Lavie Tidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY is a Best SFF of 2013! Twice!!

Tidhar-ViolentCenturyUKWe’re very happy to report that Lavie Tidhar‘s THE VIOLENT CENTURY, published by Hodder Books in the UK, has been selected for two Best of 2013 lists! Both the Guardian and Daily Mail newspapers featured the novel in their end-of-year selections. Here’s what they had to say…

THE VIOLENT CENTURY… may be his best yet: a blistering alt-historical retelling of a 20th century lousy with superheroes.’  —  The Guardian, Best SFF of 2013

‘Part pulp fiction, part spy novel… Startling, moving and cleverly turned (spot the walk-on parts for real comic book artists) the novel delivers epic scale, sharply observed detail and a real emotional wallop.’  —  Daily Mail 12 Books for Christmas 2013

THE VIOLENT CENTURY has racked up an impressive number of gushing reviews already. Here’s the synopsis, in case you somehow missed it…

They’d never meant to be heroes.

For seventy years they guarded the British Empire. Oblivion and Fogg, inseparable friends, bound together by a shared fate. Until one night in Berlin, in the aftermath of the Second World War, and a secret that tore them apart.

But there must always be an account… and the past has a habit of catching up to the present.

Now, recalled to the Retirement Bureau from which no one can retire, Fogg and Oblivion must face up to a past of terrible war and unacknowledged heroism – a life of dusty corridors and secret rooms, of furtive meetings and blood-stained fields – to answer one last, impossible question:

What makes a hero?

The UK Newspapers Love Lavie Tidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY…

Tidhar-ViolentCenturyUKOnly a week since publication, Lavie Tidhar‘s latest novel, THE VIOLENT CENTURY, has been showered with praise. We described the novel as ‘Watchmen meets John le Carre’, but here are what some in the British national press have been saying…

‘Tidhar synthesises the geeky and the political in a vision of world events that breaks new superhero ground… Lavie Tidhar’s new novel breaks new ground in terms of the “superhero novel”… THE VIOLENT CENTURY extends [an] eerie synthesis of the geeky and the political, conjuring a version of the 20th and 21st century where everything we know still happened, only with added superheroes… The novel turns out to be a melancholy sort of love story, but the world-building is so profoundly smart that one can easily forgive and even thrill to the slightly predictable tale of amours, betrayals, repressed adoration and stifled expediency… Comics, of course, have been doing “what if they were real?” for ages, from Alan Moore’s Watchmen to Pat Mills’s Marshal Law. But the politics in Tidhar’s novel are very much about real-world subterfuge… the truly clever thing here is that while the reader has to suspend disbelief in the existence of superheroes, the superheroes themselves struggle to believe in the war, and especially the Holocaust: repeatedly they refer to it as being like a fiction rather than reality. The war becomes, again, something unthinkable. Using fantasy to reassert the awful reality of the 20th century is a smart piece of defamiliarisation.’  —  The Guardian

‘While perhaps not as politically loaded as OSAMA, Tidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY… is no less powerful. He imagines a world where superheroes are real. But while the Americans go for the brash costumes and public displays of power, Tidhar’s British heroes – primarily Oblivion and Fog – operate in the shadows, and bear witness to the major events of the 20th century in what is quite simply a stunning masterpiece.’  —  The Independent

‘Good fantasy creates new worlds for us to dream in. Great fantasy, such as THE VIOLENT CENTURY, holds a dark mirror up to these dreams and tests them to the limit… Espionage inhabits a sort of parallel universe. Lavie Tidhar has taken this idea and run with it, creating a sophisticated, moving and gripping take on 20th century conflicts and our capacity for love and hate, honour and betrayal.‘  —  Daily Mail (Who knew the Daily Mail reviewed SFF?)

‘It’s the X-Men as written by John le Carré, a shadowy alternate history in which cynical Cold War compromises are all too real. Agents Fogg and Oblivion investigate a conspiracy dating back 75 years to post-war Berlin. The British duo haven’t aged since 1932, when hundreds of mutants were created from the sub-atomic wave unleashed by a German scientist. Several years later, warring nations rally the troops with front-line superheroes but some end up as grisly Übermenschen experiments in Auschwitz. Tidhar’s Jewish heritage enriches his self-aware, tersely styled narrative. A love story and meditation on heroism, this is an elegiac espionage adventure that demands a second reading.’  —  Metro

THE VIOLENT CENTURY is published by Hodder in the UK.

Iain Sinclair’s AMERICAN SMOKE Tour – Updates & Extra Details

We announced some early details regarding Iain Sinclair‘s upcoming book tour, but there have since been some additional dates and events added to the schedule. Celebrating the release of Iain’s much-anticipated new book, AMERICAN SMOKE, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about the book and also hear the author speak on the topic. AMERICAN SMOKE is due to be published in the UK in November 2013 (Hamish Hamilton) and in the US in April 2014 (Farrar Strauss).


First up, we want to draw your attention to some recent coverage. The mainstream British has been filled with praise for AMERICAN SMOKE. The Saturday Telegraph magazine featured an interview with the author, ‘Iain Sinclair on walking, markets and his impossible challenge’. Also on Saturday, reviews of AMERICAN SMOKE appeared in the Financial Times – ‘In AMERICAN SMOKE his voice is still urgent; it still has things to tell us. If we know what’s good for us, we’ll listen.’ – and also in The Times (sadly, behind the pay-wall). We understand that there are many more reviews on the way, from across the media. The Telegraph also ran a review, in which AMERICAN SMOKE is described as a ‘wonderful’ book, one the reviewer ‘loved’. A review in The Guardian states that, while reading the book, ‘the US wafts away, as grippingly haunted as Sinclair’s prose.’

And there’s still more to come: Esquire will run a piece by Iain in their December issue, about Kill Your Darlings film. Dazed and Confused‘s December will feature an interview with Iain, as will the Big Issue and The Hackney Citizen.

The London Review Bookshop is offering three wonderful special editions of AMERICAN SMOKE (one of which is pictured, below) – any one of these is a must for Sinclair and Beat Generation aficionados everywhere. Although, be quick – stock is selling out fast.


And finally, to re-cap, here are the rest of the dates for Sinclair’s tour:

Wednesday November 6th (today!) — Royal Society of Literature

Thursday November 7th — Iain Sinclair and Gary Walkow present Beat at the Whitechapel Gallery

Friday November 8th — LAUNCH of American Smoke at the Sea Cadets Building in Stoke Newington

Wednesday November 20th — ICA

Thursday November 21st — LRB Bookshop

Thursday November 28th — Topping and Company Bath

Wednesday December 4th — Broadway Bookshop event

Wednesday January 8th — Central St Martins

Praise Keeps Pouring in for Charlie Human’s APOCALYPSE NOW NOW!


Charlie Human‘s brilliant debut novel, APOCALYPSE NOW NOW, has been out in the UK for a couple of weeks, now, and great reviews just keep flooding in. We shared with you some of the responses from other authors a little while back. Now, we’re happy to share some reviewer comments, just in case you still need convincing to check out the novel (and whet your appetite for it’s forthcoming sequel)…

‘Brilliantly entertaining.’  —  British Fantasy Society

‘… a riot – a firebomb of a novel, exploding with sick humour, violence and depravity… it’s never less than very funny, and the ongoing question of Baxter’s sanity adds a degree of mystery. There’s warmth here, too – you’ll likely feel sympathy for Bax by the end.’  —  SFX Magazine

‘… gloriously twisted… Imaginative, slightly demented and wonderfully odd, it’s a striking debut that delivers a dark monster-filled tale at a frenetically enjoyable pace… run[s] rampant with brutal violence, freaky nightmare creatures and African mythology… flamboyant characters, jolly gung-ho violence and a perverse sense of humour… If you want the dark imaginative wonder of Gaiman injected with the reckless, carefree abandon of a Tarantino flick, you’d be a fool not to hitch a ride into the mysterious world of Charlie Human’s South Africa.’  —  Starburst

‘Think Lauren Beukes meets Neil Gaiman, with bounty hunters.’  —  Wired (UK)

‘… pure, unbridled joy… absolutely none of it is paint by numbers… a fever dream of an urban fantasy, something where everything’s been flung against the wall and, against all odds, it sticks… Mr. Human has built a ridiculously infectious world… It is hard not to be swept up by the joy of it all… Unbridled, unhinged joy and a bit of thoughtful characterisation? APOCALYPSE NOW NOW may truly signify the end of days.’  —  Pornokitsch

‘… wonderfully detailed scenarios, it’s fantastic… APOCALYPSE NOW NOW is often hilarious and tremendous fun… its target audience will have a blast.’  —  SciFi Now

‘Charlie Human, a native South African who has the writing ability of a seasoned pro… From start to finish this just kept getting better and better… The book has everything from giant crows to dwarfs to mind controlling spiders… I would definitely recommend this to all. If you’re a fan of fantasy adventure you are going to love this…’  —  PopBucket

‘Human blends a lot of the staples of the genre together and gives the resultant mix more than a few twists of his own (playing on reader expectations very neatly) to create a story that will appeal to fans of very dark urban fantasy… Not for the weak of stomach, this is hopefully just the first adventure for Baxter and Jackson Ronin… Recommended.’  —  Sci-Fi Bulletin

‘… a bowl of fireworks… It has porn-peddling adolescents, ginger bearded monk ninjas, killer crows and zombie-filled sex dungeons ruled over by parasitic mega-spiders. What’s not to love!?!’  —  J For Jetpack

‘… an extremely strong debut novel, from an author who exhibits a great deal of talent and potential. APOCALYPSE NOW NOW is bonkers, twisted, very funny, and utterly engaging… Human’s writing is immediate, addictive, funny, and expertly crafted… original, very well-written, funny, dark, and genre-blending. Charlie is definitely an author to watch.’  —  Civilian Reader

‘… breakneck pace and mad imagination… APOCALYPSE NOW NOW [is] such an addictive experience. As one of an associate of Ronin’s remarks: “There’s no pause button, you understand? … Once it starts you have to see it through.” All too true!’  —

‘… Charlie Human’s formidable imagination… is splattered over every page…. In much the same way as Paul Cornell did in London Falling, APOCALYPSE NOW NOW shows the supernatural living uneasily in the city shadows. But Cape Town is given a far more jaundiced view through the eyes of this disillusioned South African 21st century Holden Caulfield, and Human’s use of African superstition and his own bizarre creatures makes it a far more exotic and dangerous place… an attention-grabbing debut novel… certainly one you won’t forget reading in a hurry.’  —  Cultbox

‘… weirdly and gruesomely awesome! …  I laughed (a lot), I got drawn in to the action… Not your run of the mill scifi or fantasy novel and defo not one for the easily offended or feint of heart… if you want a book that blurs the genre lines, delves into South African mythology and has a whole heap of weird eroticism in it then this is defo one for you. Go forth and envelop this crazy arsed book!’  —  Book Geek Says

‘Like Gaiman and Tarantino, Charlie Human plays with different genres and their cliches… It is fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny… Baxter’s voice is brilliant… Baxter’s commentary, with its irony and awareness, also helps keep the book from being overwhelmed by weirdness… This is [Charlie’s] debut novel and a very impressive one at that.’  —  Magic Realism

‘Mr. Human’s insane brain rips the carpet that you think you know from underneath you, rolls you up in it and transports you into a strange, twisted world… It’s stupendous… The supporting cast is written well, with the important players given enough back story and hints of motives to flesh them out. Honestly, read this book… it’s written beautifully. I can’t wait to read his next. 9/10’  —  Fantasy Opinion

Be sure to keep checking Charlie’s author page, which we will update as-and-when new reviews come in. APOCALYPSE NOW NOW is published in the UK by Century, and in South Africa by Random House/Struik (in English and Afrikaans – BOKVELD BINNEKORT).

Some Initial Reactions to Lavie Tidhar’s VIOLENT CENTURY…

LT headshot AltReview proofs of Lavie Tidhar‘s upcoming THE VIOLENT CENTURY have been sent out to readers and reviewers, and we’ve spotted some great responses on Twitter. We think Lavie’s outdone himself with this novel, so we decided to share some of these early comments…

‘My God, @lavietidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY is bloody brilliant. Actually refused a lift home from work last night so I could read on the bus’ – David Barnett (Guardian)

‘Finished THE VIOLENT CENTURY by @lavietidhar. Wonderful. Puts the “human” in “super-human”. And the “super”, come to that.’ –  David Barnett, again (Guardian)

‘Just finished @lavietidhar’s VIOLENT CENTURY. It’s NIGHT CIRCUS meets BITTER SEEDS. Wow.’Justin Landon (Staffer’s Book Review)

‘Finished Tidhar’s The Violent Century over lunch. War, history, heroism, memory: best thing he’s done to date, very impressive.’Niall Harrison (Editor-In-Chief, Strange Horizons)

‘Sat down to for a minute to read the start of @lavietidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY. Half an hour later, and it’s really, really good.’James Smythe (author of The Explorer)

THE VIOLENT CENTURY is due to be published by Hodder Books in the UK, on October 24th, 2013. More news coming soon (including a cover reveal later in the month).

Early Praise for Charlie Human’s APOCALYPSE NOW NOW…

We’ve been talking about it for months, but now that early copies of Charlie Human‘s amazing debut novel, APOCALYPSE NOW NOW, have made their way into the hands of a select few readers and reviewers, we’re in the position to say WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!…

‘It’s mad, dark, irreverent and wonderfully twisted in all the right ways.’  —  Lauren Beukes, award-winning author of the Shining Girls

‘I don’t even know how to describe reading this book, so just look at my wide eyes and my silently mumbling mouth and take my shell-shock as a good sign that you need to read this book right now.’  —  Chuck Wendig, author of Blackbirds

‘With a wild imagination and savage glee, Charlie Human throws us into a school yard battle zone that’s part teenage wasteland, part Lovecraft fever dream. Rock and Roll High School meets the apocalypse.’  —  Richard KadreyNew York Times bestselling author of the Sandman Slim series

‘Brilliantly entertaining.’  —  British Science Fiction Association

APOCALYPSE NOW NOW is due to be published in August 2013, by Century (UK), and Random House Struik (South Africa).


Happy Publication Day, Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson-RithmatistUK-BlogBrandon Sanderson‘s exciting new YA fantasy, THE RITHMATIST is published today by Orion Children’s. The books was released in the US last week, and hit the New York Times Bestseller list at #6! Fingers crossed for a similar reception over here in the UK!

Here’s the synopsis…

More than anything, Joel wants to be a Rithmatist. Chosen by the Master in a mysterious inception ceremony, Rithmatists have the power to infuse life into two-dimensional figures known as Chalklings. Rithmatists are humanity’s only defense against the Wild Chalklings—merciless creatures that leave mangled corpses in their wake. Having nearly overrun the territory of Nebrask, the Wild Chalklings now threaten all of the American Isles.

As the son of a lowly chalkmaker at Armedius Academy, Joel can only watch as Rithmatist students learn the magical art that he would do anything to practice. Then students start disappearing—kidnapped from their rooms at night, leaving trails of blood. Assigned to help the professor who is investigating the crimes, Joel and his friend Melody find themselves on the trail of an unexpected discovery, one that will change Rithmatics—and their world—forever.

Here’s what reviewers have been saying so far…

‘Featuring ingenious magic (complete with profuse chalk drawing–style diagrams and illustrations from McSweeney), feisty characters, and a complex plot likely to unwind over several volumes, this high-spirited, exciting story will appeal to readers of all ages.’  —  Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

‘Fantasy readers should devour this well-crafted mix of action and setup, enriched by thoroughly detailed cultural and historical background and capped by a distinctly unsettling twist.’  —  Kirkus (Starred Review)

‘The first novel in a brand new series from much-lauded adult fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, THE RITHMATIST is an imaginative, action-packed SFF adventure – entertaining, fun, and with oodles of future potential. In other words: get your chalk out, folks, because this is another good one from Brandon Sanderson. True to form, THE RITHMATIST‘s greatest strength lies with its wonderfully unique magical system. I will never tire or cease to be impressed by Sanderson’s imaginative applications and rules of magic-making…’  —  The Book Smugglers – also hosted Brandon for an interview

‘The story is compelling and the main characters of Joel and Melody are ones that we can relate to — even their wishes, desires, hopes, and dreams ring true… While THE RITHMATIST is marketed for teen and young adults, I believe that it would be of interest to readers of all ages. Only the age of the main characters makes this a young adult story, for the problems and issues are germane to humans of all ages. Highly recommended.’  —  SF Revu

Brandon Sanderson is represented in the UK and Commonwealth on behalf of JABberwocky Literary Agency.

BITTER SEEDS – Editorial Love-In…

We’re bowled over to see such fantastic support from the editorial team at Orbit Books for Ian Tregillis‘s superb Milkweed trilogy. Over on the Orbit Books blog, Editorial Assistant James Long has taken the time to write about how much the series blew him away…

‘As an editor, there’s no better feeling than reading a submission that blinds you with its sheer brilliance. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s one of the most exciting things about working in publishing… [BITTER SEEDS] left amazed by its vivid prose, bold action sequences and the wonderful depth of its characterisation. Not to mention the underlying plot that regularly crosses into the realms of sheer genius.’


The whole UK editorial team at Orbit has, in fact, gone on record with their gushing praise for Ian’s series.

‘I love the way the plot threads around and twists back on itself, just when you think you’ve got it all worked out, both within the books and between them. Every new page gives you another thread to pull. The writing itself is phenomenal, but it’s the characters and the plot – my god, the plot! – that have got me so hooked. I can’t wait to read Necessary Evil and find out how Ian manages to resolve such a tangled web. Ian’s poor protagonists dance like puppets for the unbearably sinister Gretel, but there must be a master plan behind it all. I can’t believe she doesn’t have one – though I do hope poor Raybould foils it and that he finds the redemption he so desperately wants. He deserves a break after all he’s been through!’ — Anne Clark, Orbit Editorial Director, after reading THE COLDEST WAR

‘After having devoured the entire Milkweed Triptych at the speed of light, I can only conclude is that Ian Tregillis is an absolute genius. The Milkweed books are simply one of the cleverest, most engrossing series I’ve ever read. I often found myself chuckling out loud in public places at the pure brilliance of the plotting, the devious intellect of the protagonists, and the masterful skill of the author’s turn of phrase… Ian Tregillis takes an idea which is already hugely exciting in a very superhero-comic kind of way (mad warlocks fighting scientifically-enhanced Nazi übermensch), but then delivers the concept with such intelligence, such emotional power and such literary flair that you cannot help but fall head-over-heels for him as a writer.’ — Anna Gregson, Orbit Commissioning Editor

The Milkweed trilogy – BITTER SEEDS, THE COLDEST WAR and NECESSARY EVIL – is out now in the UK. If you haven’t tried it yet… well, get thee to a bookshop!

And if you have read this series, note that Orbit have another series in the pipeline from Ian. More on that in due course.

Happy Publication Day (+1), Freda Warrington…

We are delighted to report that Freda Warrington‘s third Aetherial Tale, GRAIL OF THE SUMMER STARS, was published yesterday in the US by Tor Books!

The climactic concluding novel in the spellbinding magical contemporary fantasy Aetherial Tales trilogy

A painting, depicting haunting scenes of a ruined palace and a scarlet-haired goddess in front of a fiery city, arrives unheralded in an art gallery with a cryptic note saying, “The world needs to see this.” The painting begins to change the lives of the woman who is the gallery’s curator and that of an ancient man of the fey Aetherial folk who has mysteriously risen from the depths of the ocean. Neither human nor fairy knows how they are connected, but when the painting is stolen, both are compelled to discover the meaning behind the painting and the key it holds to their future.


If you’d like to try the novel, head on over to, who have shared an excerpt. In addition, Freda has been busy around the SFF blogosphere of late, and recently wrote two great guest posts: The Unashamed Escapist for Fade into Fantasy, and Painting with Words for the Fantasy Book Cafe (as part of their Women in SF&F Month series).

Here’s what the critics have been saying so far…

‘A classy, beautifully rendered tale that persuasively builds from low-key beginnings into a complex enterprise with real heft, a rich back story and characters that grow with the narrative. A must for existing fans, while being easily accessible to newcomers.’Kirkus

‘If Freda Warrington didn’t write, it would be a crime against humanity. This woman was born to write and tell stories and she does it incredibly well… I absolutely love Warrington’s world… There’s romance, friendship, betrayal, growth, revelations and much more. Basically, it’s anything anyone could possibly want in a book… [Warrington] know[s] how to write an incredible story full of emotional drama, depth and amazing world building. Freda Warrington doesn’t just write urban fantasy. She’s mastered it.’Bookworm Blues

Reviews Round-Up #3… Ian Tregillis

Ian Tregillis, whom we are delighted to represent in the UK and in translation on behalf of Kay McAuley at Aurous Inc.  sees the second novel in his superb MILKWEED series, published this month by Orbit. Already availabe in the US from Tor,  THE COLDEST WAR has already been receiving rave reviews from all corners of the bibliophile internet and was a title that rode consistantly high in many of the 2012 Year’s Best lists. The MILKWEED books  have been described as ‘addictive… enthralling’ (IcebergInk) and as a ‘cracking read’ (AltHist Fiction). The third and final book in the trilogy, NECESSARY EVIL will be published simultaneously in the UK and the US in April. The series has already sold in Spain (DeBosillo) and Poland (Mag) with other territories currently being negotiated.


Fantasy Faction gave the novel 5/5 stars, saying It has so many jaw-dropping moments, so many clever twists and an ending that leaves you hanging desperately for the final part but also ties up the current events. Tregillis is a master storyteller on top of his game… The pace is relentless as it hurtles towards the most epic conclusion… There’ve been some amazing books this year but Tregillis has the top two places in my ‘Best Of’ with BITTER SEEDS and THE COLDEST WAR. It’s going to be a long cruel wait until the final part of the Milkweed Triptych but I have no doubt Tregillis will blow my mind once more.

BSEEDSpainOver at BoingBoing Cory Doctorow was equally full of praise for THE COLDEST WAR: ‘With all the flair he showed in his debut novel, Tregillis continues the tale, bringing to it that same marvellous plotting, immersive sense of place, and above all, wonderful characters… Tregillis is a major new talent in the field, and this is some of the best — and most exciting — alternate history I’ve read. Bravo.

And Bookworm Blues were gushing in their praise for the novel, declaring in a 5/5 review that ‘Tregillis not only matched the quality of BITTER SEEDS, but THE COLDEST WAR left it in the dust. Tregillis has obviously grown and developed as a writer, and this brilliant installment in this trilogy proves it.’

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about have an excerpt of THE COLDEST WAR available online. And over on the Orbit site, there’s a fascinating discussion between Ian Tregillis and genre favourite and fellow Orbit author Charlie Stross. Also, fans of the series will be interested in the excellent article about “The Origin of the Götterelektron“.

Happy Publication Day… The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

Today Peter V. Brett’s highly anticipated third novel, THE DAYLIGHT WAR (Voyager), finally hits bookstores. It is this latest installment in Brett’s incredibly popular and internationally best-selling Demon Cycle fantasy series, he continues the epic tale of humanity’s last stand against an army of demons that rise each night to prey on mankind. A dead cert to please fans of the series, here are what early reviews have had to say about THE DAYLIGHT WAR:

DWCoverFixed on Fantasy‘Brett’s prose and flow remains virtually flawless, providing for a smooth read… The world that Brett has created is rich with detail and innovation and I am itching with anticipation to find out how humans will fare against their enemies from the core!’

Speculative Book Review has described THE DAYLIGHT WAR as ‘the best in the series so far… The Demon Cycle is building up to something even bigger and I for one am holding my breath to see where Brett takes us next in the forthcoming novel… Highly Recommended.’

Jet Black Ink has been blown away by the novel, and was particularly effusive with praise: ‘After the phenomenal success of both THE WARDED MAN and THE DESERT SPEAR, I was tentative about THE DAYLIGHT WAR; surely it couldn’t get much better? Well, I was wrong… The supporting cast come to life like never before in this installment… With the introduction of new characters to further flesh out Brett’s already strong world, the foundations of the series grow even stronger and the world crystallizes on a whole new level, becoming all the more real… In the end, this is probably the best of the whole series. This will be a strong contender for one of the best books of the year, even this early on. Utterly gripping and brilliant.’

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore’s Patrick had this to say: ‘In the world of The Demon Cycle, humankind use wards to keep the demons at bay. In our world, Brett weaves words to bring that world and the characters within it to life. And live they most certainly do. I just love this series and will suffer along with the rest of you until Brett delivers books four and five of the Cycle. Honest word.’

Meanwhile, the Arched Doorway gushed: ‘I can say with complete confidence that Brett has outdone himself… With his breath-taking descriptions, epic battle scenes…, the powers that shape the world, and of course, keeping with the theme of the series, Brett tells yet another amazing coming of age story, this time of Jardir’s wife, Inevera. THE DAYLIGHT WAR… is a fast-paced, action-packed and exhilaratingly detailed novel that will leave readers breathless and in eager anticipation for more.’

Writing for Chapters/Indigo in Canada, Jessica wrote, ‘The ending is shocking, with a sudden cliffhanger that will have your cursing the fact that the next book isn’t out yet. If you’ve liked Brett’s previous books, this is a superb follow-up. If you haven’t read Peter Brett and like well written fantasy, I urge you to give him a try.’

SFX has also recently posted this short interview with Peat and be sure to check out’s excerpt from the book.

But wait! There’s more: Peter V Brett will be in the UK at the end of February! Here is the schedule:

25/2: Peter will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Manchester, at 7:00pm. (Tickets for the event are £3.)

26/2: Peter will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Nottingham, at noon.

26/2: Peter will be signing & talking about his books at Forbidden Planet Megastore, on Shaftesbury Avenue at 6:00pm. (More information can be found here.)

27/2: Peter will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Milton Keynes, at noon.

27/2: Peter will be signing & talking about his books at Waterstone’s in Birmingham, at 7:30pm. (Book tickets here.)

28/2: Peter will be signing & talking about his books at Topping & Company in Bath, at 7:30pm.

1/3: Peter will be attending the SciFi Weekender

Do scroll down (or if you’re feeling lazy, just click this link) to check read the cover copy for THE DAYLIGHT WAY and also check out the very cool book trailer created by HarperCollins Voyager.

Zeno Agency represents Peter V. Brett in the UK and British Commonwealth on behalf of our colleagues at the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.


New Deal For Tim Powers…

We’re delighted to announce that Ravi Mirchandani, Editor-in-Chief at Atlantic Books has acquired UK / British Commonwealth rights to a new Tim Powers novel, currently entiteld DEPTH OF FIELD. Details are scant on the novel itself, but the word is that it will be a contemporary Californian tale and will, as the title suggest, focus on the movie industry in some way. Likewise, a publication date is yet to be finalised, but it is likely the novel won’t appear before the end of 2015. Definitely something to look forward to then!


corvus powers2

Atlantic’s Corvus imprint has now published five Powers titles, beginning with supernatural spy story and World Fantasy award winner DECLARE. They followed this with  Powers’ famous pirate novel ON STRANGER TIDES, now forever linked with the Disney Juggernaut that is the Pirates of the Carribean franchise, and towards the end of last year, they published author’s most recent novel, HIDE ME A MONG THE GRAVES, a historical fantasy about the Rosettis and also it’s precursor, THE STRESS OF HER REGARD, a take on the Romantic poets and their vampyrric muse. Most recently Corvus released his 2006 novel THREE DAYS TO NEVER, previously unpublished in the UK.

corvus powers3

 Look out for the paperback edition of Powers’s HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES later this year. The Independent, which describes Powers as ‘one of dark fantasy’s major eccentrics‘, opines that the author has ‘not mellowed or grown more ordinary with age‘ and goes on to describe HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES as ‘one of his best books‘. Furthermore, the review praises Corvus’s decision to publish him. The paper recommends the novel on the basis of its ingenuity and conceptual wit, describing Powers as ‘an intelligent, emotionally complex writer with a taste for elegantly conceived nightmare.’ Meanwhile, SFX described the novel as ‘Dickens as directed by David Lynch… clever…fun… and rewarding.’

BoingBoing big-wig Cory Doctorow was mightily impressed with Powers’s approach to the supernatural – ‘Powers’s treatment of superstition works so well, I think, because he deals with it without apology. There’s never a sense that superstition is just a kind of alternate physics, with its own rules that are different from the ones we’re accustomed to. The supernatural world of Tim Powers has an internal logic, but it’s the logic of dreams and the id, not the logic of the scientific method. Powers’s work engages with something prerational that is buried deep, deep in our brains, and that won’t be bullied into submission by mere reason.‘ And to celebrate the re-issue, the Book Smugglers ran a fascinating and insightful interview with Powers.

LOAWHOIn other related news, over on the Library of America website Tim Powers has written a wonderful appreciation of the late Algis Budrys’s classic novel WHO? Zeno is delighted to handle the Budrys estate and is proud to have made a large number of his works available in ebook via the Gollancz SF Gateway programme. His famous 1960 novel ROGUE MOON is also available in print in the SF Masterworks.  We were delighted to be approached by the Library of America on behalf of editor Gary K. Wolfe, who wished to include WHO? in his AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION FIVE CLASSIC NOVELS 1956-1956 collected box set – which is a gorgeous production worth of the works contained therein.

Of WHO?, Powers writes ‘…in the context of a science fictional future world, Budrys presents a picture of Cold War politics and espionage that is surprisingly insightful for an American writer of the time – but in many ways Budrys was never precisely an American writer. He was born in East Prussia, and his father – on whom he based the Soviet Colonel Anastas Azarin in WHO? – was a Lithuanian diplomat. It’s an affectionate portrait. Budrys has said, ‘A lot of my life when I was a small child was spent in cars, or trains, talking to strangers, speaking a variety of languages, never settling down anywhere…‘ The full piece is available online here.

Rothko’s Red Reading…

Sue Hubbard will be reading from her recent short story collection Rothko’s Red on March 10th. The event takes place in the hospitality suite of the Hackney Empire and begins at 7.00pm. Entry is £5.00. The event is organised by “Fiction Writers in the Visual Arts”, you can get further details by calling 07967 161 291.

Here’s what The New Statesman had to say about Sue’s collection, published last October by Salt

rothkos-red-thumbEach story in this, Hubbard’s first collection of short fiction is nominally centred around art. But what truly links the pieces herein is the themes of longing, loss and melancholy, and a sense that not even an intimate knowledge of the beautiful and the sublime can protect one from the daily tragedies of life.

While several of Hubbard’s protagonists ultimately find redemption, it is always at a cost to themselves; the academic who gets away with cheating on his wife, but not without being fleeced by his mistress; the widow who realises that she is content alone, but only after a disappointing sexual encounter with a man she meets on the internet; the middle-aged divorcee who has an affair with an immigrant you enough to be her son and who she regards with distant amusement.

With Hubbard’s background in art criticism and poetry, it is not surprising that her writing is painterly and vivid. She lingers on colours and textures, edges and scents: Mummy grew tomatoes, red gems, that what she called them… I remember that special smell when she watered them in the early evening after a day of sun.”

The collection is quiet, almost to the point of defiance, but in its understated, delicate descriptions of the mundane, Rothko’s Red has an acute power.

McDonald’s Cyberabad Days on Boing Boing…

Boing Boing – one of the finest, most popular and in my opinion, influential Internet sites around today posted a feature by Cory Doctorow on Ian McDonald and his recently published collection Cyberabad Days

Ian McDonald is one of science fiction’s finest working writers, and his latest short story collection Cyberabad Days, is the kind of book that showcases exactly what science fiction is for.

Read the full article here.

Cobley’s Seeds of Earth a four star novel!

The new issue of the very shiny Sci-Fi Now (no#25 – available via subscription here at at your local W H Smiths!) carries a fabulous review of Mike Cobley‘s equally shiny new Space Opera SEEDS OF EARTH, published by Orbit.

In this first installment of the Humanity’s Fire saga, Michael Cobley has really nailed his colours to the mast. The story is huge, complex and moves between its varied cast with assured purpose…a tightly plotted, action packed epic that leaves you wanting more.