Gollancz, in the US by Tor Books, and also in select other territories.


BE MY ENEMY in Bulgaria!


We have more Everness news to share! Following hot on the heels of last Friday’s cover reveal for the Italian edition of PLANESRUNNER, we can report that BE MY ENEMY is out now in Bulgaria! The second novel in Ian McDonald‘s Everness/Евърнес trilogy, it is published by Artline Studios. Here’s the synopsis for Бъди ми враг

Еверет Синг се е измъкнал от ноктите на враговете си с Инфундибулума – ключа към всички паралелни вселени. Но свободата му идва на висока цена: баща му е изгубен в някоя от милиардите паралелни вселени на Целостта.

З1 е първата Земя, разработила Портал на Хайзенберг, с чиято помощ може да се прескача между светове, но е поставена под карантина – никой не може да я посети… нито да я напусне. З1 обаче разполага с нещо, от което Еверет се нуждае: начин да открие баща си.

Заедно с капитан Анастейзия Сикссмит, дъщеря ѝ Сен и екипажа на Евърнес, Еверет ще се сблъска със страшната тайна на З1… А заедно с нея – и на своя най-ужасяващ враг.

Artline have also published the first novel, PLANESRUNNER, as Беглец по равнините; as well as Ian’s latest book, LUNA: NEW MOON, as Луна: Новолуние.


The Everness trilogy is published in the US by Pyr Books, and in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books. Here’s the English-language synopsis for BE MY ENEMY

Everett Singh has escaped with the Infundibulum from the clutches of Charlotte Villiers and the Order, but at a terrible price. His father is missing, banished to one of the billions of parallel universes of the Panoply of All World, and Everett and the crew of the airship Everness have taken a wild, random Heisenberg Jump to a random parallel plane. Everett is smart and resourceful, and, from a frozen earth far beyond the Plenitude, he plans to rescue his family. But the villainous Charlotte Villiers is one step ahead of him.

The action traverses the frozen wastes of iceball earth; to Earth 4 (like ours, except that the alien Thryn Sentiency occupied the moon in 1964); to the dead London of the forbidden plane of Earth 1, where the emnants of humanity battle a terrifying nanotechnology run wild — and Everett faces terrible choices of morality and power. But Everett has the love and support of Sen, Captain Anastasia Sixsmyth, and the rest of the crew of Everness — as he learns that the deadliest enemy isn’t the Order or the world-devouring nanotech Nahn — it’s yourself.

The Everness series, unsurprisingly for an Ian McDonald novel, has been showered with praise. Here’s just a taste…

‘Exciting first sequel to outstanding series opener PLANESRUNNER… McDonald roots Everett’s heroism in his intelligence… Stuffed with science, this series has the potential to fascinate young readers as William Sleator’s books did, tackling concepts on the slippery edge of current understanding. Science causes danger, but it’s also the weapon that combats those terrors. Smart, clever and abundantly original, with suspense that grabs your eyeballs, this is real science fiction for all ages. More! More!’ Kirkus

BE MY ENEMY is the sequel to last year’s PLANESRUNNER, the book that launched Ian McDonald’s first ever YA series in spectacular fashion. I dearly love both of these novels… The story once again moves along at a very rapid pace, making this another fun, fast read. There are times when these books just sparkle with innovation and adventure and humor… a blast from start to finish. As far as I’m concerned, Ian McDonald could write another dozen or so of these Everness novels, and I’d happily read them all.’ Tor.com

‘A pacy book filled with tropes McDonald takes from across the genre and makes his own, whether it is AI or nanotech, unpeopled Earths or post-apocalyptic worlds… I can’t wait to see what happens next.’ Strange Horizons

‘McDonald proves the concept of his world of the Infundibulum has legs, and provides some intriguing new ideas amid an entertaining adventure… A solidly entertaining second volume to the series… With all of these ideas, concepts and worldbuilding, McDonald, in terms of his core characters, provides us with meaty development and growth… anyone, young adult or otherwise, who has read the first book will find much to love here, and will likely be as eager as I for the next volume in the series.’ SF Signal

‘Absolutely triumphant sequel… PLANESRUNNER — a rollicking, multidimensional tale of a young boy who holds the key to infinite universes, seeking to rescue his physicist father from sinister powers — finished on a brutal cliffhanger, leaving its readers gasping and cursing for more… In BE MY ENEMY, there’s a lot more of what made PLANESRUNNER great — tremendous action scenes, cunning escapes, genius attacks on the ways that multidimensional travel might be weaponized, horrific glimpses of shadowy powers and sinister technologies. But BE MY ENEMY also has more of what makes McDonald’s adult fiction some of the best work I’ve ever read: a gifted ear for poesie that makes the English language sing, the unapologetic presumption of the reader’s ability to understand what’s going on without a lot of hand-holding, and a technological mysticism that never explicitly says when the literal stops and the fantasy starts… If you held off on reading PLANESRUNNER because you didn’t want to commit to a series without knowing if the author could keep up the quality, have no fear. McDonald has proven himself handily.’ BoingBoing



Ian McDonald’s LUNA Out Now in Bulgaria


Ian McDonald‘s LUNA: NEW MOON continues its steady conquest of the world, and is out today in Bulgaria! Published by Artline Studios as Луна: Новолуние, here’s the synopsis…

Луната иска да те убие. И има хиляда начина да го направи. Жестокият студ на вакуума. Смъртоносните дъждове на радиацията. Задушаващият прах, по-стар от Земята. Все по-крехките ти кости. А може и да не ти останат пари за вода. Или въздух. Или просто да застанеш на пътя на един от Петте Дракона – корпорациите, които властват над Луната и управляват изобилието ù от ресурси и възможности. Но ти ще останеш – защото Луната може да те направи по-богат, отколкото някога си си представял. Адриана Корта е на осемдесет години. Семейството ù управлява Корта Хелио. Заедно са оцелели през кървавите корпоративни войни и опасния период на мир, който ги е последвал. Но сега този мир се разпада. Адриана може да умре, но няма да се остави да я убият – нито съперниците ù, нито Луната. И каквото и да се случи с нея, Корта Хелио няма да загине. Новият роман на Иън Макдоналд е един вълнуващ, кървав епос  – фантастика, на чиято сцена мерят сили коварни магнати, влиятелни матриарси и космически Кръстници. Оставете се на тази изпълнена с живот картина да ви пренесе в един опасен свят, където между живота и смъртта винаги има само една крачка.

The first in the Luna series, it is published in the UK by Gollancz and in the US by Tor Books (paperback edition out in September). It has also been acquired for the German, Spanish and Polish markets, with more to come! Here is the English-language synopsis…

The scions of a falling house must navigate a world of corporate warfare to maintain their family’s status in the Moon’s vicious political atmosphere.

The Moon wants to kill you.

Maybe it will kill you when the per diem for your allotted food, water, and air runs out, just before you hit paydirt. Maybe it will kill you when you are trapped between the reigning corporations-the Five Dragons-in a foolish gamble against a futuristic feudal society. On the Moon, you must fight for every inch you want to gain. And that is just what Adriana Corta did.

As the leader of the Moon’s newest “dragon,” Adriana has wrested control of the Moon’s Helium-3 industry from the Mackenzie Metal corporation and fought to earn her family’s new status. Now, in the twilight of her life, Adriana finds her corporation-Corta Helio-confronted by the many enemies she made during her meteoric rise. If the Corta family is to survive, Adriana’s five children must defend their mother’s empire from her many enemies… and each other.


Here’s just a small selection from the critical acclaim the novel has received…

‘Smart, funny, passionate and at times quite dark, McDonald brings the touch we’ve seen in RIVER OF GODS and DERVISH HOUSE to an entirely new culture as it evolves in a distant hostile place where business or family rules all… it’s terrific. My only complaint: it leaves you wanting the second book right now!’ — Jonathan Strahan

‘McDonald… begins his superb near-future series… scintillating, violent, and decadent world. McDonald creates a complex and fascinating civilization featuring believable technology, and the characters are fully developed, with individually gripping stories. Watch for this brilliantly constructed family saga on next year’s award ballots.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

‘Heralds the welcome return of one of western science fiction’s foremost globally oriented authors. Bristling with the energy and action… Nestled within a narrative of lunar colonization driven by STEM developments and a decimated, post-oil Earth economy, LUNA burns with the desperate anxieties of the late-capitalist, financialized age: the universalization of debt, the demand for contingent and flexible labor, and the resulting polarized wealth gap… one of McDonald’s greatest strengths: an ability to think through the uneven development and cultural diffusion of global economic and technological change… McDonald’s worlds, whether grim, hopeful, or — as is often the case — both, feel lived in rather than culturally depleted or used up… With an action narrative driving this political commentary, LUNA is actually a fantastically fun read as well as an important one.’ — LA Review of Books

Almost monolithic in its ambition. In its gravitas and tension and, alas, tragedy, it’s damn near Shakespearian… a setting so brilliantly built and deftly embellished that buying into it isn’t ever an issue; a vast cast of characters as satisfying and sympathetic individually as they are as part of McDonald’s elaborate ensemble; and a plot composed of so many threads that you never know where it’s going to go — except that when it ends, it’s destined to end terribly… a world as wicked as it is convincing… only a matter of time before CBS sets about broadening the appeal of this magnificent bastard of a book.‘ Tor.com

The second novel in the series, LUNA: WOLF MOON, is also due to be published in the UK by Gollancz, and in the US by Tor Books.


Ian McDonald’s PLANESRUNNER Sails into Bulgaria!


The first novel in Ian McDonald‘s Everness series, PLANESRUNNER, is now available in Bulgaria! Published by Artline Studios as Беглец по равнините, here’s the synopsis…

Няма само едно „ти“. Има много „ти“. Ние сме част от многообразието на вселените в паралелните измерения… и бащата на Еверет Синг е открил път към тях. Сега баща му е отвлечен и сякаш никога не е съществувал. Все пак има една улика, която синът му може да последва – мистериозното софтуерно приложение Инфундибулум. Програмата е карта, не само за Десетте познати свята, а за цялата мултивселена – и съществуват хора, на които много им се иска да се доберат до нея. За да я опази и за да спаси баща си, Еверет се нуждае от приятели: като например капитан Анастейзия Сикссмит, нейната осиновена дъщеря и екипажа на въздушния кораб Евърнес.


PLANESRUNNER is published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books, and in the US by Pyr Books. The other two books in the series — BE MY ENEMY and EMPRESS OF THE SUN — are also published by Jo Fletcher Books and Pyr Books. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

An airship-duelling, guns-blazing fantasy novel that will leave you wishing you could unlock the infundibulum, join the Airish and take to the skies.

There is not just one you, there are many yous. We’re part of a multiplicity of universes in parallel dimensions — and Everett Singh’s dad has found a way in.

But he’s been kidnapped, and now it is as though Everett’s dad never existed. Yet there is one clue for his son to follow, a mysterious app: the Infundibulum.

The app is a map, not just to the Ten Known Worlds, but to the entire multiverse — and there are those who want to get their hands on it very badly. If Everett’s going to keep it safe and rescue his dad, he’s going to need friends: like Captain Anastasia Sixmith, her adopted daughter and the crew of the airship Everness.

Ian McDonald’s latest novel, the critically-acclaimed LUNA: NEW MOON, is published in the UK by Gollancz, and in the US by Tor Books.