Gary Wigglesworth

Gary Wigglesworth was a bookseller for many years and now works in publishing. In normal times he hosts a monthly book quiz at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, London. THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK his first quiz book, was published in 2020 by Robinson (Little, Brown). For more information, updates on future quizzes and to see what Gary is currently reading, visit his website.

THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2 is published in October 2023, also published by Robinson.

Agent Contact: Stevie Finegan


Book Lover’s Quiz Book Series








      ‘For someone like me who loves books and loves quizzes, this is perfection. But I’m struggling to answer the question, “Is this a book about quizzes or a quiz about books?”‘Charlie Higson, writer, comedian and actor

      ‘An entertaining challenge for all book-lovers’Claire Fuller, award-winning author of Unsettled Ground

      ‘Delightfully twisty questions to find out whether you’re the greatest of the book nerds’Ben Aaronovitch

      ‘A delightful book that leads to yet more delightful books – there are no wrong answers, because every time you can’t answer the question you’ll be excited that has led to a book that you need to get to know. Best read near a library’ — Robin Ince

      ‘There aren’t many sequels that outdo the original — The Godfather II. Home Alone 2. Aliens. To that limited list we need to add THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2. Bookworms rejoice! It’s even wittier, wiser and more challenging than the excellent original’ — Peter Hanington, author of the William Carver novels

      ‘The questions are brilliantly funny, wide-ranging and surprising’ — Bethan Roberts, author of My Policeman

      ‘Perfect for the home, the pub or waiting in a queue, THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2 will remind you of your favourite books and give you a list of new ones to search out. The questions range from “I know that!” to ones that will make your brain attempt a desperate bid for freedom. In other words, an absolute delight of a book’Johnny Mains, award-winning editor and creator of Dead Funny: Horror Stories By Comedians


      ‘It’s brilliant. Love the cartoon clues. Couldn’t stop playing. Well done.’ Martin Walker, author of the Bruno detective series

      ‘Quite literally The Book of All Books! A little piece of heaven for the competitive literature lover.’ Jayne Sharp, writer, voice-over artist, comedy actress

      ‘Whether in person in the pub or online on Twitter, Gary Wigglesworth’s book quizzes are never less than witty, addictive and informative. His ‘Say What You See’ drawings representing book titles – for example a gravestone bearing the symbol p – are a particular highlight. This volume collects together twenty-four quizzes, including a Christmas-themed one, for you to play at home, with friends and family or via Zoom. The perfect gift for the book lover in your life.’ Paul Tudor Owen, author of The Weighing of the Heart
      ‘I love pub quizzes and this is a chance to recreate one of the best at home.’ Mhairi McFarlane, author of Who’s That Girl and You Had Me At Hello
      As we inch towards the end of the year that saw many of us became ardent armchair quizzers, THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK is the ideal Christmas present for the reader in your life, regardless of age, ability, or taste. So much love and thought has gone into making this book both challenging and accessible. Loved the touches of humour throughout.’ — Caz Frear, author of Sweet Little Lies and Cold Stone Heart
      ‘Perfect for you if you love books and can’t be bothered to answer questions on anything else.’ Robin Stevens, author of the Murder Most Unladylike mysteries
      ‘Consistently fun and often also very funny.’Alan Connor, author of The Joy of Quiz
      ‘Outside of a dog, THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK is every bookworm’s best friend — inside of a dog . . . well, if you know the rest, you’re going to love this book.’ Peter Hanington, author of A Dying Breed and A Single Source
      ‘A book quiz quiz book what more could lovers of books, quizzes and quizzes about books desire? And marvellous it is too, Wigglesworth proving himself quite the literary Magnus Magnusson of our social media age.’Travis Elborough, author of The Bus We Loved and The Long-Player Goodbye
      ‘Brilliantly inventive and entertaining questions from the bookworm’s bookworm.’Mark Mason, author of Question Time, Walk the Lines
      ‘My favourite quiz, now in book form!’ — Anne Miller, QI elf and author of Mickey and the Animal Spies
      ‘A quiz book that manages that elusive balance between the hugely satisfying and the brain ticklingly challenging. A must have for book lovers.’ — Anna James, author of Pages & Co
      THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK is my new go-to gift for readers, writers, culture vultures and word-nerds. Smart, witty, challenging, and endless fun. I can’t imagine a book quiz book done better.’Michael Hughes, author of Country and The Countenance Divine
      ‘Think you know your literary trivia? Think again! A fun, and occasionally fiendish, collection of questions to test even the most ardent quizzer.’Scott Pack, publisher, author and editor
      ‘This is the ultimate literary quiz book and Gary Wigglesworth is the quizmaster to end all quizmasters.’David Quantick, author of Night Train, and writer for The Thick of It and Veep
      ‘Perfect for book-lovers, quiz-lovers and literary-fact-lovers. Witty and interesting; clever and challenging – while still having something for everyone (especially those brilliant Say What You See drawings). This book is great fun.’ — Claire Fuller, author of Our Endless Numbered Days, Swimming Lessons and Bitter Orange
      ‘Gary’s quiz nights are genuinely legendary, and in the old times they were a place you could guarantee seeing at least one or two of the QI Elves — racking our brains. So I can’t recommend this book highly enough…’James Harkin, Head QI Elf and podcaster for No Such Thing as a Fish
      ‘The perfect gift for quizzers.’Val McDermid

      ‘What a wonderful, joyous, fun book this is. For book lovers every answer jogs a warm memory, while every unknown signposts a future literary treat.’Stuart Turton, author of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and The Devil and the Dark Water