MJ Wassmer

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MJ Wassmer grew up in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee. He’s worked as a UPS package handler, professional treadmill cleaner, steakhouse busboy, and Spider-Man for children’s birthday parties. Following ten years in corporate, Michael left to start his own business while focusing on his true passion—writing silly things. His debut novel is ZERO STARS, DO NOT RECOMMEND.

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      ‘Wassmer rockets onto the scene with a life-or-death action-packed debut… Wassmer will make readers laugh out loud… Protagonist Dan has a quick wit, and the other characters are so well-developed that the realism in their interactions is smile-inducing. The novel is a romp and a page-turner, but it also has a great deal of pathos… Wassmer’s debut novel succeeds in being the opposite of its title. He might become a new favorite for fans of John Scalzi and David Wong (a.k.a. Jason Pargin).’ — Library Journal

      ‘Lord of the Flies crashes headfirst into The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in this rollicking look at the end of the world.’Benjamin Stevenson, bestselling author of Everyone in My Family has Killed Someone

      ‘The end of the world has never been so fun! Explosively funny and terrifyingly plausible in its depiction of the apocalypse, this cinematic debut had me LOLing, cringing and cheering throughout. I absolutely blazed through this earth-shattering action romp.’ Josh Winning, author of The Shadow Glass

      “This is Lord Of The Flies meets an all-inclusive bar, with incredible results. MJ Wassmer has written a totally original brainmelter — part thriller, part comedy, and part inspiring love story.’Alice Bell, author of Grave Expectations and Displeasure Island

      ‘Part scathing social commentary, part post-apocalyptic romcom, ZERO STARS, DO NOT RECOMMEND is an absolute marvel—MJ Wassmer’s debut is clever and cunning, touching and witty (with twist after twist). I adored it—bravo, can’t wait to read more from him!’Ashley Tate, internationally bestselling author of Twenty-Seven Minutes

      ‘Fabulously original and relentlessly clever, ZERO STARS, DO NOT RECOMMEND is one of the best debuts I’ve read in ages. I loved every single thing about it.’Allison Winn Scotch, bestselling author of The Rewind